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Wholesale Jewelry – Understanding Customers Looking For Wholesale Jewelry

Updated on February 11, 2012

Ecommerce has revolutionized the way the world shops. Though it is a comfortable way to shop, sitting in the comfort of one’s home and irrespective of what time of the day or night it is, the concept materialized just a decade back. The comfort level and security a shopper experiences online depends greatly on how tech savvy the shopper is. You could sell better when you could prepare your store to handle the various categories of customers.

Traditional shoppers

The beautifully furnished jewelry stores cater to this segment. These shoppers may or may not be tech savvy. They prefer visiting the store, examining the jewelry first hand, deciding between designs and then finally arriving at a decision to purchase or not. These customers could be hardly sold anything online. The people could or could not be Internet users and the best you could do with this section is to display ads of your physical stores, whilst them using the Internet, so that they drop in there to pick jewelry. Clever internet marketing could woo in this group of customers to your physical store.


This segment of shoppers is kind of window shoppers. They compare wares on display and make comparisons, this segment may be very wary of any online purchasing. Their goal is to familiarize themselves with all the jewelry available; the literature though. Backed with their knowledge they gain out of visiting online stores they walk into physical stores and make purchases. This segment could be converted to sales if a major price difference is shown between purchase from physical stores and online stores. The greater the marginal differences they see, this segment may eventually start purchasing online, again after having finished their research on online security and rest. Best is to keep material of online security on display to cater to this segment of customers.

Soft Online Shoppers

This segment of customers is very picky about what they purchase. They know what they want and they buy just that. They are tech savvy and have enough purchasing potential. Their confidence is in the brand they purchase. Building their confidence through trusted sales would mean repeat purchases. The best part of this segment is they would make purchases online. It is your cleverness in building their confidence level through suitable marketing.

Hardcore Online Shoppers

They are tech savvy and know what is what. This is a force to reckon. Majority of your online wholesale jewelry sales would cater to this segment. They are constantly on the lookout for the best and the cheap. They are very comfortable conducting business online. This segment prefers online than physical stores. They are an exact reverse of traditional shoppers. These shoppers need to be tackled in a totally different way.

Having an understanding of online visitors to your online store and preparation and display of suitable literature, that serves all segments of shoppers, would play a great role in boosting your online wholesale jewelry sales.

The following link/s could be of great interest to you, happy online shopping!


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    • profile image

      Gealyn King 7 years ago

      You artical has taught me to look at wholesale jewely asles in a new light.