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Wholesale Sales of Clothing on eBay – Selling Wholesale Clothing for Prosperity

Updated on November 23, 2009

Clothing is one of the common necessities of mankind. Come recession or go recession clothing still has a market. The sales would have dropped during the recession in comparison to the best of the days, but they would never have stopped selling. Millions of dollars are transacted on eBay through clothing sales. Selling effectively and then obtaining the clothing to sell at unbelievable rock-bottom prices are but the ways to make you a power seller on eBay.

Discounts get better with bulkier purchases. Wholesale suppliers are always willing to cut down the prices when you buy in huge bulks. You have to pick the clothing of the quality you are expecting and make payments for the purchases you make. You have the advantage of verifying the quality of the clothing firsthand by visiting the wholesale supplier’s warehouse.

Drop shippers if opted for frees you the trouble of making payments upfront for your wholesale clothing purchases. Though you would not be in a position to verify the quality of the ware, you have savings in terms of having the shipment shipped directly to your customer by the drop shipper, once you place your order with the drop shipper. You benefit from not managing an inventory and are also freed from bearing with unsold goods.

Some techniques adapted whilst selling on eBay are using the pull of popular brand names to draw in traffic. Traffic is but your probable customers. Having a good deal with a wholesale supplier who could provide you with well known brand names could help you draw in the crowds. Having used a familiar name to draw in your probable customer to your store, you could now use the opportunity to showcase to your probable customer other items on par with the brand name but which could be bought far cheaper. You could also showcase other clothing accessories as well.

Provision of comparison tools in your store would help your probable customer evaluate the monetary benefits of a particular purchase and helps make instant decisions. The more benefits the customer sees the more he is lured to making a purchase. Having proper descriptions of clothing also adds to the advantage of the customer making instantaneous decisions to purchase.

To plan properly is what any business requires. Proper marketing and shaking hands with the right wholesale supplier would be the first of the tasks that would put you on the road to success.


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