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Wholesale Clothing – Introducing Undergarments as Part of Your Wholesale Clothing Business

Updated on November 23, 2009

Clothing sells and so does undergarments. Undergarments are always part of the clothing a woman wears, though a segment of them may deviate for a change. Undergarments are equally important as the dresses women purchase. Garments that cover the upper body of a woman is categorized into that which is used to cover ones modesty and that which is used for support. Camisoles fall into the former section. There are a variety of camisoles to choose from, shifts, t-shirts etc are but a few of the camisole types to choose from.

Brassieres form the support section. Providing support to the women’s breast is what they are specifically designed for. A huge variety of styles to suit specific requirements are available. Sports bras too are available. The material of these bras is stretchy and holds the breasts close to the body and finds uses when the body is subject to physical exertion as during exercising. Strapless bras, push-up bras, padded bras and under-wire bras are also available. All the types of bras have various purposes for which they have been specifically designed.

Panties, shapers, hosieries etc. form the garments clothing the bottom of the female body. Thongs, French Cut panties, bikini panties, granny panties, t-back, g-string are other varieties in the offering. Not to forget stockings, pantyhose and body stockings. Every of them have their own requirements they cater to.

The variety together with the purpose makes this line of clothing a profitable business. Wholesale suppliers of undergarments who drop ship too have become common. Including undergarments together with regular women clothing could greatly boost your profitability. Organizing your displays together with the undergarments that go well with a particular design would ensure sale of both the regular clothing and the undergarment.

Profitability is the concern for every clothing business. Including undergarments is an additional way to boost the profitability. It is a convenience to shoppers to shop both fashionable designs of regular clothing and getting to pick the undergarments that go well with the design. The trouble saved for the customer looking for an undergarment vendor later would ensure sale of both dress and the undergarment.

The partnership of a wholesale supplier is a must. Search out a good wholesale supplier and benefit for the partnership in terms of increased profits.


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