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Wholesale Suppliers Directories – Using Wholesale Supplier Directories with Caution!

Updated on November 23, 2009

Life has become easier with the use of wholesale suppliers directories. Right from identifying potential suppliers to their products to wholesalers to distributors, you find them all online. But to use these directories with caution is advised, not all would lead you to the right suppliers. There are greater chances of you ending up with scamsters and getting ripped off than shaking hands with reputed folk.

Though searching has become easier thanks to the facilities available online, arriving at the right supplier is one gruesome task. Not all suppliers you reach would be the last point of contact for all your requirements. The same applies with the supplier directories as well, not all supplier directories may list suppliers of the products you are on the look out for.

Directories give you the benefit of identifying a supplier; exploring the offerings point of view of directories. You also have to an extent access to the updated list of products in the offering from a particular supplier.

Apart from keeping you updated on any new entrants in the supplier domain, you have the feature of knowing the discounts and special offers individual suppliers may be offering during that day or period of time. You could manage a good deal by being on the lookout. Competition amongst suppliers is cut-throat and to attract customers special offers are always being rolled out. You as the buyer stand to benefit and could benefit from some low price purchases.

Directories apart from providing updated information about suppliers saving you both money and time in your hunt for the right reputed supplier also gives you certain advantages. They have a feedback and commenting system using which previous buyers of a particular supplier could leave comments about the supplier. They could rate the supplier and having a good rating adds to supplier reputation. Reading such previous buyer comments and making a note of supplier rating, the potential buyer has enough information at hand to take a thoughtful decision.

Searching out the suppliers individually is minimized with the use of supplier directories. You could go to individual websites of suppliers only after having decided upon a selection of suppliers. Individual supplier websites will have more details of their products, their pricing, delivery time, minimal purchase that needs to be made and so on. A summary of such details is what the directory websites would display about the supplier.

As previously mentioned, be wary of whom you deal with. Use feedback and reviews from previous buyers of potential suppliers to make a thoughtful decision and be safe from being scammed.


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