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Where Do You Think You Came From?

Updated on June 28, 2019
Mariah Schnoebelen profile image

Finding your truth in a false reality and trying to redirect your mental progress from that moment on.

You are the sky; you are the core of the Earth.

I have spent my entire life looking at myself as a complex - indifferent human than all the ones that live amongst me. Who knew all along I was merging with a higher version of myself - a part of myself that was silently awaiting for my arrival. I thought I was making the appropriate decisions upon my life circumstances that would replace the poor decision I made prior - It has always been about making decisions FROM your higher self, rather than the little and afraid sense of self which is always on the lookout for protection. Seriously. Seriousness is a human creation. However, there are races that play with this emotion as well . . . but isn't that the point? Even seriousness is part of the play - of a game. Our natural state of minds do not make us serious - but when we begin to look at ourselves as incomplete humans, we get serious and try to prove our worthiness.

Somewhere beneath my subconscious I have always known I was connected with something much bigger. Something I never knew I would meet during my cycle of time and then I realized I've met this 'something' every single day of my life. Every time I walked outside barefoot and could feel the soles of my feet sink into the grass, every time I laid in the ocean with my ears under the water and could hear nothing but could hear the silence of the earth speaking so loudly to me.

You are indeed the person you take yourself to be, yes , but you are also the ENTIRE dimension that you think you are in. You are the sway of the wind, you are the leafs on the trees, you are the sound of the wind, you are a part of the vast galaxy you cannot see. You are everything. You are ONE and you are one of many. You are the person next to you. I thought through sequences of events life would bring life to me and then I realized life happens from you not to you. In order for you to comprehend the bigger responsibility that you have and that you are, you must see yourself as more than the person you take yourself to be. It's like a15 foot wave crashing down into the ocean, leveling back down and touching the surface of the shore - bringing new pieces back - and being pulled back out into the world, and forming another wave within minutes. There is no beginning and there is no end to you - in the cycle of time nothing comes to an end. We are not limited and where in time did we begin to think so? We have created the semblance that we are limited and incapable of being more. We have created a safe place to live in - we have created our own preferred reality within a bubble that is placed inside a much bigger bubble that's full of everything we have never seen or known.

Perhaps all along what you thought you didn't know has been living within you. Time is an illusion, and all this time you thought you were working towards something and its been your shadow walking with you - you've overseen your own answers.


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    • Mariah Schnoebelen profile imageAUTHOR

      Mariah Schnoebelen 

      9 months ago from Tampa,FL

      I hope you enjoyed it.

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 

      9 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      A very interesting article.


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