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Save our Children before they self destruct!

Updated on January 9, 2013

What has happened to our Country? In the wake of such a horror, the innocent lives that were taken, Why? Is a question that is on the top of every parents head

There are a number of things contributing to a fallen society. However today I will touch on these two.

1. As a parent I have to ask myself Is there any safe place anymore? Children killing children. Values and morals out the door. Where is the respect for human life? It is uncommon for a old fashioned fight anymore, you have to be prepared for guns and knifes. How did we get here?

There is no patience or respect for others. Bulling by children and the parents are helping. What happened to the day that we taught our children right from wrong! Why is society committing the crimes with the criminals. They show the plan on CSI and forensic files. Criminals are warped in getting away with it! Why are we letting the ill govern our children. There is a deep cry in society to Save Us.. It is our children. We allow every type of Perversion, Evil, Violent Act to enter into our television radio air wave. That is not respect for our society. The station is doing what pays not what is right. Really that type of Greed is the cause of so many deaths.


Secondly PARENTS!

I have never seen parents in such an immature light in my life. Grow up! Children are growing and learning. They have to be taught , through consequences.You are the Adult. Decision maker. Kids these days make their own decisions and the parents live with it Parents laugh at the way kids talk and act. Come on there is nothing funny about a disrespectful child. Children are given everything under the sun they don't work for it or maintain grades They are given option after option. Where do we draw the line.They grow up with entitlement issues and have problems fitting in to the real world! Hey parents FAIL!

What about absentee parents: no not the ones that left, what about the ones that are there but have little interaction. They are the ones that cause the children to feel that they are not worth their time.I don't have all the answers but here is a solution Everyone pick up your slack. I will continue to instill values and respect Love and responsibility. In mine will you?


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    • ccurry profile image

      Carolyn Curry 5 years ago from US

      Oh you are right it isn't only the parents that raise our children. There are many factors. In studies the most influential people in a child's life are parents and teachers. So it starts at home. However Parents need to be a persistent force in a child's life. To many times things are left to chance. People are sick in society. If we want to be a Great nation we need to begin again with values. I know that I have found that I have my children and have been a great influence to their friends. So much so that when things are going on the parents call me to talk and help with solutions. I truly have a heart or the next Generation. As do you all. God Bless.

    • profile image

      mackyi 5 years ago

      It shouldn't be left up to the parents only for raising our children. I think it takes an entire community to raise and protect our children. As adults, we should try to make it our responsibility for instilling values in all children and making our schools and streets safer for all children. Thanks for sharing this hub.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      We can only do so much. We teach values, but we can not force our values on others. we just hope we did it right. We must teach our children that all faiths are good and that God loves all who love and honor him. We must also treat the mentally sick among us. Thank you for sharing..