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What's New About the New World Order?

Updated on March 8, 2017

What's Growing On?

How could we miss what has been going on lately? There have been many changes and some of the changes have been in the fields. GMO's are all the rage. GMO's are not good for anyone so why are they doing it? They are banned in several countries because we don't know what will happen to humans as the result of eating GMO foods. No labeling means that the public doesn't know what foods are GMO foods. This should be an outrage. Why aren't the people that have the influence to change this doing anything about it? Something fishy is going on here. Food grown in the fields aren't the only foods to become GMO foods. Fish have been given the privilege to become larger and hungrier than other normal size fish. The health of the nation has been compromised and all in the name of money. Who benefits from this practice that should be illegal? Doctors and drug companies and that's probably not all. If we just look around there are things that Americans should be aware of.

What can we do about it? Find out what foods are Monsanto (GMO company) grown foods. There are some things listed on the Seminis website of the foods and their names that have been genetically altered. Seminis has been bought by Monsanto. Corn, soybeans, cotton and sugar beets are among some of the foods. Educate yourself on the foods that have been sold in garden centers and the seeds for planting your backyard garden. There are some good places that sell seeds but be careful, not all seeds have been created equally. Not if they have been altered by Monsanto anyway.

Pick Those Tomatoes Carefully

When searching for GMO's there are some to avoid. Tomatoes are only one of the foods that we must know about. Not all varieties are GMO however. Buying heirloom, organic and Non-GMO seeds from Rare Seeds (Baker Creek) is just one way to avoid Monsanto. There are other seed companies that are decent to buy from online. However, I try to stay away from the seeds that have the same names as the ones that Monsanto sells. Here is a list: There are more foods on this website that you can check.

Spraying the Skies

Another thing that has been happening is the use of chemicals dispensed from planes to litter the sky with chemtrails. This has been happening for a long time now and we don't notice too many things in the sky until something big happens like meteor showers for example. There are many chemicals and radioactive materials dispensed from planes. This promotes asthma and other health issues. The materials from planes fall from the sky into our ground contaminating the soil, water and everything it comes into contact with. The only way we can prove this is to watch the sky. If you live in a city then you will most definitely see them. The sky can quickly become polluted. We can also do a soil test. You may be wondering about the soil if a person wants to plant a garden. Gardening is still a basic necessity. No matter if they are polluting our air, soil and water. It will not get any better. At least we can avoid the chemical sprays that commercial growers repeatedly apply to our foods.

What Chemicals?

Some people think this is just a theory. Something unproven. Just look into the sky on several occasions to see the spray lines in the sky. They linger and spread out against the blue sky. Many people think they are contrails but the difference is that these don't dissipate quickly, they just hang in the sky until the wind takes them away. In fact they look like normal clouds however, they are in an unusual pattern in the sky alluding to the fact that they can't be normal clouds. These lines are sometimes in a grid pattern and cross each other which is definitely unnatural.

Smart Technology

Smart technology has been running rampant through many areas of our lives. From Smart Meters, Smart phones, Smart appliances etc. we have been inundated with supposedly better products. Are these products better or do they just open another area of concern? Some people think they are harmless and some think they are very harmful. From the added wi-fi that most smart technology products have to the utility companies that can shut them off in an instant. No longer needing to send anyone to your home to shut off the electricity for example. So what do you think? Are we heading for disaster or are we making progress?

Smart Technology Poll

Is Smart technology good for our future?

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In My Opinion

In reality the technology that we are beginning to get used to is taking over our lives. We are depending upon these products to give us the entertainment that we want on demand. We have begun to see a nation that is selfish and demanding. Our kids don't know anything else. This is spiraling us downward. Netflix has cheaper movies so someone can stay at home and watch whatever they want to on their phone or TV set or computer. Cell phones which have taken over traditional phones, I thought I would never see that happen, continue to gain more and more capabilities. Then cell phone companies started to offer more features on their phones and here we and pa Bell losing business. Also email vs.traditional mail. We still need traditional mail however.

In a world where we don't have to even get up and turn on the TV anymore we should ask ourselves if this is really worth it? No exercise equals more disease. In my opinion, it's not worth the risks. Many of the new products on the market today say they are Smart. What makes them smarter than other products? Their functionality. Are we asking too much from a device that runs on a battery? They also have the ability to track the user while the device is on. Cell phones can be tracked by each cell tower that your phone is running off of. When you turn your phone on you are being tracked and when you turn your phone off, they even keep track of when your phone was turned off and how many times it was turned on and off. Is it Smart to trust them? You decide. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, I also have a cell phone. The price for the service has become much better for certain carriers and that is also a contributing factor. If you don't use a phone much go with a pre-paid phone. They are more economical. Smart Technology is gaining on us but cell phone carriers usually carry Smart phones and basic phones. I am trying to make the transition from a Smart phone to a basic phone. To sum up things up for you, what I am trying to say is that we need to know what is going on out there. Just educate yourself and live your life. Have fun but be somewhat cautious. Not too cautious. There is only so much we can do. The purpose of this article is to get people to know a little about what is going on out there so that they can make an informed decision about the products that they are using and when growing a garden to stay with the natural choices for seeds. It is very important to stay with the proven traditional ways. The Heavenly Father made everything perfect. Why are we trying to improve on what he has provided?

So what does all of this have in common with the NWO? The people and companies that are behind it all. I don't like the term NWO, but in reality that is what is happening today.


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