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Why Does Elementary School Start So Early?

Updated on October 13, 2017

My Thoughts

Walking home from the bus stop this morning, the sun was barely starting to rise. It's chilly and dark. I waited a few minutes for the bus to arrive with other parents in their pajamas….0645. It occurs to me that I left my daughter's afternoon snack on the counter, and will have to drop it off on my way to work. I'm beating myself up, like I just left her library books in the counter a few days ago….i don't want to look like a disorganised mom. How did this happen? Well, I stopped to tie her tennis shoes, and walked out the door.

I’m still a little confused by the early school start times. When I was growing up we started at 0830. I’ve heard the older kids, high schoolers, do better with later start times….but what does that have to do with little kids? Is there any conclusive evidence that little kids learn better super early? I dug a little deeper. Is it a way to make sure parents have to pay for after school care, because older siblings won't get out in time to pick up younger siblings? Possibly.

I think the real reason is budget. There just aren't enough school busses in each district, and they have to be used a few times every route. Yeah, I do believe that’s the problem. When are we going to stop funding public schools with property taxes? Why is it so hard to get equal opportunity for everyone? Is the nightmare car rider lane really the only other alternative? Why to private/prep schools start later? I have so many questions this morning. For now, I'm headed by the front office for the third time in the last week and a half “Good Morning, Brenda.”

What time is closest to your bus pick up?

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