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What is the Intercollegiate Studies Institute?

Updated on September 13, 2012

I discovered this institute through an organization called the CIRCE Institute. In conjunction with this organization this organization strives to educate college students to discover, embrace, and advance the principles and virtues that make America free and prosperous. The efforts of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute is one which should receive more recognition by the general public especially those that believe in limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility. These principles are the

The principle of limited government in the eyes of this organization is “The rightful functions

of government are to guarantee individual liberty, private property, internal order, the provision of national defense, and the administration of justice. When the state exceeds this proper role, it accumulates power and becomes a threat to personal liberty”

The principle of limited government and the fact that this organization is educating college students about it is an important function/activity which needs to be given more exposure not only for college students but the public in general. While limited government is one of the three principles of this organization this topic is a hot one this election year. The focus on the ever increasing size of the government along with the tea party activities has made this principle to be news.

Another principle of this organization which is important is that of individual liberty. The position of this organization sees this to be the rights of individuals to life, liberty, property and freedom from the restrictions of arbitrary force. It feels these rights are exercised through the use of natural free will. The increase of regulations and the involvement of government in our daily lives involving making some decisions for us impact the principle of individual liberty. Granted there are some areas where government does have the right and responsibility for our protection and the security of the country.

The basis for this principle in some respects can be seen in the rights we have been granted in the Constitution through the Bill of Rights. We have certain rights engrained in the Constitution and many of them have been under attack sometimes by organizations, sometimes by individuals and in some cases through government decisions. The decisions we make in the coming election not only for President but also for who we send to Congress may or will impact the individual liberty we have come to expect.

The final principle involves personal responsibility. We as individuals should be held responsible for the actions and decisions we make and to some extent this takes place in our judicial system. Personal responsibility as stated by this organization “is central to the idea of a free society and to the concept of self-government.” It goes on to say “because each individual is morally responsible for his acts, citizens in a free society have an obligation to educate themselves to further the common good through the political process: this is the proper and necessary function of self-government.”

The efforts of this organization are expanding through what they call a Leadership for America’s Future Campaign. Under this effort the following statement is identified:

“Freedom can perish. Chodorov and Buckley founded ISI with this realization in mind. Today, the threats to liberty are growing. Worse, America’s colleges and universities are failing in their responsibility to transmit America’s principles to the next generation of leaders. Responding to these dangers, in the fall of 2011 ISI launched the Leadership for America’s Future Campaign, the most focused effort in the Institutes’ long history. With this three-year campaign, ISI is not only expanding its reach and impact on campuses across the country; it is also achieving critical mass at 150 carefully selected target colleges through a multifaceted, community-building approach”..

The existence of this organization and possibly others like it that focuses on the future of America through the principles and ideas which it promotes increases the confidence for our future. Efforts by these kinds of organizations must or should receive the exposure they deserve which is part of the reason for this article. Again the decisions we make this election year across the country for all levels of government will greatly impact the principles which have been presented. We must decide what kind of country we want in the future and whether the path we are currently on is the path we want. There are good individuals in both political parties who care about our country let us give them the support they need to make the necessary decisions and changes in the way the government operates. It is up to us.



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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago

      Shivendra Tiwari

      Thanks for the complement and for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the hub.

    • Shivendra Tiwari profile image

      Shivendra Tiwari 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      informative hub and quite excellently written.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 4 years ago from Chicago

      Great article! I enjoyed it throughly, my friend. Back when I had money, I supported this august organization. David Horowitz, a converted pinko, is involved in it, isn't he?

      Anyway, thanks for a good read. Well done!


    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 5 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by and providing your comments. I also agree that it contradicts some of the liberal professors philosophy.

    • William Young profile image

      William Young 5 years ago from Eaglle Grove, Iowa

      Excellent Hub! It's good to know that there is a institution out there that actually is teaching college students about the value of the great principles of America. This really stands in stark contrast to what a lot of young people are being told by liberal professors at so many schools around the country.