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What is Communism, Socialism, & Marxism... Are They All the Same? And What About Fascism?

Updated on July 10, 2011

Communism, A Short History Of.

Communism; Is a theoretical, "Social System", in which land and capital are collectively owned and class divisions do not exist,-(theoretically speaking, that is.)-:also the name applied to the "Socialist" system controlled by the Communist Party in the Soviet Union and other countries.

The word derived from the same root word for "communal", or, "community", and implies common ownership and cooperative effort, the anti-thesis to Capitalism.

Philosophers and Social reformers have long envisioned perfected societies, partly or entirely, based on the communal model; ie; the Pholosopher Kings in Platos Republic, were seen as living communally, sharing everything and owning nothing; Thomas Moore's fictional Eutopia of 1516 imagined an ideal commonwealth based on commnual property, mutual benefit and universal tolerance; the Diggers of 17th century England practiced an agrarian communism, that abolished land ownership and social distinctions.-(and the "commonwealth" movement is today attempting to regain momentum and movement in America and world wide.)-

"Perfect Communism" was thought, by Marx and others, to have existed in ancient tribal societies, but in the civilized world perfect Communism has never been realized outside small scale religious and communal experiments.

Communism, as a "Political System";.. Arose in the early 19th century. The term was first used as a synonym for "Socialism",-(State or Worker's control of the means of production, I will cover that in the Socialism post in a minute.)-, but later become associated with the views espoused by Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto in 1848, that capitalism could only be over-come by means of violent revolution, not through gradual evolution,-(Gramsci argued a gradual march throughout the institutions of western culture, was the only way to accomplish that task- I will cover that under Cultural Marxism.)

Marx concieved of, "full Communism", as the final stage of history, when the state would, "wither away", as he put it.Collective labor would produce a permanent over-abundance of necessary goods, and each person would contribute, "according to his own ability, and receive,(from the common storehouse, or "comonwealth".)accordoing to need". Their, the Leftists favorite quote of all time.

Marx's vision of "full Communism" was never approached by the USSR, the first revolutionary Communist State, or by any of the other nations led by Communist parties. ALL HAVE BEEN TO ONE EXTENT OR ANOTHER, EXAMPLES OF TOTALITARIAN "STATE SOCIALISM", and that includes China, characterized by central economic planning and rewards conditioned on performance,(as well as party loyalty).

Marxism/Lenninism adopted as Soviet orthodoxy by Stalin, purported to combine the economic theories of Marx with Lenin's doctrine of, "Democratic Centralism", which called for grass-roots participation and free debate of policy within the Communist Party Hierarchy. in reality, Maxism/Leninism re-interpreted both men's thinking order to justify dictatorial ruleand enforce rigid party discipline.

The Soviets domination over world Communist ideology was weakened from the 1950s onward, because of the defections of China, Yugoslovia and Albania from the Soviet sphere of orbit; by the NATIONALIST character of Communisn in post-Colonial parties in Africa and Asain Countries; and by the rise of Euro-Communism, as several Communist parties i the west adopted platforms that urged Democratic social and economic reforms within Capitalist Systems. Within the Soviet Union itself, Nikita Khruhshov's de-stalinization programs of the 50s and Mikhail Gerbachev's perestroika reforms in the 1980s vertually abolished "Soviet Orthodox Communism". And thus we come to today.

Socialism, A Short history of.

Socialism is a Political System in which the means of production and distribution, are controlled by the Govt. or the workers, and decisions on the allocation of resources are made centrally or collectively. (It is contrasted with Capitalism, which operates on the pricples of private ownership, profit, and competition within a free market system). Like capitalism, Socialism is also an "Social Ideology", a view of human nature and the way the world should work.

Socialism is also used as an unbrella term for a variety of other theories sharing the general view that people are basically cooperative, not competitive, and that systems of control based on private property, wealth, and class are harmful to the "common welfare". It is thus applied to systems so desparate as the Soviet system and the Capitalist Welfare State.

as I said the other day, Socialists have differed over several basic questions of theory and practice.

