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Who is a Teacher?

Updated on November 19, 2012

Who is a Teacher?

When life wanted to bless you, he gave you a teacher. They are the ultimate gift of God. A teacher is noble and humble. They give and only know to give.

A teacher is a visionary. A teacher is not ordinary, because they can make you extraordinary. They understand you like no one else. They come into your life to change the way you look at life. You are no more the same again. Your understanding of things change, your knowledge grows, you grow. Life will never be the same again for you.

A teacher is active. They teach, inspire and guide. They transform. They give you a purpose in life. They teach you not only on one platform and through lectures, but they lead you by example. They build a nation, society and also an individual.

They can do what a politician, economist and business cannot. They form systems, create processes and give an order to everything around. They know how to teach, manage and lead. They are an institution themselves.

A teacher never differentiates between students. They teach students as per their level of understanding. Whenever a student needs a teacher, they will appear. They are always there. In every age, era, time and place the teacher is the same. A teacher seems different for different people. But he is the same life principle expressing in different forms.

They are pure and make you pure. They destroy your ego and make you humble. They make you divine. With them ends all search. You Stop. You open out in the World, where only your teacher can take you.

You can pay anyone, but you can never repay your debt to your teacher. A teacher gives everything to you.

Lastly, A Teacher makes you another Teacher…


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    • dailyaffirmations profile image

      Markamoment 4 years ago

      Thank you...

    • profile image

      Teacher 4 years ago

      Well Said... - Daily Thoughts