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Who is your Mentor?

Updated on August 9, 2016

Who Mentors You?

You as business men/women wear many hats, and being a mentor is one of the most important. But have you ever stopped to think, who mentor’s you? When most of you hear the word “coach”, it probably takes you back to your childhood when you played some sort of organized sport. Maybe baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading, or something of the sort. You may remember an instance where you failed and a coach gave you some supportive direction. Or, when you triumphed and a coach celebrated with you as though he/she was a child themselves. A coach could also be someone who helped you with your studies- a tutor. My point is, there are more “coaches” in the world than we realize, that helped us get through something we might not have otherwise been able to accomplish. Oddly enough, I happen to be watching the Olympics in Rio this week. It’s insane how many respective sports and countries that were competing. So many different skills, yet all of them at the top of food chain. Why? What do they all have in common? A coach, that’s what. Someone there to push them, hold them accountable, and give knowledge of experience to get the most out of the athlete. Not one of these participants would be the best in the world without their coach, just ask them. So is it really feasible to feel as though we couldn’t reach a higher potential as adults from having coaches in our lives? Would all of those failures not apply now? Would all of the triumphs not be as important or impactful?


Great coaching comes from experience, and time served. Coaches have spent years with thousands and thousands experienced business people. Gaining insight from a plethora of arenas from which no one individual could speak from. With that, comes the ability to help others in a way they cannot help themselves. Thus, creating the need for support and coaching. Car count problems? Coaches have been there and fixed that. Can’t motivate your staff? A coach has motivated slews of talented and not so talented groups. But it all comes from real world experiences. So not only would good coaching save you unnecessary headaches, but it will save you time. We all know that nowadays time is definitely money. Oh, then there is the fun one, hiring a talented retainable staff. Coaches are experts in identifying the candidate that will be the right “fit” for your business. The value from this particular area is priceless. It saves you hiring cost, increases employee retention, increases productivity, and ultimately improves profitability. Most have issues just keeping their staffing model held together.


Success does not come without failure, but it doesn’t always have to be your failure. One of the biggest benefits of receiving guidance is preventing yourself from making the same mistakes. Failure, after failure, after failure will give you perspective and wisdom. At the cost of your coach, you can learn and get ahead of the game. Being able to foresee at least a good portion of your business future will serve as an enormous benefit. This would allow you to apply a streamlined process to where you want your business to be. It takes out some of the hitches that throw you out of sync. So, the combination of both failures and knowledge gives you a leg up so to speak. Failure is how winners pivot from setback to success.

Reaching your potential

Coaching is all about reaching your true potential. A lot of you get what is called blurry vision or develop blind spots in your business. It is very difficult to influence change that you don’t see. Not quickly realizing a problem in your business can cause long term problems. One on One coaching will allow a process to which these blind spots will be addressed. Implementing a win scenario that will keep your feet to the fire so to speak would be beneficial. Implementation is also a vital aspect that coaches bring to the table. As with blind spots, follow through creates a huge gap between failure and success. Coaches hold you accountable on a regular basis, keeping your head in the game. Ensuring you are following through on commitments, and also holding your people accountable. Keeping the train on tracks and heading in the right direction is a task that is hard to perform alone.

Instead of telling you anymore, I’m going to ask you. Do you have all the experience you need to be successful? Have you failed in every area of your business to where you couldn’t possibly have anything left to fail at? Can you really get yourself to your true potential on your own? The answer is no, you can’t but with a coach you can orchestrate your own success. Learning from a pool of experienced coaches will pay major dividends. Lastly, everyone needs the extra push from a coach or mentor. Remember those Olympic athletes? Where in the world would they be without their coaches? I’m sure you will agree that constant coaching was the main ingredient to their success. Coaches live for helping others succeed. It might just be time for you to add that tool to your arsenal, that can get you off the bench and back in the game.

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