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Who is a great person?

Updated on December 23, 2011

A Great Person

Who is great in a country a president or his/her parent? What’s about his or her teachers who give the education. In principle a president is above all of a country. All others are ‘below’ him or her. However ethically, his or her parents are always above all.

Similarly, who is great in a work, those who actually achieved a task or his or her coworkers who helped to achieve a task? In this particular case those who leads and achieve task is great because it is him or her who took lead to do something.

I would like to take another case, there are certain actions or a task big people can not do but small people can do. Big and small means in two meanings, physically and ranks. In a war it is the lower rank people who actually fight in a battle field. The chief of army gets credit. There are certain works which physically big people can not do, but small, meaning children can do.

One example is Kamal of Pokhara. He is a 12 years boy. He rescued a two and half year girl who fell into a gorge of Seti river in Pokhara about 60 feet below. The gorge was so narrow that the rescue team cold not go inside the place of the girl. Rescue tem helped him to reach the girl and he pulled up the girl from such a narrow place of Seti river gorge. The little girl was saved, He was praised by many people. A college officered him free education. Parent of the girl praised him as their additional family member.

Overall, what I am trying to say is that everyone is important, regardless of level, rank, grown up or a child in different places and different times.


In summary seniors are seniors no matter how great a person may be.


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    • NarayanKrishna profile image

      NarayanKrishna 7 years ago from The country of Mount Everest

      Yes, Juliet Christie, you are very correct. There are some people who think that their teachers and parents are less important when they reach at higher levels.

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 7 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thanks for reminding us that greatness lies in the things we do for other.Whosover wish to be the greatest amony you must serve his fellow men. Greatness comes through service.