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When is the adult teaching job rewarding?

Updated on August 3, 2014

Reasons employees attend training courses

The company I work for is a reputable training organisation. We offer computer courses, The company has big companies as frequent clients . Employees attend training courses for several reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • to enhance skills
  • to contribute to a Safer Workplace
  • to learn new software packages
  • to get promotion
  • to change career
  • to refresh their knowledge
  • to get new skills
  • to meet Licensing requirements
  • for performance improvement
  • as part of a professional development program
  • to test the operation of a new performance management system
  • to learn about a specific topic related to their job
  • get a day or two of work (these are the dangerous ones)

Evaluating the teaching effectiveness

We trainers are evaluated daily on our teaching performance by the participants. Some attendees value the efforts of the trainers, especially when the trainer goes out of his or her way to answer questions not directly related to the daily course outline. Those are the people who give high scores to the trainer most of the time. Others are attending the course because their manager booked them in. Those attendees will disrupt the session and will not give good evaluations to the trainer.

On the other hand, some attendees come to the training being in bad mood for personal reasons. Those are the people who the trainer cannot please no matter what he or she does.

The participants value you as a trainer if they see that you enjoy what you do, you impart your knowledge with them and you go out of your way to help them understand and grasp the topics and the related skills. They also appreciate the additional information you give them without them asking for it.

In my experience, the people who give you the lowest marks are usually those who ask you a lot of questions and you do spent a lot of your time helping them.

Teaching is rewarding when...

We trainers have an online evaluation form that the participants fill out at the end of the training session. There is a section on this form related to additional comments about the trainer. Some participants take the time to add nice comments about the trainer's knowlegde, experience and presentation skills, etc. Some thought will also go back to their workplace and will email nice comments about the trainer to their training advisor who will forward this email to us, to our training manager and to the general manager. Some of those comments are pritty amazing. Those are the times when the teaching job is rewarding and satisfying.

Some examples of participants rewarding comments

This is a snapshot of the nice comments I did get from my students / participants.

  • The instructor was great, very good knowledge of the subject and very thorough
  • The instructor's teaching was awsome
  • I absolutely loved the trainer! She really knows her stuff. I enjoyed the tips she shared from her own experience which was outside of course material
  • The trainer was very knowlegeable on this topic and she was a great presenter / facilitator


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