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Where the Sun Goes at Nights Explained

Updated on May 26, 2020
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A living Entity with a quest to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Where The Sun Goes?
Where The Sun Goes?

The Sun

The Sun is a glowing circular object of pure bright light located within the Earth Atmosphere. Well, that is what my eyes actually observe anyway. Contrary to what mainstream science tells people about the sun and where it goes at nights? Mainstream science theorize that the sun is a glowing massive mass of nuclear fire that sits still in what they call outer space and every plant makes a rotation around this huge ball with a diameter of approximately 106 times that of the Earth. So while the earth rotates around the sun, mainstream science teaches us that the earth further rotates on its own axis. So it is believed that we are a constant moving ball with everyone placed on a sphere while an invisible force called gravity holds us down. They believe that when the earth rotates on its axis and then spins around the sun, this causes night and day in areas that don’t receive the sunlight and then the stars pop out of nowhere and light up the night skies. Well, to me that sounds like a bunch of regurgitated stomach content. Let us look at a more common sense approach to where the sun goes at night shall we?

The Sun Is Not A Fire Ball

So for this theory to work, we will give the Earth the correct shape which God gave it and not what man thinks it should be. The earth is a part of an everlasting Flat plane. This is why it is called a ‘Planet’, which means a small part of a plane. Within the Earth atmosphere, there are three celestial beings. These are the Sun which rules by day, the moon which rules by night and of course the Invisible moon which is of day and night. The sun and moon and the planet Earth are all enclosed within a firmament. This firmament is what keeps the waters above from flooding the Earth. The sun rotates within the firmament at the outer bands. When the light of the sun cannot be visible seen by some countries of Earth it is called night. So in this scenario, the sun actually does not go anywhere at nights. It is the absence of the rotating sunlight upon planets which draws the darkness. As for the moon, the moon is not an earth Satellite which rotates around a spherical Earth. It rotates within the earth atmosphere just as the sun. The sun and moon sits at opposite end of the rotation and both move up and down within the Earth Atmosphere. This up and down movement can cause things such as heatwaves, tsunamis and of course sudden increase in tides. Have you ever wondered why sometimes the moon looks larger sometimes? This is the moon pulling closer to the surface of the planet Earth. And this pull affects our oceans and a few other things which I won’t get into with this eye opening revelation. So you see, the sun doesn’t really go anywhere at nights. It is right above our heads but simply out of the line of sight, and once out of the line of sight, it means we are now in the line of night.

Where The Sun Goes at Nights?
Where The Sun Goes at Nights?

So What Exactly Is This Sun?

Well, as I stated before, the sun is not what they tell you it is in Mainstream Science. Mainstream science teaches us that the sun is a massive ball of fire burning like mad in outer space...yet there is no air in outer space! So what exactly is the sun then? Have you ever looked directly at the sun when a translucent cloud passes over it? Try one day and you can summarise for yourself, but the sun is a circle of everlasting blinding light. It is not a ball of fire. The reason why the sun seems hot is because of light heating up the Planet Surface. This can be easily proven because the higher up you go the cooler it becomes. And the lower you go the warmer and hotter it gets. This is not how a ball of fire should work. The closer you get to fire the hotter you should get. The further you move away from fire the cooler you get. If the sun was a ball of fire burning like the devils new hairdo, then flight of planes and helicopters would be impossible as the temperature in air would be too great for any material to endure.

Why Trick Us About Where The Sun Goes At Nights?

Well, a birdie once told me that humans can’t handle the truth and if the truth of how the world actually works is revealed to them they will go into a state of everlasting depression leading to a massive halt in the grinding of the food mills of the Elites. Some people are so caught up into what their Governments tell them they can never understand truth even if someone sliced open their brains and flushed a bucket of truth in it. Truth Sayers have been demolished for centuries because those who run our world wants to keep us docile and unaware. Truth Sayers have been silenced in many ways. Some have even been crucified. So I implore you to look at things in a simple and logical way. We were created with the essence of the planet Earth. Use that essence to decipher truth from lies.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Clive Williams


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