These include the question of whether any existing systems can gradually evolve into a Socialist system, or if they have to be swept away in violent revolution. (-Marx and Engel say yes, through violence, and Antonio Gramsci states that a slow march through the Cutural Institutions and govts., to re-write histories, re-educate and redefine thought through minipulation of language, history etc, is the way to achieve this end.)-

Whether Socialism can be imposed from above, or be built up from below, -thus the Leftists battle cry of, "top down, bottom up, inside out", that is screamed today as a rallying cry by Leftists around America-. Whether central economic planning, decentralized decision making, or even limited free enterprise, (-as in America today.)- is most desirable; and whether Socialism is compatable with political pluralism, or must be implimented through an ideologically dedicated one party system, -(as we have had in America for decades now with the Leftists and Progressives, all under the guise of a two party system.)-

The term Socialism came into common use in the early 19th century as the converse of Individualism, the aquisitive self-interest espoused by Adam Smith and other supporters of the Capitalist Enterprise.

Modern Socialist thought originated with Karl Marx, -(gee didn't we just hear that name?... INTERESTING eh?)-, who concieved of Socialism as a, "postcapitalist stage of history", in which the Govt control of the means of production, under the dictatorship of a prolatariat, would eventually be replaced by Communism, -(ahh inagine that?)- ie;full communism as the natural state of society and man,- a perfect society, (Huh, class-less and stateless.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, European Socialist organizations and political parties were dominated by gradualists, such as Karl Kautsky. After the Russian revolution of 1917, however, the Soviet Unoin became the model of Socialism for many and its example the template for many.

Following WWII most western Socialists, repudiating the totalatarian Stalinism of Stalin's Russia, and conceding the durability of Capitalism, sought to reform rather than abolish Capitalist institutions.

Socialist and Social Democrat Political Parties, (sound familiar.)-, advocated- and in Europe largely effected- the nationalization of key industries and the establishment of comprehensive state sponsered social welfare programs.

However, in the African, Asian, and Latin, so called their-world countries, Socialism and Communism still inspired, adn do to this day, violent revolutionary movements, who were victorious in some few countries. ie; China, Cuba, Veitnam, and Angola.

Most industrialized nations, particularly in Europe, now have some form of MIXED MARKET ECONOMY, in which private enterprise is balanced by limited public ownership and extensive regulation and Social planning. (again, sound familiar America?)

This model, most sucessfully realized in Scandinavia, where living standards are higher that in most of Europe, is seen by many as the ideal mix of Socialism and Capitalism, supposedly combining the competitiveness of Capitalism, and the, "Social Justice" or "fairness", of Socialism. -( what a laugh that is.)-

There is the definition, and history of Socialism, and the explaination of the mixed systems we see today, which the Leftists love to obfuscate regarding, with their, "you don't know what Socialism is, or Communism",.. when in fact those systems have been so muddled among one another, with Capitalism also thown into the mix... so as to make it nearly impossible to refer to one system or the other as, Socialist, Communist, or other-wise anything but, "Leant Leftists".

Karl Marx, A Short History Of.

Karl Marx, hero of the Leant Leftists of the world, and the man who watered the seed of one of the most poisinous Ideologies in the history of Mankind, from which have spawned multiple interpretations and strains of his collectivist thought, which have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people world-wide, a fact which can be confirmed by reading the "Little Black Book Of Communism".

Karl Marx, who lived from, 1818 to 1883 was a German Philosopher, Economist, and Social Theorist, whose critique of Capitalism profoundly influenced Socialist thought and revolutionary political movements. His early influences included the french Socialist, Claude-Henry Saint Simon, and the radical young Hegelians, -(Research- Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich 1770 to 1831, German Philosopher, one of the most influencial in the 19th Century.)-, especially Ludwig Feuerbach, who had stressed the Social Materialism of Human nature over Hegel's Spiritual Idealism. Marx's version of Hegels, "Dialectical" theory, (He claimed to have turned Hegel on his head.), supposedly located the cause of human alienation in exploitative economic relations, and viewed class conflict as both a symptom and cure to this state of being.

