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Is Sanskrit or Tamil the oldest language in the world?

Updated on February 17, 2016
Bar Room Debate
Bar Room Debate | Source

Is Sanskrit or tamil the worlds oldest language ?

I believe it is Hebrew ! But I have no evidence to prove it is so...So far the majority of the comments on this post believe it is Tamil with Sanskrit coming a close second

Sir William Jones, speaking to the Asiatic Society in Calcutta (now Kolkata) on February 2, 1786, said:

The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either, yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs and in the forms of grammar, than could possibly have been produced by accident; so strong, indeed, that no philoger could examine them all three, without believing them to have sprung from some common source which, perhaps, no longer exists.

The difficulty lies in the defintion. Which language was spoken first; Which was written first. Obviously it is easier to prove today a language which was written first...

what is the worlds oldest language ?

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    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Tamil is oldest language in tha world........

      Please don't say thinks keep research and say then you know Tamil is oldest in the world.... Thanks

    • profile image

      RASi 2 years ago

      tamil is oldest language in the world

      sumerian is tamils

      mayans is tamils

      1500bc arians came from central asia so rama and krishna is tamils they all so black skin.

      sinthu civilization is tamils

      and tamil is mother language of korean,japanis,malayalam,kanada,telugu,thai, and eta........... this is true language natural language eg amma

    • profile image

      nongpok ningthou 3 years ago

      The language used by oldest civilisation in the world is the oldest language. It is generation of true. Find which is the most oldest civilisation of the world , kangleipak or aAkkadian of Egypt.

    • profile image

      lingesh and chandru 3 years ago

      I am proud that I am a tamizhian and india should also be proud that it also contains a state where tamizh is spoken

    • profile image

      hariharan 3 years ago

      i am hindu,however the matter no proof,wish earlyest language

    • profile image

      Man 3 years ago

      All arguments are wrong.

      The name 'Sanskrit' cannot be written in Tamil. But it can be written in all languages of the world. But, Tamizh (Tamil) cannot be written in any language in the world except in Tamil. And there are no letters for barbaric sounds in Tamil. Tamil uses only tongue not nose ,throat, stomach, etc like animals.Thanks

    • profile image

      Nannari tomar 3 years ago

      People who are white in color wont lie. so its sanskrit

    • profile image 3 years ago

      the creator is one, atom (anu in tamil) is one, father is one, mother is one, god is one, so language is one and that is thamizh (tamil) of all languages. I saw some shameless comments from some people. If you are unable to prove, keep quite and watch. Don't be foolish.


    • profile image

      just_think 3 years ago

      a simple analysis will clearly prove, if you have learnt all of the three languages you will know that.


      Ancient Hebrew does not have vowels everything is only consonants, Tamil has only two tones per consonant, example the letter "ka" can be "ka" as well as "ga" as well "ha" depending context and preceding letters. Sanskrit has four tones example "ka" , "kha", "ga" and "gha".

      if you look at the grammar, you can clearly see that hebrew and variations have evolved to tamil and its variants which has evolved to sanskrit and its variants.

      All most all archaeological proofs obtained till date proves that Hebrew is the oldest then comes Tamil and then Sanskrit.

      Even though the "Torah[ first 5 books of the jewish and christian bible]" existed 4000 BC in the written form in ancient hebrew, Tamil poet and sage Agatya or Agasya documents seems to date to 2500 BC.

    • profile image

      S.TAMILVENDAN 3 years ago

      Tamil is oldest language in world ,lot of evidence ........noble language , Tami is mother language of world language.....

    • profile image

      Manoj 4 years ago

      I consider tamil as the oldest.Tamilans as native indians.Let me give u an exmple.Tamilans or Dravidans are considered as Dark skinned people,and that why you find most of south indian peoples are dark coloured.whereas Aryans are white toned.The climatic conditions in India(Tropical area) prefer dark skinned people.see african peoples or south americans the native are dark skinned.Where as peoples from asia minor are white toned example turks and europens nations.So dravidans are native indians.

      2)Tamil is oldest because tamil derived from nature.Nature is its own mother.That tamil is always linked and synchronized with nature.Most of the literature works in old tamil talks about love,bravery,help,morals,respect etc rather than gods.Tamil had not bargained any letters or gramers or sounds from any language.Any thing that is pure will lost long and that why tamil has surived for a long period.

    • profile image

      RANJITH 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Vinod 4 years ago

      Tamil is the oldest language on earth. Tamil is not just a language. It is an identity of the oldest culture of the first humans on this planet.

      Lets take an example from nature itself. Have you ever heard a calf crying out to its mother? It says maa... maa or amma in tamil means mother. There are a lot of other scientific evidences to prove that Tamil is the oldest language on earth. The culture of Tamils dates back to very ancient time. The tamil language have its inscriptions around various parts of the world. There is evidence that mayans have used Tamil. There are various scripts written in Tamil which are the oldest. Tholkapiyam is one. Sangam literature is the oldest. There are many other proofs that accepts Tamil as the oldest language on earth.

    • profile image

      Ruthraa E.Paramasivan 4 years ago

      தமிழ் சமஸ்கிருதத்தின் வாடகைத்தாய்.மேலை நாடுகளிலிருந்து குறிப்பாக பாரசீக அவெஸ்தா மொழிப்பாடலே (ரிக் வேதம்)வேதமொழியாக ஒலிவடிவில் உலவிவந்தது.அத்ற்கு வியாழன் என்ற சிந்துவெளித்தமிழனான வியாஸனே வரிவடிவம் அமைத்தான்.தமிழின் கிரந்த எழுத்துக்களே தேவ நாகரி எழுத்துக்கள்.

