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10 Reasons Why Being a College Student is No Fun

Updated on February 25, 2016

People always tell you how exciting your college years will be and how those years will be the best time of your life. Well, that is not always true. Sure, rooting for the home team, the varieties of fairs that happen on campus, and the clubs you can join are all fun. However, there are many reasons being a college student is no fun at all. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Walking long distances to class on a big campus

When it comes to campus size, many colleges are considered medium sized. These kinds of colleges can have as many as 5,000 to 15,000 students. So that means a large campus could have over 15,000 to 30,000 students. In order to provide and educate that many students, the campus itself needs to be big enough. For example, the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) has about 32,000 students and the campus is about 390 acres. Thus, if you have a class in one building and another class in a building across campus, you will be walking long distances everyday and that's no fun (especially in the Arizona heat for those U of A students).

Colleges with the Highest Enrollment
Colleges with the Highest Enrollment | Source

2. Non-passionate teachers who gives monotone lectures

Let's be honest, not all teachers are happy-go-lucky and have exciting lectures that keep their students engaged in the learning process. There are teachers who are just there to do their job and get paid. So you might end up with someone who is boring, just reads the power point slides, and/or moves so quickly through the material that you have no idea what was discussed. Also, those kinds of teachers can be quite monotone and will make you wonder why you even show up to class. That is no fun.


3. The food on campus is so expensive, but making lunch is too much work

Ever hear of the saying 'the broke college student'? Well beside high rising tuition, books, fees, parking, and equipment, students also have to pay for food. Often times, students go to the fast food places/restaurants/food-court-like areas on campus for food throughout the day. However, food on campus is not cheap, and if it is cheap, it is not enough food to make you feel full and will most likely be unhealthy. So why not make food at home and bring it to school? Well, first, buying groceries is a chore in itself, and second, some students don't have the time or motivation to make lunch everyday. Either way, it is no fun.


4. Taking unnecessary 'required' classes

That's right, I'm taking about those general education classes. Gen. eds. can seem unimportant, and maybe they are, depending on your major. Say you're a music major and you are required to take science, math, history, and so on. Those classes are unnecessary for your degree. How about those science majors who are required to take a course in the arts? Some students just want to get their major courses done and graduate. So unless you like wasting time and money on courses that won't help you in your future career, then it is no fun.


5. That one (or more if you're crazy) 8 am class you decided to take

"I can do an 8 am class. It'll be great!" said no student ever. Sometimes you have no other choice but to take an early morning class. Nonetheless, 8 am classes means walking up early, which means waking up early enough to get ready, eat breakfast (if you're lucky), drive and/or walk to class, and (the hardest part) staying awake in class. In my case, I was blessed with a wonderful teacher for my 8 am class, but that may not be the case for most students. College students like to have fun and get loose, but not to wake up before the sun for class. That's no fun.


6. Those pesky group projects

If you're like me, group projects are annoying. You have to depend on people who you just met and then present the project in front of more people you don't know. Often times, there is that one student who doesn't do any of the work, thus causing the whole group to get a lower grade. Also, it means you have to interact with others. As junior, I prefer to show up to class and then leave. My goal at this point isn't to be friends with everyone; just to get a decent grade. There might be students out there who like group projects, but for the rest of us it is no fun.


7. People trying to give you a flyer when it is clear you don't want to talk to anyone

You're walking to class with sunglasses on and headphones in your ears, and yet people are shoving flyers in your face. For some student, they just want to get school over and done with to go home as soon as possible. So that means they don't want to learn about new clubs, or the running candidates for president, or an invite for a special on health insurance. Those students do their best to look busy and uninterested. Yet those flyer people don't get the hint. If I was interested in a flyer, then I would approach the booth or wherever the flyers are at. Other than that, it is no fun.


8. That one semester you thought taking 22 or more credits was a good idea

I have known students who took an insane amount of credits to get ahead and graduate early. They were hardly seen or heard from. You might think that taking a lot of classes at once would be a good idea, but it is lots of homework, many hours of lectures, and less sleep if you want an ounce of a social life. Also, many colleges have a policy about how many credits you can take. Sometimes you need approval from the dean or your adviser, or need to have a high GPA. Some students can do it, but others end up having a tough semester, thus lowering their GPA or forcing them to retake a few classes. All of that is no fun.

How to Calculate Your GPA
How to Calculate Your GPA | Source

9. The Last Stretch

The last semester before graduation! You're almost there, but not yet. It could possibly be the most annoying semester. You are finishing your last few classes and thinking about careers to start. You're also thinking about freedom and living life, but then you're slapped by the reality of full adulthood. It is the time to apply to jobs (if you haven't already) that fits your major. Also, it is the time to meet with your advisers to get little things finalized and make sure you have met every requirement for graduation. Before all the fun at the end of the semester, you have to get through 16 more weeks of torture, which is no fun.


10. That loan dept though

Enough said. Once you're done with college, it is then time to pay back the money you borrowed. The average amount of student loan dept was about 30,000 in 2014 and 70-80% of students are graduating with student loan dept. That's a lot of money. Even parents of college students are still paying off their loans. However, it can be worth all that money if you land an excellent job in your field. Nonetheless, It is all apart of going to college, and it is most definitely no fun!


BUT don't let this get you down. College can truly be fun and exciting if you allow it. Join clubs, meet new people, and enjoy your free time (and those spring breaks if you know what I mean)!

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