In, "The German Ideology" 1845-1846, and, "The Communist Manifest" 1848, both penned in collaboration with Friedrich Engels, Marx developed his "scietific" theory of "historical materialism". This theory held that social, political and cultural institutions, prevailing ideologies, and people's very consciousness are shaped by economic relations and material conditions- Marx called this the "social super-structure" and claimed it was supported by an economic "base". Marx and Engals indentified a series of historical stages corresponding to progressive developments in material production, beginning with, "primative Communism", and advancing through slavery and feudalism to Capitalism, which was destined, he thought, to be replaced by Socialism, and finally by advanced Communism, or as Marx called it, "full Communism". Each stage, except the first and last (both you will note, a type of Communism) in Marx's opinion, both of them being Communism, has been marked by antagonistic devide btween ruliing class, which controlsthe mode of production, and the working class, which is exploited by it. Inevitably, this friction creates problems, "contraditions", as Marx put it, the contemprary prevailing system would not be able to handle, the system becomes destabilized and is ultimately overthown by the exploited class, who become the new ruliing class of Society. Thus the Capitalist bourgeoisie, who had superseded the fuedal nobility with the rise of industrialism, would in turn be over-thrown by the urban proletariat.

-( Anyone interested in this "Plan Of Attack Against The Prevailing Systems" should research; DIALECTIC MATERIALISM; -This idea has been picked up by contemporary Leftists ie; American Socialists/Liberals/Progressives/Democrats, and the far Left itself, as set forth by the invisible committee in their book, "The Coming Insurection", and it would seem is the strategy currently being employed by Communists, Socialists, Leftists and Muslims around the world, as they have all organized together to reach the same objective, to change the current systems of the world's Govts. It has also been talked about and written on by, Francis Fox Pivin -Cloward and Piven- all Americans should review the works of these two individuals. ie; "First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.")- -These people are dangerous and Anti-American to the core, I am very serious in my warning of this use of their and Marx's strategies to collapse this nation and re-buld it in their own image.-

Marx, in his major work, "Capital" 3-vol set- 1867-1869, analyzed the mechanisms by which the working class is deprived of"full humanity". Where previous social reformershad attributed social inequality to the unequal distribution of wealth, Marx rooted it in exploitative relations of production. He also contradicted classical economic theorists who had seen wage labor as a recipricol arrangemnent benifiting employer and employee. Marx himself noted that this approach did not take into account the fact that the employer is the owner of the means of production. While accepting the,"Labor Theory Of Value" propounded by Adam Smith and David Ricardo, which states that the value of a commodity is determmined by the amoount of labor which goes into it's production Marx turned this into an indictment of capitalism. Under the Capitalist system, he argued, workers are paid far less than the value their labor adds to the manufactured products, giving rise to surplus value in the form of profit, an evil word to the Marxis/Socialist/Communist and Unionists in this day. The Capitalist can reinvest this surplus, creating even more profit, while the workers wages must be spent on the neccessaties of living, or material existence. the ruthless compitativeness can of the capitalist enterprise obliges the employer to keep wages as low, and working conditions as rigorous as possible. Trap in this exploitative relationship, with no stake in the friut of their labor, workers become alienated, not only from their work, but from their true creative potential. The Capitalist system is therefore, by it very nature according to Marx, breeds conflict between the working adn owning classes. This conflict will enevitably spark revolution leading to Socialism, under a "dictatorship of the Proletariat", and ultimately to Communism, a classless society in which the State will "wither away". -This objective matches well with Anarchism.-

To this day man of Marx's predictions have never materialized. The first successful Socialist revolution took place not in the West, but in semifeudal Russia; the revolutionary Communist states became less democratic than any Capitalist country; and Capitalism has proved to be far more resiliant than Marx ever comprehended or imagined it to be. However, Marx's analysis of economic relations, and his vision of egalitarian society have shaped the thoughts and philosophies of many social reformers and revolutionaries ever since.

Marx's thinking and influence can be seen to strongly permeate the American Left in both their political philosophies and their social policies, and can be seen strongly in the policies implimented by the Socialist Democrat movement of the American modern political landscape since the 1930s and the rise of FDR and his American National Socialism movement, and is continued today in the policies of the Barrack Obama administration, and the Progressives of the Republican Party.

Marxism, A Short History Of.

Pre-World War II Era...

