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Why A University Is Worth The Money And Struggle

Updated on February 20, 2018
Ty Humble profile image

Ty is currently a junior at Eastern Kentucky University. This has helped him gain a good view on college life and college as a whole.

Making The Choice: University, Community College, Or None At All

Many arguments can be made for both Community College and not going to college at all, because getting a degree or a higher degree just is not for some people. Both allow for you to stay debt free (at least from student loans), while also not including the high-level, anxiety ridden work that is a four-year and six-year school. Unless you are already completely convinced, going to a big school (A.K.A. a university) can be a big decision to make and sometimes even a scary one. Moving away from home, living on your own, being around thousands of people you don’t know and only a handful that you do know (although that can change), all seem like a lot to handle. Making the choice to go to one of these schools can be overwhelming, that part is for sure. HOWEVER, the positives of choosing to attend a bigger school vastly outweigh the bad parts.

Meeting All These New People Isn’t As Bad As It Sounds

From the very first day of college you will be encountering and interacting with a huge assortment of new people. Your roommate may very well be the first person you meet, and if you are in a room alone, then in the process of moving in your belongings you are bound to speak to someone. The entire first week is usually filled with activities that help you get to know others (at least from my experience). Granted, you may not like some of the people you meet, you may even dislike the majority, but the beauty of it is that there is always at least one person you meet every year that becomes a decent acquaintance, perhaps even a best friend. Walking around your dorm halls, walking to class, starting a new class, even going to the cafeteria can open you up to meeting all sorts of other people who you can share and create experiences with. This really helps one not to become homesick because, yeah, all your BFFLs are back home, and you don’t want to replace them with your new pals from college, but why not realize that you can have BOTH?! Maybe one day you can even introduce your college friends to your friends from home, they can all get along, and you can be a part of one massive conglomerate of buddies.

Freedom Goes A Long Way

I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say, even as high schoolers, we did not receive the freedom we deserved. In cases we were even treated the same as elementary schoolers. Having to ask to go to the bathroom, getting in trouble for saying certain words, having to go to class or you risk going to court, and even having to stay in class when it is pointless to be there. High school administrators are still living in the stone ages, but college introduces you to a whole new realm of freedom. Leaving to use the bathroom when you want, teachers and students alike are free to express their opinions and use as many words in the process as they want that were previously thought to be exempt from school, and the food at college (cafeteria or restaurants) blow any high school food out of the water. Then there is always my personal favorite: the ability to make the choice of whether you should go to class or not, on your own. All of these seem like delicacies when compared to high school life, and they most definitely are.

“Adult Activities”

Now to the part that most incoming freshmen think about, the thing that movies are made of: Parties! Even while in high school, even while attending social gatherings in high school, soon-to-be college students are thinking about how the parties are at college ( or at least I did). I am here to inform anyone reading this that, no, they are not as good as the movies, but then again is anything? That being said, college parties can be exhilarating, wild, and overall just one hell of a time. From Darties (day parties), to themes, to all out ragers, these events can be very fun, if you strive to make it that way. Parties involve meeting people (go figure) and having a great time, except this time around you will most likely (hopefully) be under the influence of some sort of alcoholic concoction. This makes for a very easy time meeting people and talking to them. Even when you’re in a house ass-to-ass with others, times like these, with good-timey people, are what college is about (partly). The thoughts, feelings, and amount of beers you drink during these moments are what a lot of people take away with them from college. Besides, well, a degree.

Bad Times Are Sure To Come.. POWER THROUGH!

Yes, as sad as it is, there will be some periods of time that just flat out suck. Stuck in your room because you’re broke, homework piling up because your procrastination is at an all time high. It’s just the price you pay for the “times of your life” formerly mentioned. Nothing is always going to be good. Bad things come about in every aspect of life, but all it takes is some motivation to get through those papers, or finals, then you can continue doing what is most important: having the best time you can while you’re there.


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