      தேவ என்பது "தீ" என்ற சொல்லை அடிப்படையாகக்கொண்டது.தீயின் பயன் தெரிந்த தமிழர்களே தேவர்கள் எனும் உயர்ந்தவர்களாய் வேத மொழிக்காரர்களால்

      கருதப்பட்டனர்."நகர்" எனும் வினை (தொழில்)ஆகுபெயர் எனும் தமிழ் இலக்கணம் மக்கள் நகர்ந்து இடம் பெயர்ந்து "நகரம்" ஆனதைக்குறிக்கும்.தேவ நகரமான ஒரு சிந்துவெளி நகரின் "தேவ நாகரிக" மொழியே சமக்கிருதம் படைத்தது.சமக்கிருதம் என்றால் ஒலி வடிவிற்கு சமமான வரிவடிவம் என்று பொருள்.கிருதம் என்பதும் தமிழ்ச்சொல் ஆன கரம் (கை)கொண்டு உருவாக்கப்பட்ட "கையெழுத்து"வடிவம் ஆகும்.மேலும் "வேய்"என்ற தமிழ்ச்சொல் புல் என்பதைக்குறிக்கும்.வேள்வி வளர்ப்பவர்களின் "புல்"(தர்ப்பை)

      மொழியைக்குறிக்க வேதம் என்ற சொல்லையும் தமிழ் தான் உருவாக்கியது.எனவே தமிழ் தான் சமக்கிருதத்தின் இரவல் தாய் அல்லது வாடகைத்தாய் என்று கொள்க.

      ருத்ரா (இ)பரமசிவன்.

    • profile image

      P.P. Visva 4 years ago

      TAMIL is the oldest language of the the universe; existing from the last Satya Yuga 4million years ago; and, for al you peoples' info, Tamil is the only spoken language of THE HIGEST plane called SITTHA LOKA which is also called SIVA LOKA ... and, the chief Sittha of this loka is being LORD SIVA himself, HE speaks in TAMIL .

    • profile image

      nandish 4 years ago

      Kannada is the oldest living language on earth... where tamil and sanskrit got derived from it.

    • profile image

      subramanian 4 years ago

      There is no proof that sanskrit was spoken by the people it was created for some purpose except veda and some mantras specifically using for ceremonies that's all no evidence if the language has no spoken form then it may not be considered as a language.

    • profile image

      karthik kumar 4 years ago


    • profile image

      rajaoli 4 years ago

      in sacred book of vainavas naalayira thivya prapantham(senthirantha tamil osai vadasollaki) means vada sol sanskrit came from tamil language and lord krishna is a tamilan and lord siva is a tamilan all the philosophy hidden in tamil languge. astralian tribes speaking languge got plenty of tamil words,also in korea and plenty of world languge got the tamil words in their language,sanskrit is an created language and all the subject stolen from tamil language. elan means tamilan , mali elan means tamil person from tamil.its now calling malayali.

    • profile image

      siva 4 years ago

      I went over the comments posted, I noticed people are trying support their statement by saying sanskrit came from tamil, tamil came from sanskrit. Both of these ideas are not correct because

      1) Sanskrit has high similarity with indo-european languages. For example, the inflection of nouns on both latin and sanskrit are similar (for accusative surprisingly both are 'am' ). The way of expressing the idea (moods of verbs) are also similar. Thus it is highly likely that all indo european languages are sisters which came from some proto-language (origin might be from Asia minor region). This led to scholars group them in to one division.

      2) Tamil in other hand is grammatical different from indo-european languange. It is also highly inflected like all other proto-languanges. But the roots are of similar type in classical tamil (there is not many variation in inflection). So tamil is not similar to sanskrit

      The reason for not talking about words is

      - say suppose, If sanskrit and tamil having similar word. Then people beveling Sanskrit old might say "that word went to tamil from sanskrit" and vice versa. And so it never ends (Useless we will only run in circles). But still about words... Exchanges of words happened between both tamil and sanskrit.

      "Paaniam" is the oldest grammatical book of Sanskrit. "Tholkapiyam" the oldest grammatical book of Tamil. Even sanskrit scholars/ grammitical books talks about "Dhakshina janiyam" (formed from south) words from South/Dravidian language. And grammatical books of tamils around (1000 AD) talks about "vada sol" (sanskrit word) (Even in tholkapiyam (700 BC)).

      So the best way is to notice which language achived the complete status (useful for writing, speaking and has scripts ). The oldest grammatical work in tamil is tholkapiyam (700 bc) it refers(citates !) agathiyam (not available with us ). For sanskrit paaniam (300 bc). And also the oldest work is Rig veda and the tradiation is to learn it by heart and pass to the next generation (shows that no scripts are available ). And form tholkapiyam (and other texts) it has been know about three "Sangam"(phases) and tholkapiyam belongs to "last phase". Many texts of this last phase Bemoans the loss of literature due to "Tsunami". Those were lost and one should note that they were not learned by heart and carried to the next generation (which shows some form of scripts exits). Most of the old "sangam" poems were written by common man (not sages) and they are not religious (so there was no need to learn it by heart !!). Even "sangam" means a group formed to select best works (so many were neglected !!). Proto-Dravidian is most complete oldest language. And this Proto-Dravidian language transformed in to classical tamil (Has been spoken throughout south (from "purananooru" (300 BC -500 AD) not sure). Please note Classical tamil is close to modern tamil. We don't have any massive Proto-Dravidian work to check with modern tamil.

