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What's a Thot? And Other Trending Words and Expressions that You Might not Understand

Updated on October 26, 2016

What this Hub Covers

  • THOT
  • Do it for the Vine. I Ain’t Gon’ Do It.
  • Turnt up
  • Don't come for me
  • Going ham
  • Some abbreviations: such as lls, iso, imo and others
  • Thirsty!

Trending Expressions of the Time

When you hear someone use a trending expression, don't be the only one in the crowd who doesn't know what that word or expression means. If you have ever heard of popular words, expressions, or abbreviations that you had no idea what they meant or where they originated from, be in the dark no more. Keep yourself current so that you can avoid using outdated slang language such as bling-bling or gwap.

What a thot might look like from behind

Woman standing on the side of the street who might be considered a thot
Woman standing on the side of the street who might be considered a thot | Source

What's a Thot?

A very popular word right now (2014) is the word thot. (pronunciation: rhymes with hot and not). A thot is another way to express the word "ho," be it a male or female. Here's how you might hear it used in a sentence: "I don't understand why a woman would come to church dressed like a thot." But men can be considered thots too. Thot stands for That Ho Over There.

Thot pages are popping up all over Facebook in every city and town. It is a page of the faces of both men and women who are considered the biggest thots in their town.

Do it for the vine. I ain't gone do it.
Do it for the vine. I ain't gone do it. | Source

The Original "Do it for the vine" Video

Do it for the Vine. I Ain't Gon' Do It.

First off, what is the Vine? The Vine is a video website, very similar to YouTube or World Star. People create an account and are able to upload various videos. Some of the videos uploaded show people doing absolutely crazy and daring things. For this reason, “Do it for the vine” is an expression that was created to urge someone to do something that they usually wouldn’t do.

Someone decided to put a little twist on the Vine. Here’s how it goes. Someone is recording you and they tell you to “Do it for the vine” to which you respond “I ain’t gon’ do it.” They say again, “Do it for the vine.” And again, you say, “I ain’t gon' do it.” After the third time of them saying, “Do it for the vine.” You say, “I ain’t gon’ do it,” but you’re supposed to begin doing a funny dance or whatever. See the clips of Elmo “doing it for the Vine” and a little girl in dance attire about to“do it for the vine.” You can also go on Youtube and watch compilations of the best uploaded "do it for the Vine" videos.

Don't Come for Me

You might have heard someone say this and felt clueless about what it meant. "Don't come for me" is becoming a widely used expression in everyday conversations. It is used as a defensive response to someone's qualm directed at you. It means, "Don't judge me" or "Don't say anything negative about me." Sometimes, this expression is used with a sense of mutual humor from both parties, and other times, it can be used in an oh-so-serious manner, all jokes aside. Here's an example of "don't come for me" being used in an everyday conversation:

Girl 1: So what do you think about my hair?

Girl 2: I thought you were getting it done professionally.

Girl 1: I did get it done professionally.

Girl 2: (a pause) Oh.

Girl 1: Don't come for me. I know my hair is cute.

Girl 2: I guess.

Getting turnt up

Some people indulge in alcoholic beverages when they want to get turnt up
Some people indulge in alcoholic beverages when they want to get turnt up | Source

Turnt Up

This is a new expression that follows along the same lines of “getting crunked.” It means that you are about to go somewhere and have a freaking awesome time, and because often people use alcoholic beverages to make the time more enjoyable, hence the reference to "turning up" your cup, glass or bottle. Here's an example of the phrase being used in a sentence: "We're going to a party tonight and we're gonna get turnt up!"

Going Ham

"Going ham" is another very commonly used expression. A few days ago, I heard a guest use this expression on the show, Divorce Court, and Judge Lynn Toler was completely confused by the phrase. "Going ham" is an action-phrase. It falls in the same category as "going crazy," "going postal," and "acting a fool." Basically, when a person goes ham on someone, they totally flip out on the individual and take it from level 1 to level 100.

If a woman comes home to find her best friend in bed with her boyfriend, she is probably going to "go ham" on both of them. Why is it going ham and not going turkey or going pork chops? The world may never know.

Going ham on someone
Going ham on someone | Source
what it means to be thirsty
what it means to be thirsty | Source

These Girls Thirsty

Another expression that you might hear is one that deals with an individual(s) who is thirsty. They are not talking about being thirsty for something to drink. Instead, they are talking about someone who is craving the attention/affection of someone else. Thirsty is a derogatory term, so you do not want to be considered thirsty. Men or women who are craving the attention/affection of someone else can be called thirsty. Here's an example of how this phrase might be used in a sentence:

1) A girl just posted a very provocative picture on Facebook. She has over a thousand likes and hundreds of comments from men complimenting her or leaving their number for her to call. Those dudes are thirsty!

2) Look at all these half-dressed thots in the club. Them girls are thirsty!

Do you ever use any of these slang terms?

Which words/expressions from this hub do you use the most?

See results

Some Abbreviations

While on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or numerous other websites or social networking sites, you may have seen abbreviations that you hadn't the slightest idea what they meant. Here's a short list of some of the most common abbreviations:

lls--you remember lol? Well lls is a variation of lol, but it means "laughing like sh**"

imo--sometimes before writing one's thought, s/he might begin it with "in my opinion"

ijs--after putting someone's opinion, s/he might follow it up with "I'm just saying."

tbh--this is how someone abbreviated "to be honest"

iso--on Craigslist, you might find someone "in search of" a specific item

obo--again, on Craigslist, u might have some write a price followed by "or best offer"

oan--if someone wants to switch subjects, they'll shorten "on another note."

otw--if someone is supposed to meet up with you somewhere, they might shoot you a message to let you know that they are "on the way."

btw--this could be considered a p.s. message to let you know something extra "by the way"

hmu-- if you want someone to call or text you, you might send them a message asking them to "hit me up."

For more abbreviation explanations, check out the Internet Slang web page.

Throwback words and phrases
Throwback words and phrases | Source

Words that are Played Out

Help me build a list of words/phrases that are played out now. Leave your phrase or words below in the comments section and I will add it to this list:



-you just got bought

-in yo face!

- (you fill in the blank)

-(you fill in the blank)

-(you fill in the blank)


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for coiitnburtng.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great article but it didn't have evh-iteyngrI didn't find the kitchen sink!

    • jessicabsmith profile imageAUTHOR

      Jessica B Smith 

      6 years ago from Sanford, NC

      Thanks for commenting. I never knew that each letter in ham had a meaning. I learned something new today. Thanks!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ham is short for "hard as a mother******." Just an fyi


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