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Where does an LVN work?

Updated on September 17, 2011

LVN in the hospital workplace environment

Where an LVN works at
Where an LVN works at

Where exactly does an LVN work, anyways?

It seems to be a very popular question here lately, where does an LVN work at. Well I will tell you the answer to this question in this hub.

First and foremost I want to make sure you understand what an LVN is and what an LVN does. An LVN is otherwise known as a licensed practical nurse. Basically, these nurses take care of health related duties and personal care of patients. In doing such, these nurses can be required to work pretty much anywhere in the world where their services are required. This is the reason that this question is asked so much because LVN's are used in many different applications.

Just to make sure you know what an LVN is

Random fact

LVN's primarily only work in the states of California in Texas, this is because those are the only two states that referred to this position by that title. In all other states this title is referred to as LPN, which stands for licensed practical nurse.

The places an LVN works that (finally)

Here is a brief yet concise list of where an LVN works at, please keep in mind an LVN is still able to work at many other locations depending on the job function.

  • long-term care
  • rehab
  • psychiatric nursing
  • physical therapists
  • private nurse
  • assisted living care
  • pediatric home care

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