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Where Are All the Aliens? Will We Ever Contact One?

Updated on October 15, 2017

Anybody out there?

A lot of speculation and guessing has been around for a lot of time now, regarding- you guessed it from the title- ALIENS. Many reports and articles have been published, claims have been made of UFO sightings ( people have also claimed they have been abducted by aliens - wow) ; more so, I read an article recently with two people claiming that they were a part of a NASA program which recruits people from Earth and sends them to missions on Mars, our moon and even Saturn's moon (oh come on already) to fight aliens. Also, I don't want to bring Area 51 into this but we all know the rumors. Thus, there has been a lot of talk but no substantial proof that could be brought into the public for the various claims registered : which brings us to the question - Where are all the aliens??

Given the history of Earth relative to that of the Universe, ours is still a very young planet. There are millions and millions of stars, systems and planets that are much older that Earth. Taking the slightest possibility that out of millions even if 1 or 2 had conditions favorable for development of life - then there could be a possibility. So if we combine our probability that from the millions of planets one does develop intelligent life form and the time period over which the Universe has existed , we basically come to the conclusion they we are not alone. If so, where are all the aliens? This is actually known as the Fermi's Paradox.

There are a few solutions to this however, I will say the top ones that I like :

1. There are aliens and they might be watching us. In short, civilizations are categorized into three types : Type 1 civilizations - which can utilize all of the energy of their planet (we are 0.1 percent of that currently), Type 2 civilizations - which can harness all the energy of their star and Type 3 civilizations- which can harness all of the energy of their galaxy. It might be possible that Type 3 civilizations are already out here watching us and when we reach a point that we are a danger to them, they might finish us off.

2. We are living in a simulated Universe - this theory is backed by many (including Elon Musk) and is trending a lot these days. Basically, some higher super- intelligent race is simulating our Universe for whatever purpose, and we are sitting in their floppy disks.

3. We are a unique race and there is no life form apart from us. We are alone in this dark Universe.

Its is up to you to believe whatever you want as there is no proof of any one of these theories, but it does give some food for thought.

What say?

Which theory do you believe?

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