      To conclude

      simple roots and inflection found in classical tamil, shows that it hasn't taken words from other language family. On the other hand Sanskrit has taken words from other language families to grow in to rich. As at beginning sanskrit was supposed to be language of nomads, so it has acquired many words from proto-dravidian.

    • profile image

      Tarchies 4 years ago

      i thing is TAMIL, i am not a tamilian but i can read Tamil, one of my friends told me there is more then 5 laks old script found in Mexico, they related to TAMIL language and Australia also, not only Mexico,Australia even many county, and many Tamil grammar book's age 2500 year old, still they are teaching in schools and colleges and also many history in tamil i heard thery more then 20,000 to 50,000 years old, so this language is the old language in the world,

    • profile image

      sam the swimmer 4 years ago

      ya i love tamil,and it is the first language that came in the world.i m in tamil nadu.i m proved to br an i say tamil is the greatest language in the world.........

    • profile image

      DINGA 5 years ago

      All Tamilians say- Tamil is oldest :: Its natural way of telling::

      Since no one can go back to history - Archeology gives what is invaded so far : People are lived other than Tamil Naadu also and they are very different from Tamilians : so there is existence of multiple language ::

      Tamilians need to broad minded before commenting -I know Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam-kannada -hindu and urdu english :: i feel every lanugugae is beautiful : I like tamil but not tamilians :

    • profile image

      karthiksekaran 5 years ago

      as per vedic and historical evidences tamil is the oldest language in the world.......believe it or not it is the fact

    • profile image

      Rakesh kumar 5 years ago

      All other world has history not more than 5000yrs..but india has witten history 5lakh old..than it is proved than we indians have tought all the world regard language,sense of speaking,sense of wearing clothes,sense of eating,,,,,,,,,,,etc..

    • profile image

      Nandhini Devendran 5 years ago

      Happy to hear about my TAMIZH. My TAMIZH has no death!!!

    • profile image

      Harsha 5 years ago

      its Kannada

    • profile image

      pathi 5 years ago

      Its Tamil

    • profile image

      verma 5 years ago

      After reading all of your comments, I have gone through all web sites and books, I vote for Tamil.

      Sanskrit language is made for business and Brahmins to survive in India.

      Tamil is an ancient language.

    • Jeremiah Mcgowan profile image

      Jeremiah Mcgowan 5 years ago from Clearwater Beach, Florida

      A piece of pottery found in the Sinai desert which is being kept at the Haifa museum contains a hebrew transcription written in the 10 century BCE. That would make hebrew the oldest literary language that is still being used today.

    • profile image

      Dinakaran G 5 years ago

      Tamil is oldest language in this world. no doubt in that.

    • profile image

      Indian 5 years ago

      Helo ! Sanskrit is an alien language to the indian soil,language of the invaders & nomads,now it does not exist like a dinousaur ,only fossils are left,its history.Tamil is sill life ,breathing and talking.Aryans what happen to your mother tongue.My TAMIL MOTHER IS STILL ALIVE.

    • profile image

      mind & body 5 years ago

      nothing to talk or say_ u aryans just stand in front of a mirror and look at ur self & ask ur self & u will get the answer.only one answer that is ur origins is definitely not from the indian soil.u are invaders from persia.

    • profile image

      சுபத்ரா 5 years ago




      “தமிழுக்கும் அமுதென்று பேர்

      இன்பத் தமிழெங்கள் உணர்வுக்கும் உயிருக்கும் நேர்

      இவ்வுலகிற்கும் வேர்”

    • profile image

      kapilraj 5 years ago

      Tamil is the Oldest Language.... Please Watch this video..

      "Underwater" by - Graham Handcock

    • profile image

      ashwin 5 years ago

      tamil is an oldest language in the world....

    • profile image

      ash 5 years ago

      all of u idiots tamil has came from sanskrit

    • profile image

      suji 5 years ago

      i think is tamil the first one based on the evidence found

    • profile image

      holmes 5 years ago

      But, it is a huge mistake to theorize before one has data

      Inevitably, one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts

    • profile image

      anand ganesan 5 years ago

      well this is a discussion ...the oldest may be tamil i guess... the vedas what we say may be psuedo form of tamil so that all the people cannot read it...except for brahmins.... but here to speak is how many of them know to write read and speak perfectly both the languages only 40 percent of the population..... the rest they dunno even to speak properly. its useless to fight to over tamil or sanskrit... but rather its time to think how to preserve these classical languages.... and then we can be proud all around the world...

    • profile image

      Dhina 5 years ago

      A good example which i can prove that tamil is the oldest language is that.....when a baby is born , the baby unknowingly cry maa...ammaaaa and ammmaaaaa. AMMA is the first word that a baby cries. AMMA is a tamil word ........all human are born tamil first before thay a even christianized or muslimized.....whatsoever. And i never try to minimized any other language or customs.....this is something strikes my mind. I like english, its a beautifl language.....

