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What if

Updated on April 29, 2009

What IF?

> The FREE GIFT of "What If"

This is dedicated to the people who attempt suicide, in an effort to
enable them to see past their present circumstances.

In a hope to help them to be saved and turn their lives around.

This is a story about a young girl who looks out over a beach, looks
out to sea, when she sees in front of her a dead girl, young, pretty, with her whole life ahead of her.
She also thinks; "What a waste"...................................

Overlooking the waves on a beach

hearing the waves crashing on the shore,

oblivious to the person standing beside her,

she looks out over the sea

contemplating what she was about to do.

Suddenly the silence is broken,

as an Angel speaks to the young girl and says,

"Look at that poor dead soul lying on the sand".

A myriad of thoughts now flooded her head.

"Dead soul, What dead soul? Who was she? Why did she die?

Why didn't anybody save her? Who is this person near my side?

Why aren't I in fear of him?"

Slowly he answered as if he was reading her mind.

"He is an Angel and is her friend

He would be with her right until the end".

Sadly he spoke about the girl, who no longer would reside in this world.

"Why did she die?" he asked and then said

"Her troubles were immeasurable,

immeasurable only in her head.

She looked for the bad and not the good

She looked for the sorrow and was misunderstood

While others laughed she looked so glum

and never wanted to get close to anyone.

She put mildness aside and lived the anger and rage

She forgot to love just for love's sake

She wanted to receive more then she wanted to give

Then she wanted to die more than she wanted to live

We always get out of life what we focus on," he said

"We become successful at our focus that's why she now is dead.

She never realised she had so much love that she could give

joy, laughter and happiness, if only she had lived."

"Can't you help her?

Can't you save her life?

Can't you give her a second chance" she asked, pleaded, begged.

"I'm sorry but its not up to me you see."

"Why not?" she demanded in distress.

"Because her fate is in your hands."

She was astounded by his reply

"I,I" said she, "how, when, why?"

"Calm down" he said,"I will explain, and you will see

that you know this girl better then anyone, better then me."

"I never saw her before, how can this be?"

He said "Take a closer look at her face and you will see."

The lightning brightened the night sky

She stared and recoiled in fright.

The young girl she did truly know you see

because that young girl was ME.

All these questions now bombarded her head

as she remained silent. Her Angel then said.

"This my dear child is the result of your melancholy state

I'm sorry for you, because you might have been great,

You might have had powerful songs to sing,

You might have lifted up people as if with wings,

You might have helped downtrodden souls,

You might have shared love so strong to enfold

You might..................."

Then his words stopped in mid stream and he stared through her eyes

to the center of her very soul.

"Cant I do something to give her a chance

Can't I....?" as she gave her a another glance.

"There is but one way only this state can turn around."

"What is it?" she pleaded as her tears they fell down.

"This gift of life depends on two things

Your focus and the proper use of two words."

"Just what are these two words, what are the words?" she cried.

"Slow down and listen inside

The gift I give are the two words WHAT IF."

"WHAT IF! How can that be a gift, how can that save that poor girls life, to make her live and be alive?"

"What have you been focusing on all your life up till now?

Tell me please and I'll show you how?"

But silence filled the air

ashamed, all she could do is stare.

"Could it be you looked for the bad

Could it be you looked for the sad

Could it be you also waited for love

Could it be you waited for help from above

Could it be you sorrowed in vain

Could it be you wanted more then you gave

Could it be instead of mildness you gave back angered rage

Could it be instead of passion......?"

"I'm sorry," she yelled as the tears flooded from her eyes and fell down

"How can I change it for it's all that I know,

These states have been my constant companions since I was small."

The Angel replied;

"Listen to me with your heart not your head

Silently ask WHAT IF..... in your bed.

But one proviso I place on your thoughts today

GOD said search for what is good, not the bad.

So apply this while you think of WHAT IF......"

So slowly I started like a little flame

It got bigger and brighter till a burning fire it became.

"What if I searched for what is good in everyone and everything instead
of the bad

What if I focused on the happy and not the sad

What if I gave people a hand up instead of a hand out

What if I gave compliments instead of doubt

What if I praised people for the good they could do

What if I became better instead of bitter too

What if I used mildness instead of anger and rage

What if instead of I can't, I say I can

What if I laugh with people instead of laughing at them

What if I love without expecting love in return

What if I give more then I receive

What if....,What if.....,What if......?"

The poor girl to my surprise opened her eyes and said

"Thank you for what if"

I turned to my angel as he walked away

He smiled and said "What will you do with your gift from today?"

"I'll share it generously with all I meet

Because these two words create a monumental feat

So to my angel my heartfelt thanks do belong

And the gift WHAT IF I promise to live and to pass on.

So my friend I too give you now a great gift

I give you the wonderful words


Joseph Ripolles

Joseph Ripolles
Joseph Ripolles


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