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Where Your Heart "Is", So "Is" Your Treasure? (6/11/2016, Message#11)

Updated on January 14, 2021

Wherever Your Heart is So is Your Treasure!!

Do You Know Where?
Do You Know Where? | Source

Always a Good Place to Start, Where is Your Heart?

There are only two options as to where your Heart is. Either it is in this "World," the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his kingdom, the demons (the Fallen Angels) or your heart is for Father God Almighty (Abba, El Shaddai) and His Kingdom! There is no in between, either your Heart is for the Lord God through King Jesus or for the devil (Satan, Lucifer). Just like there only two masters in which All of Humanity can serve, Who Do You Serve? In realizing in whom we Choose to serve, this is also in whom we choose to put hearts into as well, Where Is Your Love? The Truth may not be easy to deal with at first, it will still however set you free! If your heart and master is of darkness, can you still come to the Master of Love and of Light? Is there any Hope for you?

First off, I will share part of my story. I think it is best to let people know I wasn't always living for the Lord Jesus Christ and my heart was in whom I used to serve (which is the same case for so many within Humanity today, right now). Just as so many of us within Humanity, even I had to learn For Who’s Glory Is It and By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs. Yes, even I was once Lost, part of the "Cold" or Dead in Spirit and very much part of this world of darkness, lies, deceit and a loveless world.

If I could receive the Way, Truth and Life, and I am a nobody. Can someone like you as well? This answer might surprise you.

Where Is Your Heart, Do You Believe?

Live Your Life For Jesus!!

Life is Too Short and Too Precious to Fight, Argue, Worry, Doubt or Fret!!
Life is Too Short and Too Precious to Fight, Argue, Worry, Doubt or Fret!! | Source

This Life is So Short!

Within these three HubPages TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, Page 2 and TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture, I am very candid and straightforward. I share my experiences with Dreams, Visions and my life, as well as these Past Few Years. I get very personal, the main reason why I do this. Is so people don't have to feel they are not worthy to know the Lord Jesus, or they feel they can't have His Goodness in Their Lives. Jesus Christ Died for All of Humanity (Yes Even You), Those Who Feel Unworthy, Ashamed, Have Constant Worry or Doubt in Their Lives for example! As well as Any Other Reason the devil (Satan, Lucifer) tries to fool people with! This means you, the ones who feel unworthy to know King Jesus, You Can Come To Him!! I don't know who I am speaking to, but you know who you are and the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for you!! He wants you to put Your Treasures and Your Faith in Him!! Give the Lord Jesus your Heart and He gives you so much more in return!! Don't Wait!! Come to King Jesus, God in the Flesh Today, Right Now!

Truth Be Told, Personally I am a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. I don't like accolades, praise of men, or any kind of recognition. Be it I like to write, I didn't like to write or read as a child. Now look and go figure, I love to read and write, this is how King Jesus is using me. At some point, we will find out How Great is Father God, El Shaddai and it Changes Your Life and the Way You Think About Our Heavenly Father!! This doesn't mean you will not go through Trials and Tribulations. Like this HubPage indicates, we will lean upon the Lord God of Heaven and His Will for our Lives!!

We can do All of this Through King Jesus, which is Exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

I Do as I am Led!

These HubPage Titles are not my Idea or Creations.
These HubPage Titles are not my Idea or Creations. | Source

Why I do Create HubPages?

I am not doing this on HubPages to get paid, in fact, I don't have this feature set up, nor do I want to. As I mention within TeamSTM's Preparations Before the Rapture, I gave away my treasured worldly possessions because they serve me no purpose. Except to distract me from hearing from the Lord Jesus and doing the Will of Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) and Yes Father God Elohim, El Shaddai Has a Will. As of 6/1/2016 here on HubPages, The Lord Jesus has led me to create 75 HubPages, all of which mention and lead people to know Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh for themselves! 16 were created in June 2016, 20 for July 2016, 20 for August 2016, September 2016 has 13 New HubPages, October 2016 had 6 New HubPages, and 27 New HubPages for 2017!

