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What is the difference between knowledge and conscience?

Updated on October 4, 2012

knowledge and wisdom

Conscience is the wisdom of doing well and avoids bad. It is the way by which person know what is right and what is wrong? Conscience comes from inside.

Knowledge is the only collection of information which come from outside. It has nothing like living but it is dead. It depends on memory. On the other hand conscience depends on inner wisdom. Inner wisdom is alive not dead because it depends on understanding of person not on memory.

Person knows everything but he is not happy. If you are not living joyfully, what will be the importance of knowledge that you have gained. I agree, knowledge is the main play of world by which game is playing by members of world and nature by which events are happening and you can know about them.

But conscience is the base of universe. It guides us how to live happily and doing good things and how to protect nature from disgusting things. It is the base of understanding how to live happily with no burden on mind. If you have no burden, you will be happy person of world.

In Vedanta, conscience is called Brahma. If you have conscience, it will be considered that you have everything which gives you a happy life. It is the top secret of universe.

It is necessary thing, you should know about yourself. Who are you? It will be the first question. Your answer might be you are human being which is a part of world with many other species. But you are not that only. You are human, I admit, but you are above all other species. Have you noted this? You can do many things which other species cannot do. So you are precious being of this universe.You are a conscience man or man of wisdom.

If you have no wisdom, your knowledge is dead. If you have wisdom, even a small piece of wisdom will help you and make your life beautiful and becomes a big tool for your success. Wisdom gives you freedom and knowledge may bind you to some limits of living style. With wisdom you can enjoy your life because wisdom will guide you what to do and how to do. It will guide you in your relationships. Also guide you to understand people which may be harmful and helps to keep friendship with good people which can helps you in life. It is all about if you have wisdom that is called conscience.

Conscience or wisdom:

· Gives you peace of mind

· Keep relationships good

· Help to know people

· Keep you free from worries

· Helps you to know wrong and right


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    • profile image

      prakash [16] 4 years ago

      thanks dear for this secret

    • jagdev99153 profile image

      Dr. Jagdev Singh 5 years ago from Rupnagar

      thanks dear.

    • profile image

      ram sharma 5 years ago

      Good difference between these.