Marxism, is a tradition of political thought and action derived from the Social, Economic and revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx, -(See Above). From the late 19th century till present there have been many a diverse interpretation and application of Marxian theory, and therefore to try and "fit" Marxism into a neat and tidy definiton, is not really possible. -(For a more complete understanding of just what Karl Marx' ideology is, please read the information above on, Karl Marx, and one may also want to take the ime to review some of Marx's works, ie; "The German Ideology" -1845-1846-, "The Communist Manifesto"-1848-, and "Capital" a 3 Vol work 1867-1895)-.

Marxist analysis, though divergent in interpretations and applied to differing degrees, all share some core assumptions, or similarities. -(ie; Centralized control of means of production, resources, and decisions regarding distribution, and the supposed "collective" ownership of all the aforementioned.)- This also includes the proposition that Capitalism is based o the exploitation of wage labor and the working class, which alienates people from their true capacities and from each other; that Social, Economic and Cutural systems are shaped by exploitative economic relations, which create and perpetuate, continuing mutual hostile class divisions; and that those class divisions and the systems inherant conflicts, will inevetably lead to its overthrow and replacement by a more equal and just "Socialist" system of Government.

It has always amazed me, having lived through the end of the 20th century and having seen the out-come of the systems of Govt. throughout the world who have adopted these ideologies, ie; Russia and it's sattelite states, Cuba, Mao's China and many Southeast Asain Countries, etc., how the Leant Leftists of the world still try to use the words, "fair", "Social-Justice", Social Equlity", and "Socialist", and, "Communist", as though they were completely interchangable. These systems have produced nothing but mass slaughter on a scale almost unknown until the inception of these countries Socialst (simi or other-wise), and Communist (Stalinism, Mao-ism or any of the mixed-breed systems of Marxist infleunced Govts., in the 20th century. Of course when one understands the march of Cultural Marxism, -(see my note on the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci, soon to be posted, also, "Critical Theory".)- then one can see clearly the twisted game the American Liberal and Democrat Left, their Socialist, Communist, and Progressive Republican cohorts, have undertaken to infect our cultural institutions and places of higher learning in their effort to destroy this nation from the inside out. (Thus the rally cry of the American Left and their above mentioned cohorts, of, "Top Down, Bottom up and inside out". (See my coming Hubs on all those subjects to aquire a clearer view of the treason which has taken place over the last centurey here in the U.S.A..)

Marxism, as well as being a Political and Economic theory, and a prescription for revolutionary change, is a philosophy of History also, which is seen as a dialectical process of progressive change arising from conflict, -(I will write on "Dialectical Materialism", in the following Hubs very soon.)-, and a Philosophy of Human Nature, seeing people defined by their relations within Society and fulfilled by controlling the fruits of their labor.

Thus, Marxist principles have been applied to a variety of fields, Cultural Materialism, Feminism, Structuralism, Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, and so many many others. For example "Marxist Literary Criticism", approaches texts in terms of their ideological assumptions and historical contexts, -(Or so many on the Left involved in Cultural Marxism would like to have us believe.)-, and generally holds that the works of Artists in any of the fields of creative process, always serve a social purpose, implicitly or explicitly condoning or condemning the prevailing conditions of society. -(Such as a Crucifix in a jar of urine and feces, is clamed to be a statement against the oppression of religion.)-

Marxists have broke off and diverged from Marx' ideologeis to differing degrees, some more so then others, and from one another in varying ways to many to number, These include but are not limited to, most notably, appearent contridictions in Marx' theory, -"the historic inevatability of a proletarian revolution -Vs- the role human agency in bringing about."-, and over the question of whether the Socialist revolution must be violent (As with Lenin, Castro,and so many others), or if it can be achieved through "Democratic" means. Such as what is, and has been, taking place in America and other nations around the world in the last century, and to a greater extent, in this day, 2011-2012.

During much of the 20th century, Marxist's thought had devoloped largely outside of, and in oppisition to Soviet-orthodoxy. trotsky and his followers, to us one example, argued that Stalin had betrayed the "Marxian principles", of, "workers' Democracy", and, "Proletarian internationalism".

Post World War II...

