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Why drugs and Alcohol increase Crime : Fact

Updated on January 18, 2016

Why Alcohol and Drugs Promotes Crime

Aclcohol and drugs ,These are the delighting products which give a intense pleasure to A drug or Alcohol abuser.It blocks our consciousness and make us put in other world of pleasure and fantasy. We reach in high level of confident either it is to purpose a girl or committing any crime as our logic system is totally blocked by drug.Here are some factor that supports the idea 'why Alcohol promotes Crime

. In addition drugs or alcohol may make the victim a more vulnerable target for a criminal by being less attentive to activities around and perhaps visiting a poorly lighted or secluded area not normally frequented perhaps to purchase drugs.

1. Alcohol blocks our consciousness

As we are not conscious towards any activity as we can do any difficult task without any guilty and logic

2. Alcohol gives us high level of Confidence

We all want to do something criminal when we are much emotional and angry but we do not do any crime as we do not have much confidence to commit it.But by using drugs we get the confidence to success a crime or to take revenge.

3. Alcohol and Drugs Boost up Our Urges

As we all know that urges of a human are very powerful like urge to eat, Urge to sex etc. In Alcoholic condition, Our urge specially sex becomes out of control that promotes us to attempt a RAPE.

4. Alcohol use Anxiety and depression

If anyone wants to give these drugs then these drugs and Alcohol use anxiety to deal with us. In this condition we have no option besides use the drugs.When we do not have money to buy this or anybody become hinder in drug use then our mind tke a turn towards Crime to satisfy its need.

5. Alcohol ends up morality

Not always but in almost cases Drugs and alcohol end up the difference between moral and immoral work that becomes the Major reason to behave in Criminal Way.

6. Alcohol make us Violent

Its true that Alcohol has abilities to play with our moods that causes frequent mood swings. And User of Alcohol mostly show irritation and violence that promotes Crimes.

Alcohol and drug abuse promotes many immoral and anti social activity so we all should keep these points in mind and should avoid to be a Criminal.


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