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Wholesale Jewelry – Thinking Innovatively While Picking up Wholesale Jewelry

Updated on April 19, 2012
Silver bangle
Silver bangle | Source

Selling cheap is the only way to remain competitive. Buying cheap is what the latest generation of online shopper like best. They are very confident, tech savvy and trust what they buy and the best of all is they know what they want. To sell cheap you need to source the wholesale jewelry you buy from the right sources at cheaper prices.

Sourcing your wholesale jewelry from international wholesale suppliers may be an ample choice. Labor costs being cheaper bring down the cost of the jewelry considerably. Knowledge of countries with cheap labor and picking on wholesale suppliers based out of that country or sourcing from those countries could bring down your buying costs considerably. Importing your wholesale jewelry is the best of the choices.

Staying in trend is also important to bring in considerable sales. Jewelry goes out of fashion at the wink of an eye. It is quite common for wholesale suppliers to be in sync with the current fashion. They pick on the latest designs and get the craftsmen to replicate it. In most case wholesale jewelry suppliers have their own team of craftsmen and keep a running supply of the jewelry. You are always assured of being in the current trend. Caution on your side would also pay. Have a list of your choice of jewelry after exploring the current trend.

Understanding your customers and their choices would put your purchases on the right track. If most of your customers are picking on classical or traditional designs then adding more trendy designs is not going to boost your sales. Studying your past sales gives you a good picture on what to purchase, how much to purchase and when to purchase.

Add variety to your collection of jewelry, more the accessories the better. It may not be a good idea to limiting your jewelry to just a particular accessory. Any jewelry that looks good on a human body could be added, be it jewelry for piercing or hair styling. You could also add accessories like key chains, belt buckles etc. The vaster is the selection for your buyer, the better.

Whilst you picking up wholesale jewelry from the wholesale supplier be aware of what the minimum purchase that needs to be done on a particular design. Limit your purchases to a few numbers per design, rather pick on more designs. Smart buying helps sell smart.


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    • aboutaustralia profile image

      aboutaustralia 4 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

      You offer some really helpful advice for people looking to buy wholesale and sell at retail prices to make money weather it be online or selling at flea markets etc. Congratulation on an excellent hub. There's some more information for your readers that I thought might be useful here: