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72 Hour Trip From Hell, What You Need to Know About Deliriant Drugs

Updated on December 28, 2015

So what are deliriant drugs?

So what exactly are deliriant drugs you may ask? Deliriant drugs are a class of drugs that cause some pretty scary hallucinations, except for the fact that you don't know you are tripping. Yes, that's right, you do not know you are hallucinating.

With LSD and similar drugs, when your hallucinating, you'll think, "woah, i'm totally tripping balls right now" and will see the visuals and know its from the acid, except with deliriants, you will actually believe whatever you are hallucinating is real, it is impossible to distinguish what is a hallucination verses what is real life, and this can be very scary in the wrong environment.

You WILL NOT FIND any other drugs that produce more vivid, more realistic hallucinations than deliriants will.

Here is a report from Erowid from someone with some experience with this:

"Tony ate some [datura] before his family dinner. He was in my friend Dan's basement smoking a bong. When he passed it, the basement and all the other people disappeared and he was sitting at his dining room table, arm outstretched, while his family stared at him. He had to excuse himself from the table to lock himself in his bedroom."

And this is not some crazy freak reaction, this is literally the effects from the drug when you take it, although this particular person did take a reasonably high dose. Oh and for anyone confused Datura is a plant that contains scopolamine, an active ingredient that causes these deliriant effects, and is a very common way people go about getting the high.

Common effects during a trip

Some of the most common themes people experience for these hallucinations include those of both everyday occurrences such as smoking phantom cigarettes, talking to people who are not there, and also insect and sinister based nightmarish experiences, like seeing dark unrecognizable figures standing in the corner of your room or giant spiders crawling all over your house. Oh and did we mention all of this seems 100% real to you?

Deliriants produce some of the most visual and realistic hallucinations out of all the drugs in the world and a large dose can leave you high for 3 days and still feel off for about a whole week including blurred vision, and just an "off" feeling. Some typical visual effects are distortions like vibrating vision, visual drifting, and Pattern recognition suppression.

Deliriants also make some pretty crazy audio hallucinations as well, this effect occurs briefly and spontaneously at moderate dosages but becomes progressively longer in its occurrence and duration proportional to dosage before eventually becoming all encompassing. I personally, having tried this only once, heard my brother walk down the stairs and call my name, only to have me turn around and realize no one was there at all.

Other typically reported behaviors include holding full length conversations with imagined people, finishing a complex, multi-stage action (such as getting dressed or cooking a meal) and then suddenly discovering one had not even done this task at all, and being unable to recognize one's own reflection in a mirror.

People also report feeling gravity to be shifting and changing in intensity, like their body weighs a million pounds. Some degree of confusion is also pretty typical.

Almost everyone who has tried some form of deliriants has ended up not enjoying it and say they wouldn't do it again and described it as "sinister". After the high is gone lots of people also say that they feel their body has been hit by a train and is just completely drained off all energy. Some one also wrote saying the high is "very dysphoric, and basically you feel like shit the whole time".

One person described their trip saying, "I do remember falling. Instead of standing back up, I kept on trying to stand back up...on the wall. I really though/believed that the wall was the floor! To again find myself falling back down again. I think now i was caught in a loop"

If you want to read more stories of people completely lost in their mind, you can check that out HERE.


How deliriants work in the brain

Deliriants work via their antagonist action on acetylcholine receptors. Inhibition of said acetylcholine leads to decreased levels of acetylcholine, causing delirium and intensely realistic hallucinations.

Cannabis and caffeine actually work in the opposite way by inhibiting acetylcholine esterate which will, in result, improved cognition and stimulation in the brain. This means cannabis has an inhibitory effect on deliriants.

There are two main classes for deliriants, Tropane alkaloids and anti-histamines. Tropane alkaloids are plant based, meaning you have to eat a seed or some flower like jimsonweed, to feel the effects while anti-histamines are mainly medicine based, meaning you have to pop some type of pill, Benadryl or Dramamine being a pretty popular choice sense it is extremely common and can be found in just about any drug store like cvs.


Health risks associated with deliriants

Deliriants are not a safe drug by any nature. Hell, I would even say you are better off shooting up heroin than abusing any type of deliriant, now that's not to say trying it once will kill you, but I wouldn't recommend it.

One person who abused this stuff on a regular basis wrote, "I did diphenhydramine [Benadryl] 2 or 3 times a week for about 2 or 3 months. Highest dose was 42 pills, i'm not really sure though. I was never never really the same again after that though. It took at least 6 months to return to normal. For the first month or longer i felt somewhat crazy and slightly retarded. My memory was fucked up for a while too." Don't abuse this stuff!

Another common thing with this class of drugs is that after people take their dose and first start tripping, they will, unknowingly, go and take more, and then more, and then more during those periods where they are just lost in their subconscious in a fugue state episode, all while not remembering any of it. This can, and has, led to people having seizures before from taking too much.

So yeah this stuff is nothing to take lightly. If you do still decide to do this, or if this article has somehow convinced you to try it, I please hope you will be smart enough and have a trip sitter handy to watch you just in case something goes wrong. Also please don't be an idiot and take a massive dose your first time trying it or try to operate a car.

Be safe and best of luck folks.

-Brandon The One

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