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What to do if you are not selected and do not get a job in College Campus Placement - Jobless after college?

Updated on June 28, 2012

Its a nightmere situation which no one will like to experience. I can understand the pain when you spend 3-4 years of you life and lot of money in getting yourself prepared for the job market and then some how you are not able to get yourself selected in the capus recruitment fair. And when you see your friends who were equally talented and sometimes lesser than you getting the offer letters in campus job fair, it becomes more painful. It may be because that they did slightly better in the recuritment test and inteview or they had bit of extra luck on that particular day. The real problem starts when it happens again and again and you dont have a single job offer after the end of your college. What will you do now? It is lot easy to get a job inside the campus then outside campus because companies come to campus to offer the job while outside, you have to go to companies to get a job.

Job Search
Job Search

So what should you do getting out of college being jobless?

  • Get Back into the college: This option is only suggested when the job market is low and global or local economy is slowing down. In 2008 global slowdown when there were very few jobs in the market and most of the graduate were jobless, some of them decided to go back to the college for higher education to get themselves prepared when the market condition improves. Most experts also advise the be in the college when the economy is going slow and be in the market when the economy is growing. If you try to get a job in the slowdown, not only it will take you long time to get a job but salary will also be very less compared to others. And it might take very long time for you to grow on the salary ladder from there. On the other hand, if you be in the college during that time, there are chances that by the time you will complete the course, economy may pick up and you may get a good offer in college campus recruitment.

  • Join Internship: The above choice of getting into a college back for higher education should be opted when you see economy slowing down for considerable period like a least a year or two. However, if the slowdown is temporary, then its advisable to join some internship program and get some related hands on experience. Lot of companies take advantages of slowdown and gives internship offers insted of offering permanent positions because its cheaper for them. Experts advise that you should take those offers even if salary is less. This will make sure that you get the much needed experience which will definitely help you to find better paying jobs when economy improves. My personal advise is that you take only internships which are related to your field of education even if they are low paying. For example, if you are engineering graduate, it is better that you take some internship related to your field of engineering even if you are getting better pay doing partime in a pizza shop.

  • Keep looking for the jobs in newspaper and job sites: As I have mentioned earlier that finding a job in the college campus is easier because companies comes to you to give job in campus recruitment. Finding a job when you are out of campus is not easy. So how will you find a job? That depend on where the jobs requirement are posted. Companies post the jobs on jobs website, newspaper and and on their company website. Make sure you are registered on all these websites. I am assuming that you have prepared good resume which clearly describes your education, your experience and all those factor which makes you different from others. Apart from this, I am also assuming that you have made lots of friends during your school and college and you are in touch of them. In most of the companies, they try to get a candidate referred from their current employers. This way they have not to pay to external job consultants and also have the guarantee to get a candidate referred from known trustworthy source. So make use of your friends network as there is no shame in asking for a help. If you get selected, they will also get a handsome referral bonus.


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If you don't get a job in campus placement, then you should not loose hope. Some of my friends who couldn't get a campus placement did exactly what I have written above and they are doing very well. Some of them are doing far better than me and I am no joking here. So keep your focus on, keep trying and be motivated. You will not be jobless for long. If you have any specific comments, please mail me at If you want o share your story or example, please use the comment box below so that you can inspire others.


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