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Parents must do more to help their children prepare for final exams?

Updated on May 11, 2013

All parents enjoy and celebrate the success of their children.They walk tall,when their children perform well in exams. They feel bad when their children fail exams dismally. Fair minded parents should bank in their children's education and should be seen to take an active role in making them ready for exams.Parents and teachers should work hand in glove in this journey of preparing children for their final exams.It is every parent's nightmare to see their children failing dismally in exams.

Parents have a great deal of work to do to compliment teachers effort in preparing children for final exams.The teachers are there to interpret the syllabus and teach the children and the parents are there to reinforce what the teachers had taught the children. Preparing children for exams should be approached in a triangular process - the teacher teaches children and gives them homework and the parents must see to it that their children have done the homework and got the help in doing so.

If parents can take maternity leave during the birth of a child,they should also take leave days from work during their children's exams.This can help them monitor and offer support to their children whilst they prepare for final exams.Taking holiday days from work during exam time can enable parents to monitor the progress of their children and also to check whether their children are not being stressed by preparing for exams.If they are under stress they should support them or seek help from specialists.

Parents of examination candidates should make sure that their children are having adequate sleep.It is their responsibility as parents to see that their children are having a balanced diet. Children should eat health foods.Parents should monitor that their children are not relying on fast foods during the run up to exams.Junk food should be avoided for it can cause stomach aches,sleepiness hence children would fail to concentrate and prepare for exams.

Parents should aim to cook a proper meal for the children studying for exams.Giving children light and frequent meals help to maintain their blood and sugar levels.Encouraging children to drink a lot of water can help them to maintain the hydration level of the body.

Parents should read their children's previous end of term reports as a way of finding strategies of improving their final examination grades.If there are areas of improvement,the parents must give necessary help.If the parents don't have the knowledge of the subject matter,engaging a private tutor can be an option or referring the child to the subject teacher at school.

In some countries education is free but in others it is not.In those countries where examination fees is paid,parents should make sure that it is paid on time so that their children won't be send home to collect it. Quality study time is lost when children are send home to collect examination fees and this always disturb children to prepare for exams.

Parents must have a photocopy of the examination timetable of their children.They should know the venue, date and time of each exam their children are entered for.Children tend to forget the exam dates,time and venue,if they are writing different exams and likewise - they are humans. Exam pressure might make them forget.

Parents must squeeze time to revise with the children. If parents can show their children that they do care about their performances in exams,most children would be motivated by that. What comes into a child's mind is that, If mum and dad are willing to help me,why can't I apply myself to please them? With this intrinsic motivation the child is likely to excel in the exams.

Parents should help children preparing for exams to balance play and study. Play hard,study hard should be the motto for the examination candidates. Parents should always find time to have a good laugh with their children,once in a while this help the children to refresh and when they get back to the study desks their attention span would be remarkable.

Parents and teachers should be in this together,they should work hand in glove to prepare children for final exams. Together parents,teachers and children they can sail through - the scary examination period. With consented effort from parents and teachers children can face the challenge of exams with success.


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