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Who is responsible for our children's ethics and does intelligence make you mean?

Updated on June 15, 2013

The questions posed is basically; why are smart people mean and is it a school’s obligation to make students more ethical. These questions are some that I have asked myself and there is many theories and even solutions.

The answer to the first why and how, is a bit hard to explain. People with high intelligence on average are less religious than common folk. The lack of belief could be a reason for unethical behavior. Money can be linked to unethical behavior, more intelligence usually brings more money closing the link of money and intelligence. However, I think neither are the case.

Maybe the answer is a simple one, people are who they are. Stupid people can be mean spirited and just as ugly natured as an intelligent person. Maybe what makes people go up in arms about smart people’s crooked ways are the person’s ability to scheme up more incredulous acts against humanity. Most serial killers are very intelligent and know that what they are doing is wrong, they just don’t care.

Which to me, is the root of it all, no caring or compassion for another person’s strife leads to unethical behavior. The view of the world as a whole makes evil people. Just like in psychology, there are no clear answers. Two people could have the exact same parents, childhood and average life experiences and turn out completely differently. I believe a person’s parents can go a long way to shaping and forming a child, however the child’s personal temperament from genetics must be added to reasoning.

Who is responsible for making the population a better, more caring society is parents and elders. The young will learn manners and acceptable behavior from society and their elders. To give a college responsibility for children that in an essence, are already grown, is quite ridiculous. A parent can do the best they can to raise a child right, society can help in the process, however the child will grow to what they will become. Life and influence may change some people’s actions, however the morals of a person will not change. An evil person is born, not created and it doesn’t matter how intelligent they are, intelligence will only open up the possibilities to show their true colors more destructive and creatively.


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