After World War II, with Capitalism more vigorous than ever, and America rising to the top of the world stage, European and American Marxists turned to analyzing the means, -including Mass Media, the Education System -(thus the Fed. Dept. of Education)-, Cultural Instituions, and consumer culture- (Again, I will write on this subject, "Cultural Marxism", in coming Hubs.)-, through which western workers were seen by their world wide Socialist counter-parts, as having been co-opted and incorporated into the Capitalist system. The REVISIONIST Marxism of post-war European intellectuals, and through their influence, American intellectuals, at such places of higher learning as Colubia U., Berkely U, Harvard, Yale, and eventually the entire lower and higher educations systems throughout America.

This tactic would pro-foundly influence and drastically change whole generations' psyche, the younger generations of Americans who possessed no means to counter this attack. -ie; no grasp of actual American history, no means to learn that actual history, as the texts for education were now peer-reviewed and controlled by the Socialist American Left. The results of this undertaking, the revisionism of American history -Vs- Socialist and Communist histories, can be seen throughout the entire political and social spheres of this nation in this day, and is slowly re-structuring this country to a Socialist model, which they have dreamed about for over a century.


European intellectuals includin, Jean-Paul Satre, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Louis Althusar, members of Frankfurt School of, "Critical Theory", rejected much of Marx' analysis as being to rigid, overly deterministic and duelistic.

This Neo-Marxist Socialist Left, and Communism emerged in the early years before World War II, and was well into the process of infiltrating the American Govement by 1948, when it was revealed and confronted by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, WI, Republican, and ardent anti-Communist. But that is a long story, which has been greatly twisted by the American Leftists and their Socialist Frankfurt School cohorts, and to go into it here would take up much space in the under-taking. Suffice it to say that everything that has been reported on this critical time in American history, and put forth as fact about the "Red Scare and McCarthy-ism", has been a lie perpertrated to hide the treason of the American Leftists Progressive Elites from the eyes of the American People. The truth of this matter has been expertly laid out, sourcing all the Senate, House, Comminttee and Politicians records, along with many more, N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., K.G.B. and G.R.U., by M.Stanton Evans, in his seminal work on this era and Senator Mccarthy's battles against our enemies, "Blacklisted By History".

The new American and European Socialist Left, and Stalin's own "Commintern", Communist International movement, the KGB and GRU, had accomplished infiltrating and gaining positions of power and influence, and positions which allowed them to draft and implement American Foreign Policy, all throughout our Military and the U.S. Dept. of State, and many other Depts. of the U.S. Federal Govt..

They, Stalin's Commnunists, and the Neo-Marxist Socialists, had accomplished this effort by dilligent deception, and cover provided by the Liberals, Democrats and Progressive Parties of the early 20th century, Stalin's Comminter adn KGB, and the NEO-Marxists, had infiltrated the U.S. Military, the OSS -a fore-runner to the CIA-, the U.S. State Dept, FDR's Presidential Aides (Thus, as it was called by Americans in that day, "the betrayal at Yalta", by FDR.), and so many other Depts. of this Nation's war-time effort, that it is almost mind-boggling to comprehend.

All this is now known to be a "Matter Of Fact" through the records of the afore-mentioned Depts. and corroberating evidence drawn from the records of the KGB, the GRU, the Vennona NSA decrypts, and many of the personal papers of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Sen. Millard Tydings, Sen Martin Dies, and many other of the Democrat and Progressive Republican Politicians of the 40s and 50s, and all the committees and sub-committees known to have been involved in the hearings of that era, WWI through WWII and into the 50s, 60s, etc..

It is almost surreal that with all this information now out in the public for all to see, how many still deny it ever happened, or blame Sen. Joseph McCarthy, calling him a hater, and worse. While one can look at the records of all the Democrats, Progressives, Federal Depts., International spy agencies, and those personally involved, and see it plainly. These records also include the closed, Executive Sessions, of which no one was allowed to read for 50 years.

I would advise all Americans to take this matter seriously, and to look into it for yourselves, and not trust the American Left, and Progressive Right, to tell you the truth, as they have spent the last 3/4s of a century hiding their treason form the American public, and will never speak the truth as regards these matters. They have spent a lot of time, effort and money, (our tax dollars), in the use of their Frankfurt School REVISIONIST HISTORY tactics, to bury the truth of history within their lies and hate-filled vitriol about Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the Communist Socialist infiltration and betrayal of America, by its own elites. Knowing, that if it ever became common knowledge, they would lose everything, and most likely be called to account for their treason, by the American Public themselves.