The 72nd HubPage titled Making Final Last Minute Preparations is one my recent Hubs and the 73rd HubPage is Be Ready My Children, This Is It Beloved. The 74th HubPage since 6/1/2016 is titled: It Is Now High Watch Time, An Hour Ye Think Not and I received this on 10/23/2016! Coincidently enough, this is the 5th HubPage for this Month and the number 5 represents "Grace" in the Bible. Could this be a message in this late hour? You Better Bet it, God's Grace is about to Leave forever!!! On 10/31/2016, the Lord Jesus Gave Me There Is No More Time to my surprise. This is message number 75 and the 6th Hub for the month of October!! I was just sharing with someone, things have been very quiet here lately and bam, I receive another message from Him, All Glory, Praise, Blessing and Honor to Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!

The 76th HubPage was created on 3/14/2017 titled: How Do Most People Respond In A Crisis, and the 77th HubPage created on 5/10/2017 titled: For Who’s Glory Is It. The lead up for these New HubPages was the work I was attempting at the time, to get my last two un-featured HubPages "Featured." Humanity Has More Time, Okay How Much More, was once un-featured and after this one became featured on the HubPage (basically much easier to find). I went back to work on the last un-featured HubPage, Biblical Proof of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Which still is for the moment, I hope. Anyway, this is what started the new messages and a new direction!!

So why should I seek earthly payments for Heavenly Rewards in doing the service and the Will of Father God? My heart and desire is to please my Lord Jesus Christ and Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). To reach those who also desire and/or are curious about the Lord Jesus for themselves! As well as Pulling People Out of the Fire, they also need to know Where Will They Call Home and as well as Never Have to Know By “Whom” is All of Humanity Slaughtered Like Pigs!! This is the Highest Decree and the Commission of King Jesus Christ! He So Desires "All" to come unto Him and Be Washed by His Precious Shed Blood, for the Forgiveness of Their Sins!!

As if all of this wasn't enough, I am Pleased to announce the release of my 1st YouTube Video, posted on 5/14/2017!!! The Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) has given me a new task and I humbly accept it. So I hope you will enjoy my 1st YouTube Video of Why Humanity Needs Jesus at my YouTube Channel!!

You Alone are Holy and Worthy!

Treasure Not, This World!!

Let Go of the World and the Things of It!!
Let Go of the World and the Things of It!! | Source

Where My Heart Is!!

Look, I know I could set up all of the payment process, ads and so forth. I have a PayPal account only because I still use that Gmail account at present. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have this either. Besides, I may need to send someone money or something, I don't know. I gave away my treasures because the Bible explains why. In the Bible, Jesus says: "Wherever your Heart is so is Your Treasure. If you Treasure this World and its Riches or the "Things" of it, Your Heart is There. It is Better to Store Your Treasures in Heaven, Where Neither Moth or Rust can Corrupt it." My Heart is on the things of Father God, Heaven and most importantly the Lord Jesus Christ!! I want nothing but to do His Will and Live for Him.

As far as I am concern, you can keep your worldly treasure, money, credit and so forth. I have no desire for it, I desire to do and to be in the Will of Jehovah Elohim (I Am that I Am) for my Life! Which is Why Humanity Needs Jesus! There is no Hope or True Peace in Anyone or Anything Else. All of Humanity Can Call Upon the Name of The Lord Jesus and Includes Even, and Especially You!!

Sold Out For Jesus!!

Give Him Everything, He is So Worth It!!
Give Him Everything, He is So Worth It!! | Source

Sold Out for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Who knew I would turn away from my life of destruction as a 7, 8 year old child, from lying, stealing and forgery. I share all of this in TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions. From there to where I am now, I have read the whole Bible and I have started over again for the seventh time (now currently reading Numbers). To writing articles about Jesus Christ and His Importance to Humanity, to even sharing my own story! This isn't me, I don't like exposing or sharing personal stuff. Right now I can't help it, this is obviously what is needed to reach others so they can see that Blood Bought Believer's (BBB's) used to be just like them. Lost, confused, confounded; doubtful, worried about issues, depressed and trapped by the influence of the devil (Lucifer, Satan). As well as actively pursuing The Devices of the Enemy, just like so many people are doing right now. I would never on my own be willing to expose the lies and the god of this "worldly system," the devil (Lucifer, Satan), who wants to destroy as many people’s lives as he can. It never crossed my mind to be Pulling People Out of the Fire or to be Reaching the “lost” at Any Cost!?! I used to be just like everybody else, just like this "World" and only concerned about "Me," and my issues (Living within the "I" Way or "Evil" which spells {"Live" Backwards})!!!