    • profile image

      Samraj19 5 years ago

      The question would have been between Ancient Prakrit and Early Tamil as both were using the Brahmi scripts.

      Below Article confirm that Early Tamil scripts are dated before the Ancient Prakrit or Ashokan Brahmi scripts through Archeological evidences

      Sanskrit was created in the medieval period by Panini (Around 2nd or 3rd century AD)

    • profile image

      Samraj19 5 years ago

      The early Tamil supposed to be the oldest language

      Before start of the medieval period in India, Prakrit was the language used across the breadth and width of the Ancient India except the region of 3 ancient/early Tamil kingdom

      The Sanskrit becomes the popular and spread during the medieval period at the cost of Prakrit and Buddhism and it has taken all the credit from Prakrit and suppressed/crushed both Prakrit and Buddhism out of India

      The modern Tamil has many loaned words from Sanskrit due to the rulers in the medieval period

    • profile image

      kannan/ thanjavur 5 years ago

      world oldest language i was thinking tamil in first . so many example and history al so in tamilnadu. thanjai temple.

    • profile image

      Lakshmanan Krishnamurti 5 years ago

      This is a meaningless debate. The stories of Aryan invasion have long been disproved. As one who is fluent in both Tamil and Sanskrit I find that the two have a lot of common words. Learning sanskrit and tamil will hep s understand both better. There are gems in both the languages. Should a Hindu whose mother tongue is Tamil ignore the vedas because they are in sanskrit. Should a Hindu ignore the great works of the Alwars because they are in Tamil and not in Sanskrit?

      The reality is that our politicians have for their narrow self-interest used language to divide people and present some group or other as the 'enemy'. If we follow such evil geniuses, then we deserve everything that happens to us.

    • profile image

      Thackshi 5 years ago

      Tamil is the oldest language.

    • profile image

      GODWIN 5 years ago

      One small doubt to all Sanskrint followers. hope, you are accepting, Sanskrit of Europian origin, on migration it came into India for existence with Aryans. OK. before that, some people were living in this country, are they not living at least as a social animal, with breadwinning, communicating. Or they not speaking or not human beings? Next question - If Sanskrit as Claimed to be a mother of all Indian languages, for Vedhas, such phenomena of Vedha is available in any part of Europe or else where? All Indian Language are of same sentence structure as Tamil why? not like Europian

    • profile image

      RG 5 years ago

      Tamil is the oldest language in the world and it has been proved authentically

    • profile image

      raju 5 years ago

      Tamil is the most oldest language in the world.vazha tamil.

    • profile image

      Language 5 years ago

      Tamil Means - Tham (our)+ Mozhi(language )or Tham (our)+ Ill (House or Place) + Mozhi (language).

      sanskrit means - Senmai( Refined or modified) + Kuri or kirutham ( coded language). which means basically this language was developed out of already existed pre aboriginal language.

      sanskrit was a semi artificially systematically developed language out of the pre existed language but where as Tamil is not developed but evolved as humans started getting matured in all forms of life. it took thousands of years to develop her vocabulary in a natural way.

    • profile image

      abhi 5 years ago

      influences of kannada have been found in the brahmi script..thus kannada is the oldest language

    • profile image

      arul 5 years ago

      Thamizh is the oldest, finest, state-of-the-art language having words/meanings for ALL ages.

      (Kanipori/Kanini, Perunthu, Thodarvandi, Vazhalai-Soap, Negizhi-plastic, etc).

      It has letters in round shape, so they were written in tree leaves (no Sanskrit, Hindi words can be written in leaves)

    • profile image

      P.P. Visva 5 years ago




    • profile image

      sulthan 5 years ago

      any way Tamil is not derived from sanskrit...see tats Sur...and I also accept tat Sanskrit dated abt 1500BC...let us believe tat ther s no aryans invasion if so then first resolve the problem of aryans....Germans claimed themselves as aryans; Turks tell them as aryans,Iranians the same ..Russian the one is clear tat aryans is a big politics and also shows a nomadic patterns or semi nomads as prescribed by Wikipedia...but Tamil has its unique specificity...nd the reason of its ruins are not dated as 1500bc....and the reason is also mentioned in its litrature abt its great tsunami ...nd also greek nd latins the sumatrans Malaysians ,Singaporeans hav Tamil imprints as per Wikipedia ...and this shows that they are explorers ...and our Indian gov didn't allow any researches at sea.....this shows its fear about Tamil ......but one thing is sure kno abt aryans we had to search its roots in northern Asia ...but in Tamil we can see on its own land ...bcz we are permanent natives as Tamil ...

    • profile image

      Victor B 5 years ago

      OK, this is going to take a while as I saw a few comments that are based on historical teachings and not based on archaeological evidence.

      1. Indus valley civilisation is perhaps one of the oldest civilisations in Asia but that does NOT mean humans didn't exist in various parts of India prior to that!

      2. Archaeological survey in southern parts of India has proved that societies and communities existed even before the Indus valley timelines. And these communities spoke Tamil. And that's one of the primary reasons why Tamil was awarded the first Classical language status in India in 2004 even prior to awarding it to Sanskrit.

      3. The word "Sanskrit" itself means "Purified" which means the language was borrowed & purified from a few other languages such as Pali, Ardha-Magadhi, etc. So it is pretty obvious that Sanskrit could NOT have been older!