The Neo-Marxist Socialist Left, that emerged in that era, cliaims to repudiate the Eastern Totalatarianism of the "Old Guard" Marxist- Socialist- school, while still being critical of the Capitalist hegemony of the West. -(The truth is, the end result of any "Centralized Government" power, will be at best Totalatarian, and at worst Fascist, -ie; Stalin as opposed to Hitler.-

During and after the 1960s, European and American Social Democrats, (that is what the Socialists call themselves now)-, and Euro-Communists, having distanced themselves from Moscow, sought the, "Democratization", -another code word for the institutiing of Socialist policies in a Govt., as has occurred in the United States Of America in the last century under FDR and the Democrats and Progressives, and especially in the last decades.-, rather than the violent overthrow of Capitalist institutions. The fall of the Soviet Union and its satellite Govts. was seen by many as the final collapse and repudiation of Marx' Ideology,-or so they would have us all believe-,; however, since the conditions Marx and Engels identified in their work on Social Theorism are still present, now on a global scale, many social critics still give credit and validity to Marx and his philosophies.

Fascism, A Short history Of.

Fascism; Is a Political ideology that stresses; nationalism, centrally regulated private enterprise, the SUBORDINATION OF THE INDIVIDUAL TO THE STATE, and a ONE PARTY TOTALITARIAN GOVT., usually under the dictatorial rule of a charismatic leader.

The term is derived from the Latin, "Fasces", an ancient Roman symbol of authority consiting of a bundle of rods with a protruding ax.

The Ideological foundation of Fascism are found in the late 19th century reactions against, "Capitalism", and, "Liberal Democracy", on the one hand,... and against "Marxist Materialism" on the other.

The theorists who inspired Fascist doctrine represented a wide ideological spectrum, but they tended to share a belief in the nation as a sacred entity, in which individual interests must yield to national goals. They include the French syndicalist, George Sorel, who advocated violence to achieve revolutionary change, and the use of National Myths to unify the populace, Charles Maurras, leader of the French Nationalist Movement, Action Francaise, who espoused a monarchical nationalism; and Giovanne Gentile, theorist of the Italian "Corporate State", in which economic activity was regulated by bussiness and worker's groups under Fascist Party control. Fascist thought was also influenced by Social Darwinism, with its implications that the strongest were the fittest to survive, and by the theory of Political Elites espoused by Italian Sociologists, Vilfredo Pareto and Geatano Mosca.

In the Fascist state, the INDIVIDUAL IS SEEN AS SUBORDINATE TO THE COMMUNITY; rigid discipline and unquestioning acceptance of the state's authority became an ethic of self-sacrifice and patriotic loyalty.

Hitler and the NAZIs, though starting as Socialists, embraced and appropriated Richards Wagner's romantic nationalism, the fiction of the Aryan, "master race", and Nietzsche, (the greatest mind in all Philosohic thought)-, put forth his ubermensch as superior beings who represent a new, higher civilization, to assert Germany's devine mission to lead and dominate the world.

While most Fascist movements have espoused and extreme nationalism, Germany's Fascism was distinguished by racist ideals that transcended national boundaries, although Pan-German sentiments helped inspire the invasions of Germany's nieghbors early in the war.

In post-war Europe and other industrialized countries, fascist and neo-Nazi movements have sprung up on the fringes of political systems, often in reaction to non-native immigration. Capitalizing on economic insecurities and political alienation in the working class of those Societies, especially among young men, these groups ideologies generally envision the replacement of the present system with an orderly racially homogeneous, devinely sanctioned nation.

A Matter Of Degrees...

I have stated in the Forums and I will state it again. The difference between Marxism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism, is a matter of degrees, only.


A Marxist will scream at you, argue and fist-fight you down the road to his dream, as he carries your belongings and says, "They belong to the collective".

A Socialist will grab you by the hand or the hair, and beat you on the head with a stick and drag you along, as they make you carry your own belongings and tell you they, "Belong to the collective".

A Communist will get behind you and make you carry your own belongings to his dream, as he points a gun to the back of your head, and kicks you in the back and screams at you, "They belong to the State"... as in the collective.

