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Who cares which school you are from?

Updated on March 18, 2012

There is one cliched question I always hate to hear within earshot: Which school did you came from?

I feel like slapping the person.

Your Alma-matter does not serve as a testimonial for you. You are still useless, and can be seen as haughty even, if you put your Alma-matter in your CV or resume conspicuously, without any experience and skills, and hoping that your employer will call you straight away for an interview. There is hardly any possibility for bosses to reserve job vacancies specially for ex-students of prospective schools (if there are, I envy them). Bosses are not so jejune to take risks.

I hate students flaunting their prestigious schools just for the sake of their egos. So what if they study in top schools? Do they think they are more superior, venerable and deluxe?

I will debunk their claims. Let me give them a piece of my mind.

Students from neighborhood (the not so significant) schools, can still do better in their studies if they pledged their determination to be hardworking. They can achieve exceptional grades just like a student from a prestigious school. Everyone has a brain, and who says that there are people who have diminished capabilities and potential to learn (unless if they are mentally handicapped; not physically handicapped)?

This is the truth: top schools attract high-ability students, thus creating a virtuous cycle, whereas the rest of the schools provide a refuge for lower-ability students, thus creating a vicious cycle. If this were to continue, there will always be competition, suicides even. There are many repercussions that we do not want to contemplate.

I do not care which school you are from, which university you are from. Even if you have an ostentatious record of distinctions and awards, when I rip you off, you are still a human, a quintessential human, and you have the organs everyone has.

An advice for students: be modest, but never be demeaning. Whatever achievements you attain, share the happiness with your family and friends.

The school does not help ex-students in finding jobs. After their school life, it is totally up to them on how to earn a living.


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