      4. There are two thoughts - 1. Aryans might have come to India from Central Europe, OR 2. Aryans migrated from India to Europe. Again, these are just theories and thoughts. No proof what-so-ever. Aryans did NOT exist! Aryan Invasion is still a theory and has not been proven. So trying to equate or relate Sanskrit to any European language is just a waste of time.

      5. I saw some comments about god and language of god. Scientifically speaking - There is NO god, unless otherwise you are referring to an Alien species!

    • profile image

      Kangleicha 5 years ago

      Tamil or Sanskrit?

      To those who say Tamil: what does tamil means?

      And to those who say Sanskrit: what does Sanskrit means?


      For your consideration:

      There is a language called 'Eelon' which you never heard of, and in this language the word 'Skin' and the word 'Snow' have a close relation(think twins). Why? The thing which cover a body(skin) fully is called 'Un'(skin) and the thing which once covered the earth entirely(remember the ice age) is also called, with a slight tonal difference in pronunciation) 'Un'(snow).

      This simply prooves that the 'Eelon' language was spoken when the earth was covered entirely by ice.(ice age).

      Also. Did you know the oldest potsherd(pottery) which dates back to 19,000+- to 21,000+- is found in Kangla, Kangleipak, according to a Proceedings of the National Conference on Luminescence and its Applications

      (NCLA -2009) February 19-21, 2009.


      No offence to anyone. But to make you understand that some things are said but truths are hidden for some unknown reason.

    • profile image

      indian girl 5 years ago


    • profile image

      rhea 5 years ago

      Dear friends it can not be Tamil and stop putting imaginary info like Tamil dates back to 10000. It is 2012AD and if languages originated around 5000BC still its only 7000years. And those who say that Aryans were Dravidian, you guys post without knowledge of anthropology.Study it first.

      As for the oldest language, think people!! Rigveda was completed within 1200BC.Then imagine when it could have been started.An extreme complex and pure book like Rigveda could not be written in a language which was just created.It must have been structured,practiced and improved over a much longer period of time.and INCIDENTALLY it was composed in the north-western regions of India where Aryans are said to have camped.Now what we say temples were 'Mandira' in Sanskrit and were the place of education i.e. The Ashrams.

      Now for those who says Aryans are Dravidian you may be interested to know that first PROPER CIVILIZATION in India is known to be Indus-valley(4000BC)whereas south-Indian temples were built around after some population from Indus-valley migrated to the tapti river valley taking 'Linga puja(shivalinga)' with them.And also the fact that a great difference lies between Aryan and Dravidian gods.The Dravidian worship the masculine(lord Balaji for example) but the Aryan worship the feminine(goddess Kali for e.g.).

      Now Hebrew language is attested around 1000BC, 700-500 years younger than the attestation of Vedic Sanskrit.The Bible whereas was assembled around 400AD only.

      But the most important fact should be the cultural complexity noticed as that is the mark of practice of a particular civilization.The Vedas are filled with complex knowledge on vivid fields of human aspects and knowledge that can only be obtained by researches and intelligence practiced over a length of time.Even pyramid structures are one of the ancient 'energy center' symbols of Rigveda(proved ).

      As for those who say Sanskrit, Indus-valley and Mesopotamia were not connected, please read this

      Now due to disasters and ruining of written materials conflicts may arise but surely it is not Tamil.

    • profile image

      shanthi 5 years ago

      tamil is oldest language. i sure that.


    • profile image

      karthick 5 years ago

      I proud to be a tamilan

    • profile image

      TA 5 years ago

      Sanskrit is a Dravidian Origin - Vedic Hymns are all in dravidian consonant - only the south indians can pronounce them & NO other language in the world has such nasal pronounciation !!. Classical sankrit is derived from Vedic sanskrit.

      These hymns are from dravidian tribes passed on from generation to generation. Dravidian kingdoms had extensive trade contacts with Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Persian empires, which explains the common words across these languages.

      Historical Evidences:

      South Indian temple inscription - 18 centuries back - "Nagas gave sanskrit - the language of the devas - to the Aryas". Nagas are dravidians living next door in Nagapattinam & aryas are the Noble men. that's why you have aryas or brahmins in all communities. Sorry to bust the theory - no aryan race !!

      Megasthenes - goes to Patliputra & then goes all the way to the Pandian Kingdom - Madurai. He calls Madurai as Mathura - the land of krishna, explains the caste system (yes, caste system is a dravidian origin!!), talks about a story like Iliad/Troy but much longer in length (Ramayana is the Victor's version, Troy is the Lanka version of Ramayana). So there was NO sanskrit in Patliputra but it existed in the Pandian Kingdom during 300 bc !! Read Indica for the details.

      Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Jainism & Buddhism (23rd Thirthankara is Buddha), all originate in Karnataka/ dravidian kingdoms !!

      Jain texts written thousands of years back say that Ramayana & Mahabaratam are stories of dravidian Cheiftains in South India. Bharatavarshe is the land from Vindyas to down south Kerala. All cities mentioned in these texts are in south india - Ayothiapattinam, Kansapuram, Madurai (Mathura), Kasipuram, Sanjeevini Hills, Agasthiyar hills, Vindyhas (Himalayas), Cauvery is Ganga, Triveni sangam - Amudha - Saraswati, Bhavani - Yamuna & Cauvery/Ganga, Pandavapura, Gangavathi (origin of cauvery), Ganga Kingdoms (Kannada kings are called Ganga kings, why north kings are NOT known as Ganga kings), Indrapala (Andhra), - are all in south india.

