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Wholesale jewelry – Keeping customers happy with wholesale jewelry

Updated on November 23, 2009

“Make hay while the sun shines!” Capitalize on the current rage for body piercing. Keeping customers happy is repeat business. Offerings of cheap jewelry in addition to your actual offerings could leave the customer asking for more. Whether you are an expert tattoo artist with a well-known tattoo shop or a hair dresser with an impressive salon and a niche client following, wholesale jewelry is for you. Additional services like piercing will create an impression in the minds of your customers and more over many a customer decision is impulsive.

A complimentary piercing would have your customer excited and thus paving the way to showcase other interesting designs for them to pick right away or at a later date. Jewelry at wholesale prices comes real cheap and at unbelievable prices sometimes less than a dollar a piece. Displaying your designs to your customer would also help you understand customer choices and hence you would have a clear picture of what customers are looking out for.

You have a whole range of body piercing accessories to select from and which are sold as wholesale jewelry. There is eyebrow piercing jewelry, jewelry for the navel, not to forget the jewelry for the ears and nose, there is a range of jewelry for the lips and tongue as well. Body piercing should continue for a long time to come and it definitely existed since a long time.

Identifying a wholesale jewelry supplier is the tricky part to tackle and the success of your venture very much depends on this factor.

People like to be different and want to look different. They do not want to sport stuff which every other person in town has adorned themselves with. So, the best thing you could possibly do is avoid picking the wholesale jewelry from the same supplier supplying to your competitors. Look out for suppliers from other countries, or best put import you stuff. This at least gives you chances of having different designs, cultural differences brings out different designs.

Further be wary of how you buy and how much you order. Wholesale indicates bulk buying; hence, do not end up with excess stock of unmoving jewelry pieces. Design trends change faster than you expect. You have options online with wholesale stores offering you a considerate buying option. Delivery times are an important factor to look out for. You cannot wait forever, a day or two of delivery time would be an ample choice.

Take a calculated decision on what is the current trend and designs, and order just enough of those designs to sell before those designs go out of fashion.


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