A Fascist will will have your nieghbor carry your belongings, and shoot you if you do not agree with his dream of "Centralized Authority, and it all belongs to the State",... the collective".

As I have said,... a matter of degrees.



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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      If this article is to be considered academic, the arguably inaccurate assignment of blame to Karl Marx for "hundreds and millions of deaths worldwide" should be excluded. Your use of the word "poisonous" is conspicuous. The reader here is led to believe they are being offered a historical factual representation. Your underhanded inclusion of editorial content destroys your credibility.

      I do not argue your right to freely speak your opinion. Further, I recognize that you manage to produce a lone source for your assessment. However, to produce document that, for all your intents and purposes, ought to keep to a factual historical context for key ideologies, and yet includes such a blatant statement, violently opposes quality academia, fairness, and accuracy.

    • profile image

      Roger Monk 

      4 years ago


      I liked your article about the differences between the various ideologies. but regarding Progressives and Liberals, where do they fit on the scale of 'degrees' and what would be their take of something that "belongs to the collective".?

    • profile image

      Mitsuki Matsuo 

      5 years ago


      I am Heaven.

      I write this message by borrowing Mitsuki’s hands.

      We gods of Heaven have started project to build up socialist earth government from 2012.

      Project needs to inform humankind widely.

      So we gods of Heaven ordered Mitsuki to make H.P. of our project.

      There are no idea of Mitsuki.

      All contents are from gods of Heaven.

      Please read our message.

      Do your mission.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      As a common laborer with no time between trying to support my new family and raise them, I enjoy this type of piece. But u lose me with the personal and not staying objective though. U can make your point with facts u don't need the "jabs", u write to well for that. Thank u

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from FL.

      Do you know how to comprehend, Bg?

      No where in that post did I say we, America, were a communist nation... no where. The post is a look at the similarities within each ideology and their genus from the same foul seed.

      But I would not expect you to comprehend that.

      And I understand perfectly fine the profit motives of banks and the global money lenders and elitists in control. But that is a whole other post, Bg.

      Have a good day.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I don't expect you to post this, but you don't understand the profit motive of the banks and therefore you don't understand that what we have is a form of capitalism, a crony capitalism. But it isn't communism. You can rant til the cows come home and you won't make it communism.

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from FL.

      Thank you, friend.

    • John Sarkis profile image

      John Sarkis 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Hello TMMason, great and very outspoken hub!...

      I was born in Cuba, but raised in this (my) country since I was very little. I went to schools here, so I know little about Cuba, expect what my parents have told me.... I especially enjoyed your apotheosis/finale---eloquently explaining the difference between "communism, marxism, facism and socialism..." well done.

      Voted up


    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      Thank you, Harvey. I will look into him and I appreciate you stopping by.

    • Harvey Stelman profile image

      Harvey Stelman 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      TMM, Hi! I had to tell you that you pieced together wonderful research in a magnificent way. A couple of your commentors have only one thing in their minds, the far left ideology.

      I believe you and your more intelligent readers would be interested in another Hubber, no I'm not pushing myself. One of my best friends for 44 years is running for Senator from Texas in 2012. His name is Greg Lifschultz.

      Unlike other politician's he talks about a problem, tells why it occurred, gives his way to fix it and explains why his method would work. Even our President wouldn't do that.

      In the 44 years we've been friends, I have never known him to lie. H

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      @-Bgamall You can insult me all you want. Your wrong. About McCarthy and about Communism. There are many diffeing degrees to all the Marxian social systems, and we, America, want none of it. And to turn this into a rant about Beck is retarded. So I suggest you go learn a few things. Your understanding of the true Capitalist market system,. Socialism and Communism, are flawed, and reflect your mis-understanding of most other things I have seen you spout off about. Thank you for the comment, bgmall.

      @-Danny. Thank you for the comment. And good job in the forums, bro. Don't let all these Leant Leftists get you down or run you off, that is their plan, so they can own the site and influence the minds of any who come along. It is out of Berkely CA. after all... so the midset and ideology is pretty obvious. Have a good day man.

