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"What" is the Meaning of Just

Updated on February 25, 2019

Tanikka Paulk Writer

To be Just or to be Found Just

Just consist of goodness "good." The character iof a just person is a fair, insightful, patient person. Just is to be good and to demonstrate that good is "real." Some are unaware of the true meaning of just to demonstrate "greatness." Reading scriptures persons are able to see what God has said about just. There's the revealing of what God has called one God has called His Daughter. Each person has some good but to be just one has or have demonstrated the "reasons " to be called just that. Good people are around somewhere but it seems as though trying to find where the good ones are isn't easy at all. I've "observed" the behaviors and so many haven't demonstrated justly characteristics. "Just is currently here and has proven to be just although some try to prove otherwise.' By: Tanikka Paulk

Tanikka Paulk Photo Image


Just is Attacked but Knows how to Defend

To fight peacefully is certainly "a gift." Some individuals should consider their actions coming up against "chosen" could cost what persons are unwilling to want to pay. I've faced many challenges and learned what ways are most effective so that I'm "able" to rise higher. A closer look at the definition of just. According to Bing many definitions of just are revealed one of the stronger definitions include righteous. "To be righteous is to be holy, good, filled with goodness." by: Tanikka Paulk. Here's the link to observe what is the meaning of just.

The Ability to Solve Problems and Become Victorious

Problem solving is surrounded within communities, neighborhoods, and society. To solve one problem at a time will help decrease stress. Some problems are more difficult to solve while others are easier to solve. Sometimes resting will allow a problem to be solved efficiently. Just will want to solve problems so that there's more effectiveness. Problems are what People will have to face. Although individuals don't want to solve numerous problems at one time sometimes we'll have to solve the problems so that further "developments" and movements occur. "Solving is apart of math equations which are used and apart of living. Solved, solving, projecting." (Tanikka Paulk)

Patiently to Achieve What is Said to be

What is to be what is to be said already has been revealed. The understanding and the traveling to finalization. A just attitude allows oneself to actively pursue faithfully the goals, the agendas, the purposed designs. No matter what's perceived the truth will be supplied somewhere in someway. So many haven't accepted the what is so therefore they're having difficulties "arriving" to where they're suppose to arrive to. God already accepted what is just, good, and what is considered to be righteous. "There's the calling of such and although some are unable to accept the righteousness proceeds to make, made, making." (Tanikka Paulk)



Continued to Proceed Where Transforming is Needed

Transform is a good thing. To become renewed the best thing is to renew the mind. To generate a cleansing. To remove what needs removing and to inset what needs to be inserted. Continuous movements are to be and it's very important that movement occurs. Some are unwilling to accept "movements" they're not apart of. Transforming involves just behavior. "To demonstrate a brighter attitude to incur proficiency. To reach heights and arrive from one area to another." By: Tanikka Paulk Goal setting is involved within the realm of a righteous person. What it is and what it shall be.

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