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"Yes We Can": The "N" word

Updated on January 27, 2014
Me at the door of no return on Goree Island, Senegal.
Me at the door of no return on Goree Island, Senegal.

The Door of No Return

One of the most sensitive subjects in our American society is slavery. Most are unwilling to talk about it because of the pain that lies within. However, anything that's covered won't heal.

My voyage to Africa a few years back allowed me an opportunity to see the actual areas where slaves were housed. Along with, the chains and guns that were used. The door of no return was the most emotional experience ever simply because it was told that when the slaves walked through that door, they never came back. This is why slavery is still so painful. The pain lies in the affects it had and still have on the people.

President Obama at the door of no return

My picture taken regarding the chains and guns used to move Africans from Africa to America.
My picture taken regarding the chains and guns used to move Africans from Africa to America.

Do you think slavery still exist?

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The horror of the past
The horror of the past


Slavery is one of the worlds oldest entities that has been modernly converted into a mere prison system. The thing about it, in Africa, slavery was more like a prison system. Those who partook in it were individuals who owed a debt, committed a crime, or a war captive. The system of slavery change course when Europeans started using it for capital gain. Greed turned the slave system into a business which resulted in the psychological challenges that African Americans are still facing. The horror of the past crept over into the future through the continued use of the "n" word.

The derivative of the "n" word stemmed from one of the most painful times in our American History; slavery. This word has been used as a way to keep African Americans, Black, or whatever you call yourselves in a painful state. The pain that exist can only continue to be if you allow it.

The cotton field.
The cotton field.

The Pain

The pain that lies behind the 'n' word is the fact that African American people are still being viewed as the help. Americans are taught that "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men were created equal." Our United States Constitution indicates to many that everyone is equal regardless of race, gender, or creed. This is becoming quite questionable when Americans start throwing around the "n" word. This word takes African Americans back to the time when either their ancestors were slaves, or their own personal encounters in the struggle. The struggle is real, and every time someone drops the "n" bomb, that painful past rises up again. It's the click of the button that cause the African American population to revert back to the past sometimes forgetting the future.

What happens when you displeased master.
What happens when you displeased master.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is simple. The past will never be forgotten, however, its not what people say, its what you answer to. Stop answering to the negative attacks of people. As long as, people know that the past is still a problem, whatever it take to keep you in bondage gives power to the wrong people for the wrong cause. African American people have overcame too many obstacles to keep letting something like the "n" word hinder their progression. The best way to overcome this is by understanding that you are more than the "n" word. Take the past and use it to help move you closer to your destiny. The best way to over come this obstacle is to change your mindset. Whenever you hear a negative comment regarding you, your race or culture, just remind yourself of who you are.

Yes We Can

Yes we can overcome the past of the pain. Yes we can stand in the midst of adversity. Yes we can be who you were created to be.Yes we can and will. The 2008 presidential election is not just a come up in politics but a rise in power. African Americans its your time to be the chosen people. The election should remind you of the children of Israel in the bible. Roaming the earth for 40 years in the wilderness awaiting the promise. The best indication of this was after they were freed and received the promised, they were still bond because their mindset never changed. This has kept them from experiencing the full extent of the promise not being able to recognize the change in season. Once a slave, now free. In their mind; once a slave, and still a slave. Change your mindset people.

© 2014 Phelesha Hamilton


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