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Wholesale Silver – Pricing Wholesale Silver Jewelry Right!

Updated on November 23, 2009

“Compare an apple with an apple”, the saying goes. Silver jewelry may have varying pricing depending on the manufacturing process the jewelry has undergone. So while picking up wholesale jewelry or whilst selling silver jewelry certain costs need to be incorporated to arrive at the total pricing.

 Thus, though two pieces of jewelry make look alike, the seller may price it differently based on what processes the metal has undergone to take the shape and quality of the final jewelry. This explains why a jewelry weighing 2 grams may cost say around $15, when the silver weighing the same may only be costing around a dollar.

The jewelry takes shape in the hands of a craftsman. The craftsman needs to be paid for the work undertaken, thus, the first of the costs that go into the final pricing of the jewelry. The more labor intensive the design, higher the pricing. The metal goes through a series of process in the hands of the craftsman before the final jewelry materializes from melting the metal onwards to polishing the jewelry to a shiny finish.

The costs are further ballooned with the presence or absence of precious stones. The more the preciousness of the stone that has gone into the jewelry, the price spikes up by a similar figure.

Silver jewelry needs to be made shiny and scratch proof. This is usually achieved by electroplating the jewelry with rhodium. So, the final costing of the jewelry will have to incorporate these electroplating costs as well.

Jewelry pricing is usually fixed subject to the market price of silver. As the market price fluctuates, so does the silver jewelry pricing. So, the prices go up a particular week and then come crashing another week. Jewelry set to a fixed price is also commonplace, certain wholesalers manage pull it off irrespective of market fluctuations.

The costing of the silver jewelry also includes the operating costs of the seller running his business. Hence, it would not be wrong in saying the jewelry includes the expenses incurred by the seller be it by using the telephones, or paying employee salaries or advertising or any other business operation.

Any business needs to be profitable; hence, a profit percentage the business earns goes into the jewelry pricing. The price of the same piece of jewelry may vary between wholesale sellers based on the profit percentage the individual sellers are adding onto the total cost of the jewelry. Thus dealing it right with your wholesaler can reduce your purchase costs and make you more profitable. The cheaper you buy, greater your profits.


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