      Sanskrit is written on all south indian temples, but not on North temples. North temple priests chant in Hindi & NOT in sanskrit. South temple priests chant only in Sanskrit. Most famous Nepal Hindu temple - Pashupathi nath priests are from Karnataka !! Thailand royal brahmin preist sends his disciples to study sanskrit in Kanchi / South india. Dravidian kings take Sanskrit to all the places in southeast asia - Thailand, Indonesia/Bali, Cambodia, etc.. because it is their language & their legacy !!

      Hinduism was revived in North after the 700+ yrs of Mughal rule by the RSS leaders. they named all the places - Ayodhya, Mathura etc.. only in 18th century, Kumbh Mela is only a 100+ yr old tradition, etc,. why would a north indian fair skinned person - so called aryan worship dark gods - Shiva, Vishnu, Rama & Krishna !!

      that's why there was NO temple found under the Babri Masjid - because it was not the birth place of Lord Rama. It is ayothiapattinam in south India. !!

    • profile image

      Tamil pithan 5 years ago

      I would like to say thanks to the guy post under the name "THE TRUE DRAVIDIAN"..I strongly agree his points that tamil is the very oldest language of all..

    • profile image

      akshay 5 years ago

      sure sure sure i will say tamil because its going to far at before 5000bc or before before before........

    • profile image

      Read It 5 years ago

      If we follow Tamil is the oldest language, Why all the God's Praises in Tamil culture are in Sanskrit. We follow only the culture/traditions in between generations and that mostly comes worship. THINK IT

    • profile image

      sanjiv 5 years ago

      sanskritis oldest

    • profile image

      dharmaraj 5 years ago

      madam please don't think investigate......tamil is the oldest living language......

    • profile image

      PREMA 5 years ago

      10000000000000000000000 the world because value.anyone know how to prononce this value.cannot.only one language can.the world greatest and oldest language tamil can prononce.indians call the value as'MAHAYUGAM'.

    • profile image

      lawrence 5 years ago

      sanskrit and tamil are two language coming from two different root. europian root is sanskrit ,dravidian root is tamil .these two are not compared then any one . tamil is oldest root in proto dravidian language but sanskrit is mixer language of jews language and dravidian language. brhamins are sixty five percentage jews and iranian mixer people entair in religious work . for ex: chatpawan brhamins genitically jews , namboodhri brhamins are jews after entair india they are intermerried with dravidian nair people.

      tamil loan words are many in sanskrit

      the palm leaf manuscript are used in south indian dravidian culture its name 'oolai chuvadi'. there are lack of oolaichuvadi discovered in dravidian siddha medical palmleaf manuscript. kerala, karnataka andhra, tamilnadu, like southindian country used oolaichuvadi. these are dravidian country.

      so after brhamins entair( oprox bc 2000 to 1500) they learn some dravidian cultural after wrote vedhas in palmleaf. the word vedha root from tamil word "vei-thal ".

    • profile image

      Ganesh 5 years ago

      Absolutely Tamil

      It is the first language in world

      In tamil there is only one kagaram but in other there are three kagarams in order to speak easier they have 3 kagaram extra.this shows others derived from tamil.

      Ancient tholkappiuum was born in so tamil should be born before that.

      In Poranaanoru paadal there is told about Seran ,mahabaratha.

      Mahabaratha war was in 1432 so poranaanuru paadal shpuld be sing before 3445.

      so tamil should be born first.

      Tamil has the speciality of reading the ancient sangams,tholkaapium till today but languages don't.other languages like greek have changed but don't tamil.

      This concludes that tamil is first born language in world

    • profile image

      Rohan 5 years ago

      Hello,all my dear language lovers don't say tamil or sanskrit is oldest don't compare between them,here activity prevailed even when greece didn't exist.ok sanskrit or tamil leave it,and as people of india we should start the drugging of science in both languages because we have found ancient Tamil herbal scripture of 2000 years ago and patanjalis arogya sutra in Sanskrit,please my dear Indians leave the matter of which is old now start finding the ancient scriptures of both languages which is very useful we can find a numerous science in both language,India is the only country which has monsoons,please leave it fighting with each other and let us start to save our numerous science for our generations.

    • profile image

      thamizh 5 years ago

      According to scholars the word Hebrew came from the word Apiru which means people who came from or stayed on the that side of the river. in Bible- old testament is also saying that the forefathers came from eastern side.

      This word Apiru is the corrupted Tamil word- Appurathu Aru means that side of the river.

      Evidences are coming out in supporting and proving the migration of people from southern india to west and northwestern places. Accordingly the the recent carbon dating of excavations found in poompuhar is dated to around 12500 B.C and that of in Indus valley civilization is around 7500B.c.

      As per scholars tamil civilization and language was in the highest maturity in all forms around 20000 to 25000B.C and then this civilization started migrating due to natural disasters.

      one would say these nonsenes all are in literature but the day is not too far to prove the hidden facts.

      Sanskrit was never a spoken language in india by the common man. it is a polished, systematically and artificially coded language of the pre aboriginal language spoken in india.

      The tamil people's love and respect towards their mother tongue and her incomparable richness will help her to live till the last human being breathes in this world.

      Vazhga Vazharga Thamizh.