Jesus Christ came to redeem All of Humanity that "No One" would perish and end up in that place of Eternal Torment called Hell. Do You Know Where Will You Call Home for all Eternity? From the Whole Creation in Genesis, to the last page in Revelation. The Bible is about Jesus Christ, God the Son (God in the Flesh) and coming to know that without Him, Humanity has and is nothing. There is no Physical Pain, Suffering, Troubles or Concerns He is not aware of or hasn't experienced Himself.

Remember, the Lord Jesus walked on this Earthly realm as a Man and as the Lord God, He is God in the Flesh. Which is why He knew no Sin, like Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am), Adonai (Lord), El Shaddai (God Almighty), Sin isn't in Him. Yet, at the Cross, He became every single Sin for All of Humanity (every single person who lived, is living and will live). Every single Sin which Humanity has done, is doing and will do, King Jesus Christ became All of Them at the Cross! When the Lord Jesus died (Yes, a Human Death as God in the Flesh), Sin died with Him, when He rose again, every single Sin was left in Hell to Remain Forever! Come to King Jesus and become Free of Your Sins Right Now!! He has already set you free, but you must Choose Him to Become Free Indeed!

This is Exactly Why Humanity Needs Jesus! Only He can set you Free! Choose Life Today, He is the "Only" Way! :D

Jesus, You Are So Lovely!!!!

Jesus Died for Us, Because He 1st Loved Us!

We Need to be Willing to Give Him our All!!
We Need to be Willing to Give Him our All!! | Source

Come to the One Who First Love You!!!

Come Back to Your First Love! Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh is the Only Way and Hope for All of Humanity has, in coming to Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) and making Heaven our Eternal Home. When the Bible says: "God so loved the world (Humanity), that He sent His Only Begotten Son (the Lord Jesus), that whosoever believeth in Him shall have Everlasting Life (Eternity in Heaven)." This is both a Fact and a Promise! Not only that, this also shows how much Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) also Loves those who have not acknowledged what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for them as well. Father God Almighty (Abba, El Shaddai) gave His Very Best so He could spend Eternity with Him!!!

Even those who have completely turned their backs on the Lord God and vigilantly serve the god of this worldly system the devil (Lucifer, Satan). As explained In This World, But Not of This World and "We" Are Indeed the Final Generation. The Lord God of Heaven created everything! Even those whom foolishly and faithfully serve (the devil {Lucifer, Satan} and his demons {the Fallen Angels}). Coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, acknowledging Him and His willing sacrifice, which Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) provided for us (the Free Gift of Salvation). We can escape the punishment of the god of this world the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and never have to dwell in the Lake of Fire with him and his demons (Fallen Angels). The goal is to be Pulling People Out of the Fire!! That's Right, Setting People or the Captives Free!

Feeling "Weighed" down? Living in sin or "evil" ("Live" Backwards) is a burden. This is all explained within, We Are Indeed the "Final" Generation and you don't have to live this way!! Give Your Life to King Jesus Christ and Live Free in Him, for His burden is Light! Will You Choose the Lord Jesus right now?

Humanity Can Go to Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty), Through the Lord Jesus?!?!

Fully Man and Fully God!!
Fully Man and Fully God!! | Source
His Blood Redeems All of Humanity, Through Faith!!
His Blood Redeems All of Humanity, Through Faith!! | Source

Where is Your Heart?

For those who foolishly and faithfully serve the devil (Lucifer, Satan). There will come a time when your fate will be sealed (You Decide When and Who You Serve, at Some Point. "All" Decisions Are Final) and the time for your redemption will be over. The Age of Grace..., Is About To End. My friend, this time period is almost at hand. Right now, if you are serving your pleasures, living for them, doing them because you think they "feel" good. Believe it or not, your master is the god of this worldly system the devil (Lucifer, Satan). If you are living an unnatural life ("evil" or "Live" Backwards), you are also serving the devil (Satan, Lucifer). Anything Which goes against the ways of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty), which He has set forth in the Garden of Eden in the Beginning of Creation, your master is the devil (Lucifer, Satan). If you are living for drugs, sex, unspeakable pleasures, you are a servant of the devil (Satan, Lucifer). Your Master is the devil (Satan, Lucifer) and you are his slave! Where Is Your Love and Who Do You Serve?

