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Whether Lithium can replace Petrol Globally?

Updated on August 5, 2013
Mining of Lithium
Mining of Lithium | Source
Bolivia in South America,between Brazil and Arjentina
Bolivia in South America,between Brazil and Arjentina | Source

Need for alternative fuels

As it is well known fact that the known oil resources in the world will exhaust only a few decades,rich and 'advanced countries in the world are struggling hard to find new fuels for future.In this direction, they have found a new material -Lithium(Li),which can be used to improve automobile batteries and make them work for a long period,( say-to run 500 kilometers at one charge),which makes dependence on petrol and petrol-gas,much unnecessary.

What is Lithium?

Lithium is an alkaline metal that shines like Silver.But it is the lightest of all metals available in the world.It is combustible metal.So, it is kept protected in Kerosine oil.It is not available in nature in free state.

Lithium has two Isotopes called Lithium-6 and Lithium-7.In these forms it is available for nearly 230 million tonnes. in the earth.In mineral form, it is available in Ignious rocks, and Pegmetite rocks.Recently, it has been found out that it is present in alluvial soil also in the form of Hectorite. Even it is present in such large quantity, it is considered as 'rare element'because of its non stable nature.

Battery charged vehicles

To save petrol consumption and to create a pollution-free environment, electric vehicles have come to existence.But these are not liked by public at large because, they have to be charged for every 25-30 running, which is really a head ache. If that could be avoided and an electrically run vehicle could go for 500 kilometers at a single charge, Oh,fine, who needs petrol then?

That is what exactly going to happen if we use Lithium!

Bolivia-Store house of Lithium!

Lithium hunting countries are now stealthily and intelligently roaming around countries which have a stock of Lithium.They are tempting them with soft and attractive phrasesd and trying to get into their Lithium bases.Prominent among such Lithium stores is -Bolivia,the small country with rich natural resources.

Unfortunate Bolivia

This country is rich in natural resources but unfortunately all that is robbed by other countries.First to exploit this country were Spanish.They, obtained mining license in this country for 300 years and looted the silver in the 'Serro Richo' mountains, World bank,IMF etc, are footing there to 'help' them. America is also set its eye on Bolivia. The reason?-nothing but heavy Lithium deposit available there.

Other Lithium countries

There are other countries which also have rich Lithium deposits.Argentina, Australia and China have the Lithium deposits of Seven million tonnes.But as Australia and China are strong countries, 'Big brothers' in the world are not dared even to look at them.Argentina may succumb to their pressure in near future.Presently, Bolivia is the easy target to grabbing exploiters.

Uses of Lithium

1. Lithium can be used to produce long standing Lithium-ion batteries

2.Such batteries can make a laptop work for twenty hours at one gharing

3. Lithium ion Car batteries can make a car run for 500 at one charge. Petrol becomes unnecessary.

4. Lithium batteries can also help in storing solar energy.

Environmental hazards

By Lithium mining whether environment will be safe? Definitely not. Especially a country like Bolivia will definitely suffer.Because, that mining needs lot of itself Bolivia is not able to supply enough water to Lama shepherds, Quinova Farmers and tourists. If lot of water is used for Lithium mining, definitely the people of Bolivia will face scarcity even for drinking water.Not only that, world's only 'Salar salt forest' will definetely disappear by this mining. But Big countries will not bother about that.

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    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 6 years ago from Tumkur

      Thank you Mazio,for your appreciation. P,lease , on my behalf,ask your sister to give her opinion for my correction.

    • MazioCreate profile image

      MazioCreate 6 years ago from Brisbane Queensland Australia

      Thanks for this information Prasadjain. Science is not my strong point, but I found this Hub straight forward and very easy to understand. I'll pass this info onto one of my sisters who is a scientist and already owns an electric car, for her opinion.