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Wholesale Clothing Suppliers – Why Wholesale Clothing Suppliers are the Lifeline to Your Wholesale Clothing Business

Updated on November 23, 2009

Boundaries do not limit the online clothing business. Starting one would be a good option. Economic growth attracts migration. Migration creates a multi-cultured and multi-nationality population. Nationalities determine the culture and there would be variations in culture within a nationality too. These are but reasons to start up a clothing business, the options are many. With a wide variety of clothing to choose from, you would not be reduced to another of those thousands or millions of online stores. You could manage to be unique with a right selection of clothing line catering to a segment of the huge multi-cultured, multi-nationality population.

Children clothing could also be hugely profitable. The growing years of a child sees outgrowing clothing. Children are not fashion sensitive and their clothing need not be fighting for the cover pages of fashion magazines. To clothe the child and making him or her presentable is the prime requirement. Wholesale suppliers also manage to sell in wholesale by creating an assortment of clothing of varying sizes to meet the growing child’s requirements.

Choice of a wholesale supplier is really important. A search online on any of the search engines will reveal thousands of wholesale suppliers. Suppliers who scam may be the largest percentage of the search results. Topping the search or being present in the top of the search would not be reason enough to indicate the genuineness of the wholesale supplier. Creating a website is not rocket science anymore. It takes minutes to create a website. Clever marketing enables topping search engine results.

Wholesale suppliers could be shortlist based on feedback and rating of past buyers, not forgetting if they cater to the line of clothing you plan to venture into. Verify their details by making telephone calls to their registered business addresses. Try ordering test items from them to verify the quality of the goods they have in the offering. This further good boost your confidence in them and their ware. Full fledged wholesale orders should always be preceded with test orders.

You could minimize on your investments if you could manage to partner with a wholesale supplier for a drop shipping venture. Here you have the benefits of not making any prior payments for any of the consignments you place with the wholesale supplier. You are relieved of not having an inventory to maintain. You need not worry about unsold stock and so on. These partnerships are possible as the wholesale supplier too is seeing ways of having themselves marketed and their products sold. Not having you as their employee but still benefiting from you would be a great advantage for them.

As you save on capital by not stocking up your store, those investments could be diversified in promoting your online store through effective marketing. The more traffic you bring in the more sales you could manage. The more sales you manage the more profits you could pocket.

Effective planning and execution is the key to being successful online.


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    • Becky Puetz profile image


      5 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks for the information.

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This is an excellent hub on wholesale clothing. I know all about this and this is the reason why I wrote a hub on wholesale clothing for buyers sharing with them my experience on buying clothes on wholesale via the best international wholesale trade directory called Esources UK. You can check more info in my latest hub here:


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