    • profile image

      kamlesh 5 years ago

      tamil is one of the oldest and greatest language in the world.guyz u agree?anyone know 1000000000000000000 how to prononce this number?or either any languages can tell is number,can't.only tamil languege can tell.this number we called 'ARTTAM'

    • profile image

      sara 5 years ago

      TAMIL means ARAVAM(sound).... this is a language that originated when the use of sound to communicate came into existence...

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      Mad like u only believe like these nonsense. There is lot of evidences coming out now about Tamil. Sanskrit dont even comes near Tamil's rich history.

    • profile image

      Gal Rokh 5 years ago

      Defiantly not Hebrew, the languages that nomads in the desert wrote in the caves are a lot more older and closer to Arabic than they are to Hebrew.

    • profile image

      sup bay 5 years ago

      still here Sanskrit is still the oldest u guy just need to believe it Tamil came from all u hory beggars cuming into hindustan with your lousy rituals and language btw sanskrit and india rule

    • profile image

      THE TRUE DRAVIDIAN 5 years ago



      All scolors agreed aryans were migrants from central asia. before that which language spoken in india.= DRAVIDIAN.


      Aryans r migrants or nomodics and illterical language with no grammer=THEY BOUGHT MANY WORDS AND GRAMMER WITH CULTURAL FACTSFROM DRAVIDIANS


      Aryans formed a language for literary tradition that is sanskrit.


      Here many aryans says their color is white and dravidians color is black.=THEN HOW RAMA AND KRSHNA WERE BLACK IN EPICS. HERE WE CONCLUDE RAMA AND KRI R DRAVIDANS. Aryans got detals from tamils.


      Many indus scripts like tamil brami scirpts.= so it is tamil civilization before invasiion of aryans.


      This language is speaking in balucgistan near indus valley.pakistan()IT IS LIKE TAMIL.




      Many tamil inscriptions r lost in during tsunami.



      Many politicicians r based on sanskt. so they hide the truth. SO TAMIL IS THE OLDEST LANGUAGE OF INDIA.

    • profile image

      Senthil 5 years ago

      Tamil is the oldest will wait and accept.tamil kadavul murugar

    • profile image

      AK 5 years ago

      Tamil and Sankrit has good history in india sub-con...but the fact is the so called oldest text in tamil has many sanskrit loan word directly or indirectly.

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      Yes wait for sometime. The remaining truths hided in Indian sub-continent will also come out one by one. Future strongly says its Tamil only.

    • profile image

      mahi 6 years ago

      wait for few days there might be future showing that tamil is not old i think it is sanskrit. there is much of history still left behind which needs to be explored until then let it be sanskrit

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      Why do the facts by historian's that lived closer to the earlier records differ from modern historians and acheologists of today? Would you rather beleive historians of ancient worlds, or modern so-called scientists with all the errors? are not eye-witnesses closer to the facts?......

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      Tamil (?????, tami?, [t??m??] ?) is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. It has official status in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and in the Indian union territory of Pondicherry. Tamil is also an official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and the first Indian language to be declared as a classical language by the government of India in 2004. Tamil is also spoken by significant minorities in Malaysia and Mauritius as well as emigrant communities around the world.[1]

      Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.[6][7] It has been described as "the only language of contemporary India which is recognizably continuous with a classical past"[8] and having "one of the richest literatures in the world".[9] Tamil literature has existed for over 2000 years.[10] The earliest epigraphic records found on rock edicts and hero stones date from around the 3rd century BCE.[11] The earliest period of Tamil literature, Sangam literature, is dated from the 300 BCE – 300 CE.[12][13] Tamil language inscriptions written c. 1st century BCE and 2nd century CE have been discovered in Egypt, Sri Lanka and Thailand.[14] The two earliest manuscripts from India,[15][16] to be acknowledged and registered by UNESCO Memory of the World register in 1997 and 2005 were in Tamil.[17] More than 55% of the epigraphical inscriptions (about 55,000) found by the Archaeological Survey of India are in the Tamil language.[18] According to a 2001 survey, there were 1,863 newspapers published in Tamil, of which 353 were dailies.[19] It has the oldest extant literature amongst other Dravidian languages.[6] The variety and quality of classical Tamil literature has led to its being described as "one of the great classical traditions and literatures of the world".[20]

    • profile image

      Vaana varamban 6 years ago

      recently found Poompuhar- a submerged city of olden day- near Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu- few kms into sea was dated as 10,000 years old by Graham hancock. City is very much older than even harrapa... this means culture to the whole world is from TAMIL speaking people. A naturally derived language ... A person who knows Tamil and other language can feel the artificial nature of other languages

    • profile image

      Jane 6 years ago

      You are absolutely correct Pt. Pravin,

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      Also, just a small point....

      Carbon is a mineral and diamond is a crystal. If my teacher told me diamond is a stone (and I found out it is not), I would first change my teacher - the diamond is more valuable.

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      What do you mean by genetic difference data? Generaly humans are the same. The only differences are the geographic and climatic effects that change our genetics on a very shallow level over 100's and thousands of years - the basic makeup is the same and this has an origin - our first human parents. This is logical and well documented fact - even in india.

      As you may know, diamond has allotropic properties of carbon; where the carbon atoms are arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure called a diamond lattice. Diamonds form with great forces and power. Humans have also been formed by great forces and power. Where this power comes from is what is more important. Every diamond may be a little different, but it is still a diamond and has an origin. In the same way, we are all human and have an origin. No one is greater and no one is lesser. We are just different due to geographic and climatic data.

