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Why Audio Books Are So Valuable

Updated on August 9, 2015
Great source for getting audio cd's
Great source for getting audio cd's | Source

In an effort to squeeze an extra hour into each day I came upon a great resource: Audio books. This alternative may not have been as popular in previous decades, but has become commonplace today. There are even websites dedicated to the purchasing and downloading audio books.

What's so special about audio books? First of all they come in various formats. MP3's can be downloaded and played on IPODS, Zune's and many other MP3 players. Audio books on CD are sold at your local bookstores (ie. Barnes and Noble, Borders). If you want to be economical (like me), visit your local library (all you need is a library card). They carry Playaways, which are small handheld devices that have a book loaded onto it. is a great resource for audio books. Readers swap books with each other; you only pay shipping. Finally, if you want to kick it old school, there are audio books on cassette tape at and Ebay.

Compact handheld listening device called a playaway (found at libraries).
Compact handheld listening device called a playaway (found at libraries). | Source

Benefits of Using Audiobooks

Audio books allow you to multitask. Whether you have a long ride home in traffic or are in the waiting room of a doctor's office, you can escape and get away into another world for a few moments. I usually listen to a fiction audio book on the ride to and from work each day. A six hour audio usually takes me 2-3 weeks to cover. In the three and half years that I have listened to fiction books, I've covered 25 or more James Patterson books. Other perfect times for listening to stories include during washing dishes, folding clothes, or doing yard work.

Audio books are a great help for slow readers (again, like me). Many abridged versions are available and can be quick listens. This allows for multiple opportunities for replay and repetitive learning.

One of the best ways to use an audio book is to study a new career or language. If you have a trip or vacation scheduled over seas, this is a great opportunity learn the basics to communicate with the native countrymen. What a great way to strengthen or learn new skills in the career of sales.

The reader of the book can add that extra dimension that will bring your book to life. In fiction audio books there are many talented readers who are able to

  1. Do a myriad of voices and characters
  2. Add the extra energy, passion, desperation, that has you feeling as if you are right next to the character. Imagine your heart racing as the protagonist tries to escape his arch nemesis ( the hunter). Readers such as Peter Jay Fernandez ( Alex Cross Novels) set the standard in this category.

Usage of Audiobooks

Have You Ever Listened to an Audiobook?

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The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

Motivational Audio

If you are a motivation and success audio book buff, then you've probably experienced the effect master teachers can have on you. Many authors such as Zig Ziglar speak with excitement and vigor as they help you to realize your potential. There are many great success coaches such as Mark Victor Hansen, Vic Johnson, Bob Proctor, Lisa Jimenez, and Terri Levine. You can find a recording for almost any area of your life that you are looking to make an improvement. On one occasion an acquaintance of Zig Ziglar said " You know Zig, whenever I am down, I pop in one of your tapes and it just picks me up." Zig replied to him "Why do you wait until you are down to listen to them!" I like to look at it as though you are constantly feeding your brain with positive reinforcements. This will prevent you from thinking those "stinking" self-defeating negative comments.

Recommended Audiobooks

Finally, I would like to give a stamp of endorsement for a few audio books that I have experienced over the past few years:

Roses are Red - James Patterson

Along Came a Spider - James Patterson

How to Stay Motivated Series - Zig Ziglar

Standing at the Scratch Line - Guy Johnson

The Strangest Secret - Earl Nightingale

The One Minute Millionaire - Mark Victor Hansen

The Brethren - John Grisham

Quiet Strength - Tony Dungy

The Measure of a Man - Sidney Poitier

Playing for Pizza - John Grisham

Blood and Smoke - Stephen King

The Beach House - James Patterson

The Abortionist's Daughter - Elizabeth Hyde

Comments: What are your experiences with audiobooks?

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    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      The Measure of a Man sounds good. I discovered audio books when I had a commute to work, but now I stay home with my young daughter and got back to reading again. I listened to motivational or biography audio books. The last one I had was by Bishop T.D. Jakes- it was good.