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Which IT Undegraduate course to choose after 12th - B-Tech (BE) vs MCA

Updated on April 24, 2017

This hub is another in the series to help you out to choose the right course for you after completing 12th. In this hub we will try to compare between Btech and MCA and figure out best suitable course for you based on your preference. Both Btech and MCA are widely recognized degree in India and world and are equally helpful in getting a job after completion of course. Most of the Technical universities in India provide both B-Tech and MCA courses by itself and through affiliated institutes. Both the course are through entrances examinations. However some universities provided admissions through your 12th standard marks for Btech and based on undergraduate marks for MCA.


B-Tech vs MCA- Some Basic Differences

Let us now see some basic differences between B-Tech and MCA:

  • B-Tech or BE is an undergraduate degree while MCA is a post graduate degree: This is an important difference between B-Tech and MCA. B-Tech is an undergraduate degree which you can start after completing 12th. On the other hand MCA is a postgraduate degree which you can only do after completing undergraduate degree. However some universities provide BCA cum MCA program program after 12th. If you get such offer then that is best because you don't have to give another entrance after doing BCA. In market both B-Tech and MCA are recognized at par and get the same treatment in terms of salary and preference.

  • MCA will take 5-6 years to get into market after completing 12th: If you go through the MCA path, it will take you 5-6 years to get into the job market compared to 4 years in case of B-Tech or BE. In case you MCA first you need to spend 3 years in completing undergraduate course and then 2-3 years for MCA depending on the university you have chosen. However in case you are unable to crack the Btech entrance examination in the first go, it is advisable to join an undergraduate couse like BCA or BSc computer science and go to MCA route.

  • MCA is only IT and computers and no movement to other engineering fields: Remember MCA is only for computers and Information Technology and only compared to only B-Tech (IT or computers). There is no way you can move to other branches of Engineering. However one advantage of MCA is that it gives you an opportunity to do an Engineering comparable course even if you are doing undergraduate courses in any stream whether it is BA, B-COM or any 3 years course. So if you were not able to get into Science stream in you school due to any reason, or courldn't get an Engineering course after 12th, you can still do MCA and get inline with B-Tech IT.

  • MCA have postgraduate advantage: Although MCA is only equivalent to B-Tech (IT), however it is still a post graduate degree and B-Tech is only undergraduate degree. It can be an advantage when applying for US or UK visa where more preference is given to postgraduate degree.


Bases on above comparison, I hope you will be able to make right decision to choose between B-Tech and MCA. My personal advise is to first attempt for B-Tech admission and only if you are not able to get a seat, choose for BCA or other professional degree followed with MCA degree. If you can get BCA cum MCA program, then it will save you another one year. Overall, both the degree are good and give you good place in job market.


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    • profile image

      prasad 22 months ago

      I did UG in BSC CS now i can get for Btech 2nd year so what should i choose MCA or BTech