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Why Are Marijuana Arrests On The Rise In The United States?

Updated on September 21, 2011

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Similar to Cigarettes and Alcohol?

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‚ÄčAn interesting pattern that surfaced in Seattle last month is evidently part of a national pattern.

Law-enforcement authorities are making busts for marijuana-related violations at near-record rates.

Based on the FBI's once-a-year Uniform Crime Reporting totals, law enforcement officials made 853,838 busts for cannabis associated crimes in 2010 -- that's about a person just about every forty-five seconds. About 88 per-cent of those busts have been for basic possession.

Now in The United States if an individual is charged for a substance criminal offense (1,638,846 individuals had been last 12 months) there's a far better likelihood that it's for cannabis than any other substance.

In Seattle, in which area laws makes marijuana-law enforcement the smallest concern for police, the Seattle Law enforcement officials has nevertheless created far more pot citations than in the past couple of years put together. That's in spite of a city attorney who prosecutes practically not any of the citations.

Country wide as well, a slow down in weed busts really should have transpired with Chief executive Barack obama and his designated Attorney General Eric Holder reassuring to lay off national meddling in states' marijuana laws and regulations.

A person need only question the medical-marijuana dispensary proprietors in east Washington how that's going for them.


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