Even magicians can still come to King Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh and He is Far More Powerful than the one you sold your soul to. It is true and very evident, that the devil (Lucifer, Satan) has given you power or rather the ability to conjure his servants to assist with your shows or demonstrations. While The Age of Grace is still at hand, those servants or the fallen which you have conjured are the ones we can't see as the "trick" is being performed. To the observers now, it looks like the "magicians" are doing those feats. In actuality its demons who are assisting those magicians in doing this feats. Because they have sold their souls; all they have done is have demons become a part of mainstream magic shows. Even Jesus Christ, God the Son, God in the Flesh can still break those chains of bondage which the devil as fooled you into becoming his worldly servant! All magicians are visible servants of the devil (Satan, Lucifer), proving they do exists and can interact with those foolishly willing to experiment and a great price! It's not worth it, while Redemption is still at hand, even magicians can be set free from the devil (Satan, Lucifer) and his promise of Eternity in Hell! Ask yourself "We" Are Indeed the Final Generation and you too can be Pulled Out of the Fire?!?

I know, I am speaking from experience. I didn't always live for King Jesus Christ and even after I met, and knew Him either. I have been given to sexual pleasures, alcohol, lying, stealing and forgery. Oh yes, the world loved me as a child and even an adult when I backslid. This is no longer me now, but I know your pain, just like the Lord Jesus also does. Remember Father God sent His Only Begotten Son, God in the Flesh that whosoever believeth in Him shall have Everlasting Life. This includes you, me and anyone who finds The Truth! The Time for Redemption is now, come to the Lord Jesus and He will turn your life around!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

Mid-East Prophecy Update – August 12th, 2018

Don't Take the Mark, the Final Destination is the Lake of Fire!

Die For Jesus, than Take the antichrist's Mark!
Die For Jesus, than Take the antichrist's Mark! | Source

The Final Decision!?!?

Until the antichrist officially comes on the scene and the mark of the beast is being placed upon everyone or people start to receive it. The time for redemption is still at hand, literally! Either way and even until then, You Decide When and Who You Serve, at Some Point. "All" Decisions Are Final. Once you take the mark of the beast within the Book of Revelation, there will be no more a chance to be redeemed. You have sealed your fate and belong to the god of this worldly system the devil (Lucifer, Satan). The punishment which is his, will also be yours, Eternal Damnation in the Lake of Fire!!! You will no longer be able to be Pulled Out of the Fire. You decided "evil" ("Live" Backwards) was way better and have sealed your Fate for All Eternity! At the Great White Throne Judgment, you will finally meet the One you rejected your entire life, only have Him sentence you for your decision.

Until The Tribulation Period begins, which is after the Rapture of the Bride (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture), There Isn't Much Time Left to Prepare. The point right after the Rapture will be The Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call to have people come to King Jesus Christ. This will not be an easy task, either take the mark and serve the devil (Satan, Lucifer), or be killed by the antichrist (Barak Obama) or by his followers (those who take his mark). You Can Escape all of this, Simply Choose the Lord Jesus Christ today, become a part of His Kingdom and make Heaven your Home for All of Eternity! Or find out the Bible is True the Hard way, at a Hard Time, within a Hard Existence, where the Only Escape is Literal Death to your Flesh for Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh! A World and Reality, which is coming soon, which will reject and kill you because of your Faith, Belief and Your Willingness to Follow the Lord Jesus.

A Side note, the Christians who will be Left Behind, are the Lukewarm Believers (Half on Jesus and Half on the Things of This World) and the Cold Believers (no faith in King Jesus). They are the ones who will not Yield to the Holy Spirit and remain "Hot" for King Jesus during The Age of Grace. It was too hard to Be on Fire for the Lord Jesus and stick out or stand out for Him, to hate evil and firmly stand against injustice, to protect the innocent or any Righteous cause for King Jesus!!! These will be those Christians Left Behind after The Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Since you wouldn't stick you neck out there on the "Issues" of this Life, you will have to loose your head during The Tribulation Period. This is just as the Holy Bible says and also how King Jesus dealt with the temptation of the devil (Lucifer, Satan) when Jesus Christ (God in the Flesh) walked the Earth... "It Is Written!!!"

The Bible is the Holy Word of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) and it Never Returns unto Him Void!! It will be Fulfilled just as "It Is Written!"

The Question Is: Will You Be Ready Before Things Change, Forever?

The Bible Warns About the Days to Come!!

Be Ready Before the Rapture!!
Be Ready Before the Rapture!! | Source

Biblical Irony?!?

