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What's the Purpose of Life?

Updated on August 1, 2017

Something that's scary

People can sometimes feel really upset and even go into depression when they think about their lives, because after all their hard work through the years and all that they've been through, all the memories, there's no escaping from the fact that life will eventually come to an end. But is that really true, does all that we do in our lives have no meaning? Let us discuss this, because there's so much more to life than what meets the eye.


How insignificant we are in this world

Think of all those people, the people who have died, do we know them? perhaps if they did something remarkable in their lives, like Einstein maybe. But even then for how long will we remember these people? The modern species of human beings have been around for around 200,000 years, how many people do we remember from this timeline, there have been so many inventors, rulers, discoverers and even though many of them might have mentions in books, many more have been forgotten, and to top that, not everyone does things remarkable enough to leave their marks for centuries and millennia. In fact, as time goes by, everyone might be forgotten, eventually. So what's the point of living as we do, working hard each and every moment if in the we are just gonna die and disappear. And the worst part, if popular beliefs about the afterlife are false then we would just cease to exist. All that knowledge and experience and morals that we gained over our lifetime, nothing we ever did would have a meaning.


But that's not true, there's more to life..

Now as scary as it may seem, don't let the idea of losing existence frighten you, for that is not at all true. Life has so much more meaning to it. I say this because we never really truly cease to exist, our bodies may perish but what really matters is what we have in our minds. Every single cell in our bodies is replaced in 7 years, so what is it that remains to identify us, it's our mind, the way we think, our experiences, our knowledge, that is what defines our life. So what happens to all that when we die. We pass it on. There's more to having children than the continuity of our species, we fall in love, have kids, and those kids are a part of you. Think about fragmentation, which is a type of reproduction where the organism splits into 2 and continues to grow, can we say that those organisms are immortal, since it never really completely dies. But then, are we any different from that, isn't having kids somewhat the same, they're a part of us, and there's more. When a child is born, and as he or she grows, we teach them everything we have learned and tell them about our experiences, we shape their lives, teach them what's right and what's wrong, perhaps as we learned from our parents or as we learnt through our lives. And even though the kids, as they grow, make their own decisions and have a free will, they are still a part of you, just like a more modified and updated version of you that can survive better in the next generation.

So what is the purpose of life?

While we should always try to do great things that'll echo our name through the centuries, the purpose of our lives is to continue to exist work hard and make sure that some part of us is able to make it to the next generation and continue our legacy. Because we may die, but we will never really disappear as long as we pass on what we have learnt. Of course I always find the idea of transferring my consciousness to a robot or something to be more appealing, but the easy way to live eternally is having kids because as we discussed, they are a part of us which continues to live on after this body of ours becomes obsolete. So never let the idea of life not having any purpose or meaning to your life scare or depress you, live your lives to the fullest and cherish every moment because nothing we do in our lives is meaningless.


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