    • DannyMaio profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      In a capitalist society more opportunities and more jobs are created. Even the poor people find work in a good capitalist economy. Government intervention leads to booms and busts in the economy. The harder you work the more you earn. Welfare payments are a short term fix and motivation for you to get back into the work force unless you are disabled or aged.

      In a communist society you get paid the same regardless how hard you work. Great system if you are lazy and incompetent. Government officials get paid the most for doing bugger all under the communist system. Socialism always eventually leads to Communism. National Socialism is a form of Socialism on its way to becoming Communism. Communism and National Socialism share a lot of things in common: state controlled, state owned, one party dictatorship, totalitarianism and state police system.

      There is either a good efficient capitalist economic system(free market and private enterprise) and freedom or a bad inefficient communist economic system(state run, owned and no private ownership) and no freedom. Economics is black and white. Capitalism is regarded as the exact opposite of Communism.

      Capitalism won out over Communism during the 20th century with the end of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. National Socialism also failed miserably with the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945. Fascism was another fad that faded out. Communism persevered for over 70 years before it was abandoned as government policy in China and the Soviet Union now Russia. Even Cuba has abandoned Communism and started to adopt capitalism.

      North Korea remains the isolated paranoid nation holding onto its Communist ideologies and anti-American capitalist propaganda

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      7 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Mason, here is the problem in a nutshell. As Roubini correctly asserts, the profits of the banks are privatized, and the losses are socialized. For the benefit of retards like Glenn Beck and others, this is not communism. The reason Beck loves McCarthy and wants it to be seen as communism, is because he is being funded by the sons of the cofounder of the John Birch society, Koch.

      But Mason, it isn't communism if the profits are privatized is it? Maybe you will learn something from this comment. You need to learn.

    • Onusonus profile image


      7 years ago from washington

      Some people say it looks good on paper, I think those people don't know how to read. Bad on paper, Bad in real life.

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      Thank you, Marie. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Though also - "tongue in cheek at the description of Political Movements."

      As you said; - "A matter of degrees"...

      No doubt a well informed, written and researched topic.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      An excellent hub you could write a thesis! An impressive vote up from me. ;)

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      I understand, John. I am just not one to censor any comments. I do appreciate your taking the time to read my work though, friend. And I hope you understand. Thank you, and have a good evening.

    • John Holden profile image

      John Holden 

      7 years ago

      That's your prerogative TM, but as I said I have no further response to derogatory statements.

      It is one thing when comments are made in a heated discussion, another thing entirely when false statements are made out of the blue.

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      All are welcome to their own comments and opinions, John. I will okay them all as long as they are not vicious in nature. I am glad you both have stopped by to take a look though, thank you.


    • John Holden profile image

      John Holden 

      7 years ago

      All hail almighty Danny! Do you not think TM capable of making up his own mind? Your statement "your (sic) a socialist and so that is your belief" is crass and ignorant beyond belief.

      TM, I'm sorry that your hub is being dragged down by pettiness, though I don't agree with much of it, it is worth discussing in its own right rather than as an excuse to slander me.

      In fairness to you I will make no further response to Danny's comments unless he wants to retract and enter into a discussion based on the content of your hub.

    • DannyMaio profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      John, I Did not use this Hub for such. I posted I voted up, Useful and awesome and told TMM not to pay much attention to your rants, I was not using his GREAT hub to insult you? and you have stated several times your a socialist and so that is your belief.

    • John Holden profile image

      John Holden 

      7 years ago

      I think it's a little low to use a serious hub as an opportunity to insult a fellow hubber, Danny.

      I have told you countless times that that is not my belief.

    • DannyMaio profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      voted up useful and awesome! TMM John has to spin his nonsense, we both know this already. He can not show how socialist states are successful, He is an entitlement person. They never get it when we say they will always run out of other peoples money and the worst part you lose your freedom!

    • TMMason profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from FL.

      lollll... Socialism was his middle phase, John. Fascism was his end phase.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting, friend.

    • John Holden profile image

      John Holden 

      7 years ago

      And a capitalist will work you into the ground, leave you dead before your time and steal nearly everything you make.

      He will tell you that what's your's is his and what's his is his alone.

      Glad to see you moving slightly from your "Hitler was a socialist" position, now we've just got to get you to agree that he was never a socialist.


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