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What of Chance

Updated on January 14, 2015

It seems one never considers its essence nor the challenge of what attempting to define it would mean. However, it represents and aura worthy to discussion whether brief or extensive because it’s meaning essentially denotes interesting phenomena.

“I don’t want to take a chance on it.”

“That was really taking a chance.”

Such declarations incline toward understanding its nature reminding its essence horizons a type of power that results unpredictable possibilities and defining it simply means that which has potential to result in uncertain outcomes. The nature of it cancels predeterminations and its power resides in a destiny waiting to avail itself when situations are left up to it. It principally wields a power that exists somewhere in the realm of possibilities never to be expected. Its unknown potential imbeds in surprising outcomes but it essentially only means something results from a non-decision.

Notably, The nature of itT Notablythere is no possibility one can affect the coincidental nature of its unpredictability, and its inevitable power is decided by no one. When leaving things up to chance, one’s best hope resides in having a primed spirit that handles anything, because anything can result when left up to chance. Quite inversely, it requires what is contradictory to what is possible, pre-thinking and post-thinking before and after any action pending its outcome.

The problem with chance is it lines up with the unexpected. It has the potential to result successions of inevitable events and consequences, and its probability does not allow opportunity for choice.

Essentially, if we leave things up to chance it is certain chance’s suspenseful power will summon something to happen without our control and we cannot know in advance how we will feel about the outcome it brings. Therefore, there can be no preparation; it is unfortunate that emotions cannot be appropriated in advance to be ready for a chance-happening. It seems somewhat spooky that chance ensues a power that controls that which it fates without regard to ones feelings. It intimates something unscheduled, unpredictable and not guessable. It is well for one to be defining of what can potentially prospect when one leaves things to chance since it may result something pleasing, or it may result a conduit of disasters. The question that hangs on the horizon is should anything at any time be left up to chance? The answer is closer to no.

Conclusively, what is most important to be said of chance is it relates something definite looming on the horizon and it horizons itself for what it means, a fated outcome that would not be happening if not for what it means. It uniquely and enviably results happenings of events without apparent cause. These resulted happenings can confine to unpredictability and can be defined as an accident. What is most compelling is it means something definite is pending and something definitely will be happening. Interestingly, its power can actually ensue as fortuitous punishment or fortunate gain; one never knows until they leave things up to chance.


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