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Where Do I Get My Information?

Updated on January 25, 2012

Here's where I get my information.

One person once commented on a hub I wrote about what to watch for when purchasing a car, especially as it relates to car dealers and salespeople. He asked me where I got my information, as he apparently disagreed with some of the things I wrote. Nothing wrong with this at all. And, I realized that others may wonder, also, not only of me, but of anyone who writes any article or hub. So, I decided to share the ways I get my information with you.

I've gotten my information in a number of ways. One way, and perhaps the foremost way, is through personal experience. This was what I'd responded with to the person who commented on my hub. I'd purchased a few cars in my lifetime, plus, I'd been with other people as they were purchasing cars, and saw and heard the salespeople who they were working with. I've also written a few hubs regarding my job as a door to door flyer distributor. I've had a number of experiences with and on the job that I've written about in a few of my hubs, some relating to the job itself and others related to things I've seen on the job itself. Personal experience can be a great source of subject matter for hubs and there's nothing like experience to show what something is really like or how a situation really is.

Another way I've gotten information is through books and articles that I've read from sources that I've found to be reliable, such as the books about the Fair Tax, which I wrote a hub about. Some information I've gotten from reading others' hubs as well. I also get information from people who comment on my hubs! I'm not an expert in many things, but, by reading books written by experts, for those like me who aren't, I can impart the information that they provide, to my readers.

And then, I also get information from listening to what other people say in conversation. Believe me, oftentimes you can get more from a conversation by listening than from doing the talking. I've picked up much information that I was able to use in some of my hubs because, despite being hearsay, the sources were people I knew and trusted.

Now what if the information is conflicting or the sources cannot be proven to be reliable? Here, I do provide my own judgement and I let my readers know this. In my hub about UFO's, I do say that while I don't believe that all pictures and stories of UFO's are genuine, I also believe that some are, though not in these exact words.

Sometimes, a subject can only be speculated about and only opinions and educated guesses given. In these cases, I just say that ,"My opinion is.." or something to that effect so that the reader knows that I'm not stating things as fact when they aren't necessarily so.

So, that is how and where I get my information.

Please feel free to comment, and thank you for reading!

Please feel free to comment!

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    • profile image

      Tigerman 6 years ago

      I would just like to say that many years ago I was doing a writing course. I was asked to write about a life experience and give another except from another experience. Up till this time I was receiving good feedback from my tutor. I was extremely annoyed that on receiving my marked up work, my tutor had written that when I wrote about real life experiences they should be real experiences and not made up. On checking I saw that my tutor had been changed to another one. I wrote back stating that what I had written was fact not and fiction. I was so put out by this incident that I stopped my course. Some things to some may sound extreme but to the person saying them is nothing out of the ordinary. I remember once being with my wife, while talking with some friends in a pub. on our return home my wife said,"Your a big head talking about when you worked on this and that palace." I replied, "No! I am not, to me what I said was quite normal, as that is the kind of work that I do."

      We all have different kinds of experiences, which the average person may never have, that's life