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Wholesale Apparel – Achieving Discounted Rates Selling Wholesale Apparel

Updated on November 23, 2009

Apparel is a general description to the clothing one wears. Apparel does not limit to a particular trouser or shirt. Apparel is not limited by either the design or the styling as well. Apparel is again not limited by who wears it.

Everyone wants to look different. This shows greatly on their apparel selection as well. With demand there is no limit to the designer’s creativity. Classy apparel is being churned out by the hour and their charm is being lost the next. This constant need for better designs and the desire to look different from the crowd is feeding the apparel industry. Wholesale selling of creative clothing has brought down their pricing considerably, and again thanks to the demand.

While simpler clothing purchases were a trend a time ago, clothing that makes a statement is what sells in recent times. The latest trends are to be in trend with the current fashion trends. Exceptional clothing would fall short to define what is being hunted for.

Sportswear has also seen a considerable increase in sales. In general, the apparel industry has seen an unparalleled growth since the last decade or two. Changes have also been seen in the distribution of apparel in recent times. Traditional wholesale suppliers are becoming extinct. Mall culture has set in. Stores now are directly tied up with the manufacturers and source their ware directly from them. The usual wholesale suppliers procuring from the manufacturers and distributing it to retail stores is now becoming a thing of the past.

Conducting business directly with the manufacturers and procuring apparel from them through wholesale has eliminated middlemen. The contracts between mall stores and manufacturers further ensure middlemen having any role to play. The profits malls makes are but an outcome of such a tie up, though they sell at discounted rates.

Malls further cater to all the brands, be it a national brand or an international brand. They further cater to all kinds of apparel, irrespective of gender and size. Apparel is more than often purchased in wholesale by the malls. Profits the malls make are soaring thanks to them procuring apparel in almost half the price they intend to sell.

These techniques best apply to the online stores as well. Online stores further benefit from not having the overheads a physical store normally has. Hence online stores can sell cheaper and reap greater profits as well. The right wholesale supplier and the right marketing is all that is needed to be successful online.


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