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What is Relaxation

Updated on February 22, 2018
This is a relaxing place wouldn't you say?
This is a relaxing place wouldn't you say?

Relaxation what is it?

When people think of relaxation what do they think of? Do they think of how limitless relaxation can be, or do they think of the different things relaxation can entail? Some people think relaxation is sitting in front of the t.v. on the couch just aimlessly staring off into space. Do you think of going to get a massage or just reading a book somewhere, or even playing video games? What is the meaning of the word relaxation and why do we need to relax? Those are the questions. The meaning of the word relaxation is the state of being free from tension and anxiety. When you read the definition it is clearly stated what some types of relaxation are.

Relaxation is something that everyone looks forward too. Especially if they have busy lives, even just sitting in a moving car can be relaxing to some people. It depends on the person, though, everyone views relaxation differently. Some people might think that sitting in silence is relaxing or watching a movie, or even reading a book. Other might find, some sort of work relaxing, it just depends on who you ask, about relaxation. Guys and girls might have different views on what relaxation is to them, but so does every person, because nobody is the same as someone else. So nobody relaxes the same as someone else.

For example, I don’t relax the same way my siblings would, or the same way my parents would. Some things that they might find relaxing I find annoying and too stressful. But that doesn’t mean it’s annoying and too stressful for them. Relaxation is different for everyone, for example, I love to read and listen to music to relax, but my sister might love to watch television to relax. Some people need to do things in order to relax like getting a massage or go get a pedicure and manicure. Some people even find getting their hair done relaxing. As I mentioned before it depends on the person and what they view as relaxation.

Relaxation is key to keep, people calm and collective. If you don’t relax at some point in your life, don’t you find that you are less calm and collective when it comes to doing things or even talking to people? I know that that is how it goes for me. Some people might even find playing games relaxing, but that depends on the person. Some people might argue that their version of relaxation is better than someone else’s, but do they realize that everyone is different? Everyone’s version of relaxation is different because nobody is the same. Sitting on the couch watching television can be relaxing for one person but not for another. Which means relaxation is different depending on the person, which is good because that means people are unique which is the way things should be.

What do you think relaxation means? I think that relaxation means, sitting in a quiet room, reading a book or watching television. Sometimes even listening to music and doing nothing else but listening to music is relaxing. But if you ask someone else, they might not think any of what I think is relaxing is relaxing at all, they might think of it as time-consuming and boring. So don’t try to compare your relaxation to someone else because if you do, you are probably going to be disappointed. Not that, people don’t relax just that people don’t relax in the way that you expect them too, which is normal because nobody is the same as someone else. For example, the way I relax as I mentioned above, might not be the way someone else, relaxes. Since everyone’s version of relaxation is different what do you find relaxing?

For example, if you work in construction you probably find some type of work relaxing, and tranquil? Since construction is so busy trying to slow down and stop when you are not doing construction is hard. Stopping and relaxing is not something you do, you just devote your energy to something less strenuous like gardening. Some chores are relaxing you just need to figure out what chores are relaxing to you and do that when you need to relax. everyone has their own versions of relaxing that work for them and that is great.

This is a perfect thing to do when relaxing
This is a perfect thing to do when relaxing

Relaxation can be Limitless

Relaxation can be something limitless depending on the person that you talk to since everyone finds different things relaxing for them. It can be hours of quiet, it can be hours of fun with people around. Whatever is relaxation to you, can be limitless depending on a number of hours you spend doing it. For example, reading a book, watching television sitting outside listening to the birds, sitting by the pool if you have one. Those types of things can be relaxing.

What do you think of when you hear the words relaxation? Do think of things that are quiet, or loud? For me when I think of the words relaxation I think of something quite like reading a book or just sitting outside listening to the bird's chirp. If I had a pool I would think sitting out by the pool was relaxing, too I do have a swingset though and think that is quite relaxing because the backward and forward motion is a great way to calm nerves if you are stressed.

Relaxation is limitlessly letting your mind clear of all the thoughts you are having that you can't organize. Those are the thoughts that I call limitless thoughts because they just keep going and going and you can't figure out where their destination is. Which is why relaxation is something that you can do limitlessly to clear your mind so that your thoughts organize the way they are supposed to. Relaxation is limitlessly thinking about nothing and just feeling comfortable and at peace with everything going on around you.

Take time to pause in your life
Take time to pause in your life

Relaxation Stop and take a break

Relaxation is all about not thinking and just taking a break from your everyday life. It's all about stopping the limitless busyness that goes on in our lives and just taking it slow for awhile. That is what relaxation is and that is why when people relax they either take a nap or just sit down and do nothing they don't keep going.

How do you relax? Let's discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Mark that is a great way to relax I do that too sometimes

    • profile image

      MarkHammel 2 years ago

      Hey Louise,

      Nice hub got me thinking what my favourite way of relaxing is .

      I think what relaxes me the most is drinking tea and listening to soothing music.

      This is my favourite one to calm down

    • profile image

      Juneaukid 3 years ago

      Very thoughtfully written. Keep on writing about things that are important to you.