This can't be coincidence? The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified because the world hated Him, they Killed Him (this was the Will of Father God anyway, but still). The world did not want to hear His message of Hope, Peace; of Love and Repentance. Right now within The Age of Grace or the Church Age, King Jesus asks us to "pick up our cross and follow Him." The Apostle Paul wrote in the Bible: "we must crucify our flesh daily." King Jesus also said in the Bible: "the world will hate you for my namesake because it first did not love me." Could there be a warning or a message of something in the near future?

In The Tribulation Period, The “Final” Curtain Call, this New World Order will kill Christians or anyone who will not deny King Jesus Christ. The Believers who are now currently are Asleep, Cold or Lukewarm for King Jesus, will go through the fast approaching Tribulation Period. Seriously, The Tribulation Period is Really About to Begin! The Days of Darkness Are Still Approaching, which is The “Final” Curtain Call!! As I have already mentioned within this HubPage, anyone who takes the mark of the beast will be condemned to the Lake of Fire with the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his demons (the Fallen Angels). These same people who take the mark and serve the antichrist will kill you because of the namesake of King Jesus, which you will not deny. Plus there is an adverse side effect of those who take the Mark of the Beast as explained in, Could This World Have Been Preparing Humanity For The Tribulation Period This Whole Time? Either way, You Decide When and Who You Serve, at Some Point. "All" Decisions Are Final!

The event which awoke your Faith and caused you to realize Father Jehovah God, the Lord Jesus Christ and Heaven are Real! Was the event of the Rapture of the Bride taking place. You saw the Lord Jesus Christ in the Clouds and all of the Bride being taken all around you. {To everyone who sleeps, which is Cold and Lukewarm. All cried out to King Jesus, which was in the Clouds. But when it was over, it was all too late. The Rapture was over! The Tribulation Period began, and the Age of Grace, Came to an End! Those Left on the Ground, Had Sealed Their Fate!} (this seemed to be a poem or possible song there).

Right now currently within The Age of Grace, we can Live for the Lord Jesus Christ and be Sold Out for Him, we are prepared and ready for Rapture Day (The Pre-Tribulation Rapture) beforehand. This is about having a Relationship with King Jesus or having Intimacy With The Lord Jesus. This is having a Closeness or Oneness with King Jesus, reading His Word the Bible, Seeking Him Daily and truly pressing into Him! Which is why we are to Pick Up Your Cross and Follow the Lord Jesus and Draw Near to the Lord Jesus.

There is still time for those who are waking up, though time is so short and we don't know when the Shout from Heaven or the Trumpet of God will Sound. We Clearly Know the Scheduled Appointed Time is Very Near!!

Will You Be Ready in Time? Don't Delay, Come to King Jesus Christ Right Now!!

Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Jesus is coming soon!

Come to Know the Lord Jesus and You Too Will Also Be Free!!

Choose Freedom in Jesus Christ!
Choose Freedom in Jesus Christ! | Source

Your Price Has Been Paid!!!

Get ready now, the Lord Jesus is about to appear on the scene and take His Bride! Be one of them, Come to King Jesus now, He is waiting for you! You can come to Him, the Lord Jesus paid the price for your Freedom and has been already purchased with the Life of the Lord Jesus! Which He freely and willingly gave at the Cross. He paid for your Life with His very Own, come to the Lord Jesus and accept the Free Gift of Eternal Life with Him. Jesus Christ physically died (Shed His Precious Blood for You) so "You" don't have to Spiritually die (spend Eternity in Hell)! Do You See the "Signs" of the Times? Your Spiritual debt has been paid in full, acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ and you to can be With Him Forever!! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and Believe in your Heart Father God raise him from the dead and you will be Saved, from death, Hell and the grave. The Lord Jesus died to be Pulling People Out of the Fire, will you be one of them?

All you have to do is as simple as A-B-C. A: Acknowledge you are a Sinner, born into sin because of the fall of Adam. B: Believe in your Heart that the Lord God of Heaven Raised Jesus Christ from the dead. C: Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord" and you will be Saved! By Your Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Power of His Blood, you are now Washed by His Precious Shed Blood and Forgiven of All Your Sins!!

Give King Jesus Christ the Glory, Praise and Honor!! Welcome to the Family of Blood Bought Believers (BBB's) in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where is Your Heart?

Do You Agree?

See results

Yeshua is Coming Again!!

Where is Your Heart, Choose Jesus!

The Risen Lamb of Father Jehovah God!!
The Risen Lamb of Father Jehovah God!! | Source

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