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Who Left The Lights On?

Updated on August 12, 2014


Light, the Postmaster General of the Universe! ... :-/ ... Moving on! Light is the carrier pigeon of time, undulating down the ages to connect distant reaches of the cosmos to one another. Akin to the serpent of Genesis, it provides a glimpse, insight into the unknown extending far out into existence. Light has been the precursor for development and evolution, the Cambrian Explosion was an epoch where life accelerated from a slow crawl to, if not a sprint, then a run. The catalyst behind such a spike in evolution was the evolution of creatures that possessed eyes, we can say with a modicum of assurance that the pivotal moment in the development of life on earth was when creatures evolved rudimentary organs to absorb and reflect light, thus see the world around them.

Much farther down the Darwinian road, humans came into being (a very simplistic explanation for the very extended, drawn out period of time and little changes. To know more, see Darwin). And through fire, we were not only able to see light, but became the first species on this planet able to harness light. The course of our history has seen this extend to candlelight, gas light, light bulbs (first tungsten and now LED and other more durable, longer lasting fibres).

Recently, our dalliances with light have grown more intricate and complex, far more fascinating. Last year, scientists were able to freeze light (halt it's radiation and travel through space/time) for a whole minute. Furthermore, there is a recent instance in where a single photon (the smallest constituent of light) exists in a superstate (all possible states at once), observing the particle, without destroying it. So observing and controlling light seems a vital prerequisite for our advancement, light is the key to the future. Perhaps through understanding and harnessing light fully, we may finally yield and wield the ultimate knowledge that powers existence itself?

"It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness." - Chinese Proverb.

"You have no idea how much power is in a beam of light." - Prot, K-PAX.


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