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5E lesson plans examples

Updated on February 18, 2013
A child's drawing of Billy in "Where the Red Fern Grows"
A child's drawing of Billy in "Where the Red Fern Grows" | Source
Billy loves a few things
Billy loves a few things

Where the Red Fern Grows

Grades 3-5




construction paper

video clip

TV/DVD Player


Students will learn how to analyze important characters in a story by looking at their personalities and the conflicts that happenin the story. Students will describe attributes and specific details.

Engage: Discuss the plot of the story from chapters 1-11. Encourage students to summarize the story so far. Identify the charaters and their roles. Challenge students to think about what will happen next, and thenn show them a video clip to see if they are correct.

Explore: students will describe the thoughts of the character with mind portraits. Here they will draw their choice character and images of what he or she might be concerned or focused on.

Explain:Students will further discuss why they think the characters behave the way they do. They will analyze incidents or events that changed the story, they will talk about what they believe foreshadows future events in the overall story and in the individual characters lives.

Elaborate: Students will complete a character web that breaks down the character and describes different aspects. This is to assess their understanding of their chacter.

Evaluate: Use a rubric to grade character web and mind portraits.

Extension: Students can outline their character's traits and talk about what they liked or disliked about them in detail.

Comparing the US Constitution vs the Tx Constitution

Objective: Students will distinguish between national and state governments and compare their responsibilities.


Lead a class discussion about the US constitution and the Texas constitution with the whole class.

Facilitation Questions:

  1. Ask students did they know that not only do we have a national constitution we also have a state one.
  2. Which constitution is most important? Why do we have two?
  3. Why is it important to have a constitution? What is a constitution?
  4. Why do we continue to use them?

Allow students to answer these questions openly, assess prior knowledge as they answer these questions and discuss the topic. Make a chart of student reponses, so they compare what they learn to their prior knowledge.



Fact Sheets about both Constitutions enough for the whole class, teacher can look for facts online for their given state and for the US constitution.

Highlighters or pencils

Posters or Constructiion paper

Instruct students to research using the resources that you provide for them. In cooperative groups have students work together to highlight important facts. Encourage students to look for similarities and differences.


Students will discuss things they found out about both the US and the states' constitutions. They will discuss what they found out in their research.

Facilitation Questions:

Why did the TX constitution change so much throughout the years? (corruption, change of powers)

Why did the US change less? (the backbone of the entire nation, Founding Fathers)

Which is the strongest constitution? Why?

Which has the most power?

What is something they both have in common? (Bill of Rights)


Have students work in pairs to construct Venn diagrams, describing the US vs. their state' constitutions. Have them illustrate their work in front of the class together.


Where the students able to compare and contrast?

Where they able to research and decipher data?

Do they understand the importance of a constituion?

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      7 weeks ago

      Please help me to creat a 5 e lesson plan on disaster management


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