      Now, we are supposed to be discussing the origin of human languages. Do you think it is logical that the forces involved in producing our first parents and giving them a tongue to speak with, a voice box and lips and mouth to form words with and express thoughts of the mind and feelings of the heart, gave our first human parents a very first language to speak with?

      Please let me know if you think this is logical enough.

    • profile image

      Pt. Pravin Varanasi 6 years ago

      Your qualification is way understand things properly, means what you have leant from your teachers. some authentic persons say about that the stone is Diamond then we believe that the stone is dimond, without that we can't differentiate it from other stones. find the genetic difference data of creatures i have sited. only those persons laughs who can't understand things. one person can't confirm it only by reading my post.

    • profile image

      chakravarthiamith 6 years ago

      if one walks away without an argument, it doesn't mean he lost, it simply means he wishes to spend his time to help people who are more logical.

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      You say collect data from all sources but you only look at India and then you talk about genetic differences that have been affected by geography and climate but we are all humans that come from one human parents. This is scientific. Have you ever studied the history of planet earth taking into account history, science, etymology, medicine, law, mathematics and all the major religions of the wolrd all put together and revised your theories? Because as a budding scholar you will be very surprised to know that your data is obsolete by far. There is so much you do not know about the world you live in. You are not alone, many are on this path. People who are not scholars know more than even this. I have many facts that your theories do not even touch the tip of and make your theories very laughable. I will share some with you very soon.

    • profile image

      Pt. Pravin Varanasi 6 years ago

      I ma not tamil but you western people are changing history everyday and I am visiting tamilnadu for last 10 years and have practical first hand experience.It is not mythology but go to genetic differences between indo-euroreans and africans more than 100000 year and difference between indain and european is only 40,000 years. 120,000 year ago only people of two area suvived including some common animals like lions and elephants both are genetically more than 100,000 years apart; of indian subcontinent and african area. don't be pure historian. collect data from all sources than comment. i am scientist, lawyer and sanskrit scholar too.

      40,000 year difference tell that all asians, middle east and European migrated from current Pakistan base of DEOSAI plateau which is the second highest and fertile in the world but first in southern part. Tamil may be common language for speaking and sanskrit in construction phase for thousand years. THAT MEANS ALL OTHER LANGUAGES OF ORIGINATED FROM SANSKRT AND CHINESE FROM BRAHMI SCRIPT IT-SELF

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      Exactly!!.......Tamils are too busy looking at the mythological history as fact......Tamils who reason like that are NOT "dumb as rocks" - as even rocks can be dated back - but Tamils are too busy in mythological data. They must be the worlds oldest dreamers!

    • profile image

      Zach 6 years ago

      Wow, some of you are just plain STUPID. You people who say Tamil are dumb as rocks.

      Sumerian is by far the oldest spoken language. Sumerian was first recorded in 3900 BC. Tamil, 500 BC

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      Oh no!...Not Mythology again!!!....This data does not match Archeology, Etymology, History or even Science. Pure imagination!

    • profile image

      Pt. Pravin, Varanasi 6 years ago

      use your common sense, tamil is always associated with body language while sanskrit is not. language of earlier stage of human development can be particular sonud with aparticular body language, tamil shows direct relation with the said mechanism while sanskrit is most perfect language till date, IT show how developed human were at that time of moment. one can't sketch a perfect picture without much practice there i believe that sanskrit developed from Tamil therefore Tamil is the oldest language. It may date back to 120,000 years before Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu,When our data shows that Land submerged in oceon.

    • profile image

      Cyber-Man 6 years ago

      It is a perfect fact that languages from India can not be the oldest because India was not the first civilization on the Earth. Please try and rise above all ignorance and learn about human history first. This goes back before even Egypt. So this rules out Sanskrit and Tamil by far. as all humans come from the same place - our first human parents. This is not and never will be over-ridden by the self portraits of any civilizations individual development and perceptions. We must try and think outside the little boxes our most recent ancestry has come from and delve deeper into history to resolve the mysteries of time and stop all this nationalistic stupidity, because we are all humans that come from the same place - don't let your eyes deceive you. Anyone who claims to be above these facts are not lovers of truth but are wrapped in self pride. You can fool yourself and try to fool others, but you can't fool God and truth. Be careful as you will be accountable to God and the rest of the human race if you try to assert lies based on self pride.

    • profile image

      surendar 6 years ago

      tamil is the oldest language of all

    • profile image

      Bharatheeya 6 years ago

      My fellow Indians, don't fall prey to these linguistic traps on the web. Both Tamil and Sanskrit, the most oldest languages in the world have their origin in our land, India. This pride to be an indian is the greatest honour. What more do we need?

      nangal ellarum indiakal

      vayam sarve bharatheeyaha

      Jai Hind

    • profile image

      Bharatheeya 6 years ago

      My fellow , don't fall prey to these linguistic traps on the web. Both Tamil and Sanskrit, the most oldest languages in the world have their origin in our land, India. This pride to be an indian is the greatest honour. What more do we need?

      nangal ellarum indiakal

      vayam sarve bharatheeyaha

      Jai Hind

    • profile image

      tamil 6 years ago

      tamil is the oldest language in world . the truth is not far it is going to come to light .the people criticised tamil will bend ur head .wait for that fools.tamil valga , valarga .