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When was the first time you realized that a teacher cannot always be right?

Updated on March 13, 2016

Do you have to be old to be right?


Down the memory lane!

I was always great at Maths. Not scoring a 100 was rare.

I remember I had scored a 95 in grade 5 and it was unexpected because my exam had gone great.

Upon checking my paper, I found that my teacher had given me a zero for a completely correct solution. I was elated because I thought it must have been a mistake on her part. She must not have checked my answer properly.

So I went to her but this is what she said, "What do you want me to do? Give you full marks for a 4-5 line solution?" Well as per her, I was required to solve it step by step and fill one full page for the entire solution. It didn't matter if my solution was correct or not. Because it was, umm well, small!

I argued that my answer was correct to which she said that I might have copied the answer directly. So I told her exactly how I had done it. But she didn't get convinced and told me that this was not the correct way of solving it and further warned me to not repeat this mistake ever!


Did you ever realize that your teacher wasn't right?

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