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Where do you buy student microscopes?

Updated on April 13, 2015

Amazon One of the Best Place To Buy A Student Microscope

A student microscope is used by students of primary and secondary classes for educational purposes. Though students of college and high schools use microscopes, they are not really student microscopes. A student microscope has a low power lens. Previously these microscopes were found only in school laboratories. But now it has become very popular with science kits that many students have their own microscope for their personal use. It is often considered as some sort of a toy.

But all the microscopes that come with the label “student” cannot be considered a real student microscope. For doing projects and experiments that requires the use of a microscope, you will need a student microscope. You should know what your requirements are before you buy a microscope for learning purpose. The features of a student microscope is normally mentioned in the product description of microscopes but if you have a basic idea of some of the features you can choose the right one for your requirement.

A microscope must have dual focusing- coarse and fine focusing. Coarse focusing enables to focus in width. But if you want to see the finer details in the different layers of the specimen, then you will need fine focusing option. A microscope with a single knob will have only coarse focus option. So if you need to study the finer details of a specimen always choose a microscope with two focusing knobs.

A microscope with a built-in light is good for a student even though it is not essential. A mirror microscope will not have built in light and has to use an external light source. If money is not a constraint then it is better to buy a microscope with built-in light.

A mechanical stage is another function that a good microscope must have. This allows the specimen to be moved into position by turning the knob and you won’t have to move the slide with your fingers and adjusting the specimen under the lens will be easy. Actually the mechanical stage eases the operation of the microscope and it is not essential that a student microscope should have it.

You could buy student microscope from stores that sell learning aids or school lab equipment. There are numerous websites that sell student microscopes. If you just look into one of these sites, you will be amazed by the type of microscopes on offer. There is a wide variation in price also. If you know your requirement, you can choose the right one and that won’t cost too much.

There are many science kits available online. Science kit consists of materials required for experiments and demonstration for learning a particular subject. You could get simple student microscopes from the sites that sell these kits. The websites that sell student study materials also sells student microscopes. They might have the basic model to the most advanced models. For a student of primary and secondary classes, a microscope with dual focusing is sufficient. There are websites that gives review on the microscopes. It is better to go through this review to better understand a microscope.


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