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When It Doesn't look Like You're Moving Forward

Updated on June 19, 2013

DFW Teen Voice On Moving Forward "Advice and Tips"

Teen Voice

Life may seem at a stand still in career, family and every day living. When you feel like this you have to reflect and re-examine you. Re-group by enjoying the place you are now. Take a look by glancing in your past to recognize your accomplishments and good decisions you have made along your life's journey.

I once received a dynamic message a nugget of knowledge bloom where you are planted.So, i share this powerful sentence right now "Bloom where you are planted" as you reflect on the positive of your past the positive of your future is here to meet you. You have to trust in your source higher than you. You have to trust in a Higher Power that Created you. Know that a door is open to do what you have to do. Or just keep doing what you love to do when it doesn't look like you're moving forward.

When you have done all you know to do keep having character, right motives and intentions. Whether you want to change or not life is changing daily so give your 100+ to your life daily. If you are a stay at home mom or dad now is the time to give more of you. You may be in a career but in general looking at your own life now is the time to push ahead more giving that 100+. When it doesn't look like your moving forward. Ex. just like a bolder sitting in a body of water and the water rushes in to hit the rock consistently the rock is chipping away. You may not notice but in time you will see and notice the change. So, when it looks like your are not moving forward you are moving forward as sure as the earth is turning.

This is why when it doesn't look like you are moving forward focus on your goals, purpose and dreams. Now is the time to focus on what is really, really want as your desires. Don't get stuck where you are keep yourself motivated. Push forward with more drive. Get up everyday with a positive attitude. Don't let your mind, body and spirit loose the drive. Motivate yourself by reading and listening to positive audio. Even encourage yourself by doing the following:

1. Take a bath or shower sing and or mediate

2. Continue to believe for their is a Source the Creator, Higher Power at work in the earth.

3. Enjoy what you already have surrounding you.

4. Know your likes and dislikes and learn something new.

Make a decision right now to lift your spirits don't let your spirit for life burn out. Now is the time to reach out to your relationships, network and friends. Love, joy and peace are waiting on you as you be grateful. Grateful for what you already have and achieved.

Now with your gratitude acknowledgment continue to walk being on a steady path with thanks daily as your life will continue to move forward.


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